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Weston Cage: 'Don't Get Married'

7/4/2011 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Weston Cage displayed the cuts he allegedly received from his wife Nikki Williams as he walked out of jail this morning -- and the newlywed dropped this pearl of wisdom ... "Don't get married."

As TMZ first reported, Cage and Williams were both booked for felony domestic violence after a nuclear argument this morning -- during which we're told Nikki attacked Weston with a bottle. 


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karen darvin    

someone said two people who are drinking and doing drugs aren't good for each other.That seems to be true in this case esp.Someone has to know when to stop.i grew up in the rock and roll scene and the party every night life, but luckily my man was not into heavy drugs or I probably would have been doing it right along with him.AS it is, people in alternative lifestyles might drink more and party more than your average person, it's not the 9 to 5 life and it's either join the party or probably hang out with other people.But when people are going to these extremes of violence and mental illness is involved it has to be stopped and managed correctly. Alcohol is not a good thing for people with mental issues.And marriage after knowing someone for a few weeks is stupid and people that do that stuff have a problem.They don't know what marriage is.that's why I'm single.I d on't know what marriage is anymore either except the exchange of a sheltered secure life for having se even when you don 't want to, like first thing in the morning,yuck, before you e ven get to brush your teeth or get the mascara out from under your eyes

1206 days ago

karen darvin    

se? how about se ex?

1206 days ago

northern gypsy    

so i've been away for a few days...what's the first item i see when i get back???
damn it...i knew this guy was off...somebody please get his meds right !!!
his father needs to stop trying to "fix" things and let the pro's get involved...

1206 days ago


Grow up, stop using daddy's & mommy's money. >=p

1206 days ago


"You guys don't have anything better to do?"

"I'd rather do something a lot cooler."

That comeback is pure gold.

1206 days ago


Weston sounds like a real winner. And it looks like he'll be single again soon, ladies!

1206 days ago


Um, is that coming from a guy who just flipped out in a bar, and had to be taken to jail on a 5150 charge. Yeah, thought so....

1206 days ago


Better dead than wed

1206 days ago


Why do people keep attacking this guy?

1206 days ago


Yeah.....Dont get Weston Cage

1206 days ago


What a loser. Go away, *******!

1206 days ago


So true! Married men are pathetic brain-dead losers.
Hey! I'll be doing your "wife" while your ass is in jail for "domestic violence" (because she beat you up), going to Disnayland with your kids, and living in your house, all paid by your $$$. Make sure you don't miss that "child support" payment dead-beat, cos I need a new car :)

1206 days ago

Abubakar sadiq    

Marriage is not always the problem but the people involve in the marriage.

1206 days ago

Abubakar sadiq    

Getting married is not always the problem but the people involved in the marriage.

1206 days ago


Nikki I know very well. She is a very talented and an amazing person. She has crazy energy and she doesn't take any crap. Nik wouldn't harm anyone on purpose out of some evil crazed attack. She was either being provoked by mental abuse or wa***** by something. What if this were your relationship online for the world to see. I'm sure she is still crying right now and her heart is smashed. She shouldn't have hit him but we all know how men provoke women. It isn't fair when she isn't even on here to defend herself. Please people have some mercy and pray for her and don't keep visiting this site. It hurts the people its about and its effects are traumatizing. Love u Nik where ever u are right now. I'm praying for you.


1206 days ago
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