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Andrew Keegan

The Cops Were


7/5/2011 9:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Andrew Keegan claims the ONLY reason he was manhandled by cops at his ill-fated house party Saturday is because they wanted to make an example out of him  ... even though he did nothing wrong.


The "10 Things I Hate About You" actor tells TMZ ... the event was more than a raging house party ... it was also a fundraiser for three charities ... adding, "The police chief knew about it ... I employed 5 off-duty officers."

Keegan says ... when cops approached his Marina del Rey home and asked him to turn down the music, he WAS cooperative ... even asking to speak to a sergeant "about how we can work together."

But, Keegan explains, [the sergeant] ordered 'arrest him' while my hands were in my pocket ... but they just wanted to make an example of their 'No Tolerance' Independence Day [policy].

True enough ... cops swarmed Marina del Rey and neighboring Venice, after a spike in violence, including one gang-related fatal shooting. 

Keegan wasn't the only one who felt the pinch. Cops made a bunch of arrests over the long weekend ... some say to make a statement and reclaim the beach.



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Carter Swenson    

Cops came and said turn down the noise and keep the alcohol in doors. It's that simple. Keegan tried to pull "i'm somebody important" card instead of cooperating and he got tazed.
I support the Police and I commend LAPD for giving this greasy maggot what he deserved.

1207 days ago


This moron has a party every week just about. Speaking on behalf of the rest of his neighbors, who he is an arrogant jackass to,we were glad the cops showed up and weren't interested in his bull****. And this "the party was for charity" - I know he only appeals to moronic high-school girls. Maybe that is why he generates nothing but high school equivalent excuses.

1207 days ago


He screams like a little b.. ahh girl!

1207 days ago

Carter Swenson    

He looks like the pot-head son of the guy who sells me pizzas.
So Andy do you really think that cheeseball mustache and soul patch look cool? Really?

1207 days ago


I can't wait to hear the rest of the story! This guy is leaving out the most crucial part in order to try to make people believe he is innocent! I don't know about anyone else on here but I've never had the police show up and throw me to the ground for no reason. Actually I've never had them show up at all! Funny thing about that, if you don't cause trouble, they don't show up on your doorstep!!!

1207 days ago


biased more so than ussual in their
"stance-upon-any throat reasons".

1207 days ago


this stupid story has been up for like 4 days straight i checked out his IMBD i have no idea who this douche is why is is it a story and why should i care? seriously somebody please explain. i guess its been a slow weekend since they've been putting up the same stupid BS stories. the z in TMZ is relevent since they've been putting up z-list celebrities you can do better i love you guys

1207 days ago

Thomas Adams    

I was at this daytime event... and Andrew is my friend so this may be biased but... this was a celebration for our independence with live bands and a fundraiser for a few charities "Heal the Bay", "Stoked" and "Falling Whistles". These are fun parties with good causes and the most beautiful and real people come to's always been positive vibes.. not a raging party.

I know AK tried to get a permit this time... because last party... 3 months ago... two cops showed up and asked him to stop the live music right when the headlining band started... Andrew ended the party respectfully.. and it was a bummer to a lot of people that were having fun... on a weekend night... at 5:30pm... huh???.... yeah.

this time however cops strolled through with a brand new tax dollar paid paddy wagon to provoke a peace and loving event and then showed up with about 25+ cops that were there trying to kill the vibe.. they created a command post!!!????? huh? they even spent tax money on a helicopter... They actually called AK down to the command post to have him talk to the sergeant... and you saw how they didn't allow the camera to go there bc of it... so patriots!! be careful of their new tactics ;)

and i didn't see what really happened for him to get arrested but you see him standing there waiting and then the video gets sent away and then the screaming. i don't think he is stupid enough to try anything with 15 cops right around him. i believe the female sergeant just grew impatient with talking, detained him, then ordered him to get arrested... However...

this isn't about andrew.. this is about the unending wars and growing police power that our founding fathers warned us about when government gets too big.. they have so many new toys here guys.. it's scary. there are more cops then ever.. and truthfully they don't seem all well trained..
so Thanks to those who made and make comments understanding the real issues concerning our freedoms...

1207 days ago

Carter Swenson    

@Thomas Adams

Do you know if Andy got a permit for this party or did he just try to get one?

Do you know how much money Andy typically raises at these events?

Why not have the party at a club instead of a private residence?

1206 days ago


Welcome to the"New World Order"

1206 days ago


LOL,...what a little Beeeeeeutch!....Are their any real men in the business today? How pathetic.

1204 days ago


Cops need to worry about REAL issues. Freakin cops.. They waste so much of our money.

1204 days ago

maggee may    


1203 days ago
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