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Andrew Keegan Takedown Video

Taser Mystery

7/5/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained video of Andrew Keegan's crazy encounter with police Saturday -- which raises some interesting questions about whether cops tased Keegan during their encounter with him.

As TMZ first reported, Keegan was handcuffed and detained by police officers after he was "uncooperative" when cops asked Keegan to turn down his music.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they did not tase Keegan at any point, pointing out that if they had ... they would be required to take him to the hospital. But several witnesses to the encounter tell TMZ that Keegan got tased.

Here's where the video comes in to play ... at around the :45 and :54 marks, you can hear what sounds like a taser going off -- it's hard to make out for certain over Andrew's screams.

Watch the video and the judge for yourself.

When contacted for comment, Keegan gave us a very diplomatic response, which said in part, "I always cooperate with the authorities and am confused by the show of force."


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He wasn't tased, and this a**hole is a menace in the neighborhood. I wish LAPD had tased him. He is a jackass, a whiner and his friend is an idiot. Keegan acts like he owns a mansion in the Hollywood hills. His neighbor*****E HIM and his constant loud parties. One more time, WE ALL HATE HIM. LAPD did an awesome job disbanding another one of his parties that litter up and congest our beach community. Andrew, if you can't afford the 6 block radius you need to throw parties to try can catch pu**y, move to Oklahoma, cheaper property and more room.

And to the video shooter, you are a jackass.

1215 days ago


I don't know if he got tased, but the camera guy is definitely a a douchebag.

1215 days ago


Disturbing, whether tased or not. It frustrates me that the police are so concerned about being videotaped. If they're acting within their guidelines, they shouldn't be worried about being captured on video. I'm afraid to say too much more, but police power is out of hand.

1215 days ago


I love it, we make these neanderthal cops MILLIONAIRES- so they bully & push people around with impunity.
Want to retire rich after 20 years on a job with only a HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA or GED----?be a cop... after 20+ years on the job, they will be getting 10K a month for the rest of their lives...ON OUR TAX DOLLARS.
You can clearly see in the video keegan was passive, standing with his hand in his pockets, not violent, aggressive, beligerent, threatening or in anyway"out of control" net seconds later he is shreiking in pain, and then we see a officers on top of him, on with a Knee on his Upper Shoulder/Neck area.

1215 days ago


sorry but your camera man sounds ******* annoying

1215 days ago


Another spoiled actor who turns into a cry baby when he doesn't get his way.

1215 days ago


That's where all of our tax payer money is going?! 15 cops to take down just one person? He has his hands in his pockets for god sake!! How was he uncooperative? Cops are bullies and cops on bikes are even worse. Such injustice...I hope Andrew didn't get hurt because no matter who you are - no one deserves to be treated that way.

1215 days ago


The camera man is an a$$

1215 days ago


Why is the cop holding a towel/rag against the guy's mid-section? I've never seen that sort of thing.

1215 days ago


I still want to know what the legalities are as to wether or not you can tape an incident like this and what a "command post" means to people wanting to take pictures.

1215 days ago


Unless the attached video's audio component was altered to insert a sound that is similar to the electrical impact of a taser, then the guy in the video was definitely hit with a taser. You can hear it, if you turn the volume up load enough. You can also catch the ratcheting of the handcuffs, as the camera gets closer.

I find that law enforcement has gone down hill, since I served in that line of work. More and more violations of people's rights are being caught on video, and the violations are getting worse and worse. What I fear is seeing the good people in law enforcement targeted for the bad actions of the small group of bad law enforcement officers.

1215 days ago


All of this white on white crime is just getting out of

1215 days ago


That's messed up. There's no reason that many cops should be concerned over one individual. What happened, did Krispy Kreme turn off their "Hot" light and they needed to kill time while riding their little bikes?

1215 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

if the cops aren't doing anything wrong why the fear of a camera..
I really hate power abusers like that.

the cops trying to get the camera away should be severely punished and it should be standing policy that cameras must never be intimidated.
force should be in the hand of the wise yet it is in the hands of the dumbest. given an idiot free reign and you have the war in Iraq. you have the US military

1215 days ago


The real question shouldnt be if he was tased or not. The question should have read: Do we really care? Hes a douche bag. He has been his whole 10 minute career. Hes just another dummy who wants to gain his 15 mins back again. Sorry man, dont know, dont care.

1215 days ago
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