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Andrew Keegan

The Cops Were


7/5/2011 9:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Andrew Keegan claims the ONLY reason he was manhandled by cops at his ill-fated house party Saturday is because they wanted to make an example out of him  ... even though he did nothing wrong.


The "10 Things I Hate About You" actor tells TMZ ... the event was more than a raging house party ... it was also a fundraiser for three charities ... adding, "The police chief knew about it ... I employed 5 off-duty officers."

Keegan says ... when cops approached his Marina del Rey home and asked him to turn down the music, he WAS cooperative ... even asking to speak to a sergeant "about how we can work together."

But, Keegan explains, [the sergeant] ordered 'arrest him' while my hands were in my pocket ... but they just wanted to make an example of their 'No Tolerance' Independence Day [policy].

True enough ... cops swarmed Marina del Rey and neighboring Venice, after a spike in violence, including one gang-related fatal shooting. 

Keegan wasn't the only one who felt the pinch. Cops made a bunch of arrests over the long weekend ... some say to make a statement and reclaim the beach.



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keri klein    

i have experenced ridicule by authority.wrongfully

1152 days ago


Sleazy little punk. How is it being cooperative when you ask to speak to a sergeant after being requested to turn your music down? You answer "yes sir/ma'am, I am sorry" and go and turn it down! You don't turn on the ooze and ask how you can work together, you just turn down the dam noise!

1152 days ago


To all the people putting down Andrew Keegan as a noboby...please tell us what celeb lists are you on???
Thousands & thousands of people try to make it on screen even for 30 second commercials...yet never succeed...
This was a a nice glimpse in to reality of how "real people" get treated by the Police...If you are A list or politically connected.then one set of rules, kid gloves...(paris,lindsay, georgebush jr doing coke, teddy kennedy leaving a lady to drown)
But if you are perceived as just a regular move out of line, and you get a knee in your neck... As far as gang activity control....did they think he was Blood?Crip?MS13?.
Glad this came to light. KEEP ON FILMING - only way to keep the blue mafia in check...

1152 days ago


While they were beating up this weany actor dude, the gangs were beating,raping and robbing the rest of us.

1152 days ago

Conservatives are Cowards    

Nothing says "freedom" like a dozen-plus taxpayer-paid thugs tasing and tackling someone over a noise complaint!!!

These cops' behavior is extremely offensive towards the ideals for which America purports to stand. It amazes me that these cops, as Americans, can actually act like they're proud of what they do. These cops, and their masquerade of authority, would be laughable if they weren't negatively affecting other people's lives and wasting so much taxpayer money.

1152 days ago

Not a sheep    

Police officers are self entitled people with known personality types that make it so easy to abuse their power. They are isolative, prejudiced, suspicious and cynical among others. These are the traits that attract them to the job. It's amazing how many people here are so willing to bequeath them with so much power to violate out liberties. Wake up! This is America, not a police state.

1152 days ago


The donut eating waste of tax payers money arrogant I got picked on when I was a kid so now I have a Napoleon complex cops wonder why people don't like them, jus*****ch the video!

1152 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

wow!! tmz got o.g. footage of rambo with a iphone camera!! awsome job dude! brotherhood codex rules!!

1152 days ago


It's all a scam so the cops can split the bail with the bondsman. Ask Officer Webber of the Pacific Division.

1152 days ago


wow he looks like a straight smoker now.

1152 days ago

Yep I said that    

What a wanker, yep the cops chose you out of how many hundreds of people all over the neighborhood to make an example of, I bet if you asked most of the cops if they knew who you "think" you are none of them would know or care who you are

1152 days ago


let the cops do their job, but let the media do theirs. why won't they let him film what is going on? its public record, and if it was a "crime scene" where was the yellow tape? I see two people walking by and the cops said NOTHING to them, just the one guy who is trying to catch it on tape. If the police wasn't doing anything wrong, why did they have to hide their behavior? Let the media film it as further evidence against the person you are arresting, unless you have something to hide?

1152 days ago

who cares    

I had to google him to find out who he is or of what importance he is? And for once google couldn't answer my question. Who is he?

1152 days ago


.....He wanted to speak with the SGT, to see if they could work together??...apparently he thought his " actor " status would get him something. So, if your party is for multiple charities, that excuses you from obeying the law!...He could had been issued a ciation and released....believe me, he opened his mouth, became verbally/physically aggressive. along with others at that party or else, not that many officers would had responded.....

1152 days ago


it's time for andrew's 10 things i hate about cops:
1. i hate it when u cuff me.
2. i hate when u shuv me.
3. i hate the way u dress, in only black
4. i hate when u grab my a$$
5. i hate it when u don't call the next day
6. i hate u never use the pink fuzzy handcuffs
7. i hate authority
8. i hate racist cops
9. i love wait i mean hate the buzz of taizers
10. but most of all i hate F%$#^ing you

1152 days ago
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