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Casey Anthony --

NOT GUILTY of Murder

7/5/2011 11:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony was just found NOT GUILTY of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee in Florida back in 2008.

Casey Anthony Verdict
Casey was found GUILTY on four counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer.

Anthony was teary-eyed as the verdict was read.  A judge has ordered Anthony to be fingerprinted immediately.

Anthony faces up to 4 years in state prison for lying to the cops -- one year for each count. Sentencing has been scheduled for Thursday morning.

Casey's parents seemed shocked when the first not guilty verdict was read -- and they got up and walked out of the courtroom during the reading.

After the judge wrapped things up, Anthony finally smiled and shared a giant embrace with her lawyer.

Anthony has been locked up for the past three years ... which will count as time served against any sentence that the judge may hand down.

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TMZgossip TMZgossip

OJs jury strikes again

okerry okerry

Casey thought she could lie her way out of anything. Casey thought she was smarter than everyone else. The jury just proved she was right.

Sarah Sarah

Unfortunately, when you take someone to trial with small particles of evidence, it can backfire. This wasn't a miscarriage of justice, this was a well executed crime. No matter what REALLY happened, the lack of evidence worked in favor of whoever was responsible

TMZgossip TMZgossip

OJs jury strikes again

okerry okerry

Casey thought she could lie her way out of anything. Casey thought she was smarter than everyone else. The jury just proved she was right.

Sarah Sarah

Unfortunately, when you take someone to trial with small particles of evidence, it can backfire. This wasn't a miscarriage of justice, this was a well executed crime. No matter what REALLY happened, the lack of evidence worked in favor of whoever was responsible

lola_uk lola_uk

*picking up my jaw off the floor* this is unbelievable...

Bob Bob

She'll get her own reality show .... We live in hell.


This is awesome! She didn't kill that little girl but i'm sure she knows something about who did. Amazing how Judgmental american people are, wanting her to be guilty of the crime when in fact the LAW says she is not. Awesome win for Casey Anthony!

Close Calls


No Avatar


This is by far one of the most horrific and saddest stories ever to be exposed to society. The most important person here, Kaylee, has gone completely forgotten by the people that should be the most affected and concerned. There will be no justice for her and it's heartbreaking. I am pregnant with my first child, and watching the slideshows of Kaylee's pictures left me in sobbing tears. How could what was portrayed by that unprofessional defense team as a 'good mother' not show emotion? How could you let 31 days pass and not report the disappearance of your child? How could she know for 6 months the whereabouts of that poor little girl, not say a word, and nothing be done about that? I am a believer in the justice system, however, this case leaves me feeling sick and totally confused. The jury was fed over and over again the 'base your decision on the evidence and not emotion' but when it comes to something like this, how could any of those jurors sleep at night having not based their decision on some emotion. Casey allowed that little girl to decompose in a cold swamp filled with water, animals and insects for 6 months - it was proven that they knew of her whereabouts, regardless of the fact that the accidental death was refutted by the prosecutors, it was still proven. Casey is a pathological lying psycopath - she is a waste of human kind, and doesn't deserve to breathe the same air that every other normal living being breathes. Why couldn't she just bring that beautiful little girl to a 'safe haven' - there are millions of loving people that would have been more than happy to take care of her? I see her picture, I watch the images of the defense team jumping up and down, and the disgusting grin on the face of that disgusting Casey Anthony - and it makes me unproud to be an American. Casey, you beat this legally - but you won't beat this overall. God doesn't like ugly, and in some way, you will pay for the heartless and inhumane act that you comitted. And I can only hope that that is publicized as much as the 'not guilty' verdict has been.

1171 days ago


In my personal opinion i truly, sincerely hope SHE DIES a horrible horrific death, hopefully by the hand of someone like ED GEIN,RICHARD REMIREZ (THE NIGHT STALKER),JOHN WAYNE GACEY, OR EVEN JIM JONES IF WE'RE LUCKY!!!!!

1171 days ago


I blame the prosecution which totally lost that case. Fire them!! There were so many unanswered questions too. Like, Why on June 16 was Casey desperately trying to reach her parents? (there were repeated calls to both cell phones and home phones with no response)

And why did George lie about the last time he saw Casey and Caylee? And why does her father George attempt suicide as soon as the body is found?

It almost seems as though something happened to the girl while in the care of George?

1171 days ago

k higgins    

ser!!! I would panic and loose all control if I Lost my child for a minute!!! let alone 31 days!!!!!!!!!!!! something is wrong with our system here in Fla,we let people that kill there "own" children FREEEEEEEEEE, PLEASE SOME ONE HELP THIS SYSTEM, ITS ONE MESSED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1171 days ago


The problem is the show was treated like a reality show where everything is depicted as black and white. Criminal law is about evidence, not morality, and is much more complex than how the trail was depicted:

1171 days ago


Tis women is sick its sad if she didnt kill her daughter she has to know what happened how do you not report your own missing 2 year old daughter for 31 days its sad this women is a horrible mother and they let her off easy those **** heads didnt think into it enough the rope burns? the chemicals in her body the evidence was all there and they just ignored it and the sad part is she cant even have a trial again due to it wasnt a hung jury this is sick and i hope Caylee gets her justice she is with Jesus now and her mom will burn in hell.

1171 days ago


Poor Caylee, Our justice system stinks. If I see any deals for that monster. I am prostesting...The Jurors must have all been drinking and not thinking.

We need justice for Caylee... Horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1171 days ago


Hilarious. There is no pleasing some poeple. You suck the life out of your TV's listening to "experts" believing everything that spews from their mouths. Then have the gall to be 'mad' when they and ultimately you are proved wrong! You were not there for every single minute neither was your talking heads on TV. Our justice system seemed to work just fine. I believe the words are "beyond a shadow of doubt" nad more importantly "inncocent..until proven guilty" not the other way around. Thanks to most of you for the entertainment. hahahahaha!

1171 days ago


Whats the real btich about this is in another courtroom with another jury , scott peterson got convicted and they had ZERO evidence. Not **** nothing. It was just him, his wofe and a boat in the middle of the ocean. No body, no video, no witness not jack siht. Tell me how much reasonable doubt there is there would ya? However his azs is toast and found guilty because the jury had the will to see through his bullsiht and do what needed to be done. Unlike the 12 backwood hicks that wanted to get back to watching hee haw and selling their story to the highest bidder. Caylee will get her justice dont even worry.

1171 days ago


I heard on the news that some of these jurors want to make financial deals with various news networks, and that those jurors are demanding very large sums of money. This should be illegal. They are profiting from a child’s, in this case , from Caylee M. Anthony’s homicide. I heard on the major networks that those jurors have stated that they will not consider giving an interview to the major networks, UNLESS they are paid five figure sums of money and are given free luxury holidays. The law must change in this regard; and this should be illegal. It is certainly ghoulish and immoral; and highly distasteful. NO-ONE seems to care that child, Caylee M. Anthony, was was a victim of a horrible homicide. We should boycott all news networks, all newspapers and all books/authors who profit from or pay money to Casey Anthony or to those mercenary jurors on her murder trial . I will NEVER buy a book written by any of them, or by Casey Anthony. I intend to boycott all such news stations, publishers , authors who try to profit from this innocent child’s homicice

1171 days ago


Did these jurors not realize or understand the MEANING of “BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT” ???? Are they mostly poorly educated, or do most of them have low I.Qs? This appears to be the case. How sad, that justice has obviously not been served.
Caylee lies in an unknown grave, and these people do not seems to understand. How sad.

1171 days ago


All you stupid naive people that think this was an intelligent jury,are just as stupid as they were.Go look up all the cases where there was so much less cir****tantial evidence,and the person was convicted.Most humans have no common sense any longer in today's world.What did they need a video of her actually doing it!!!!

1171 days ago


Just when you think you have heard everything: a talk show host in Pittsburgh offered his theory of what happened---George was molesting Caylee--just like he did Casey---and she died during that act. He then "disposed" of her body in the manner that we know. Or---he offered---if you believe that she drowned the reason that he disposed of her in the manner that we know happened--is because he didn't want evidence of sexual abuse of Caylee when she would have been seen by the medical exxaminer. Now, we have heard everything.

1171 days ago


This Florida jury has distinguished itself by participating in one the great miscarriages of justice rivaling the OJ Simpson fiasco. Using their utterly wrong headed sense of reasonable doubt numerous murderers and would be murderers need only dispose of their victims by tossing them into a Florida swamp and then call J Baez and voila - you get out of jail totally free. Why?? No mechanism of death. This moronic jury would exculpate Anthony even if they saw a running video tape of her offing her daughter.

1171 days ago



1171 days ago
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