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Casey Anthony --

NOT GUILTY of Murder

7/5/2011 11:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony was just found NOT GUILTY of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee in Florida back in 2008.

Casey Anthony Verdict
Casey was found GUILTY on four counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer.

Anthony was teary-eyed as the verdict was read.  A judge has ordered Anthony to be fingerprinted immediately.

Anthony faces up to 4 years in state prison for lying to the cops -- one year for each count. Sentencing has been scheduled for Thursday morning.

Casey's parents seemed shocked when the first not guilty verdict was read -- and they got up and walked out of the courtroom during the reading.

After the judge wrapped things up, Anthony finally smiled and shared a giant embrace with her lawyer.

Anthony has been locked up for the past three years ... which will count as time served against any sentence that the judge may hand down.

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TMZgossip TMZgossip

OJs jury strikes again

okerry okerry

Casey thought she could lie her way out of anything. Casey thought she was smarter than everyone else. The jury just proved she was right.

Sarah Sarah

Unfortunately, when you take someone to trial with small particles of evidence, it can backfire. This wasn't a miscarriage of justice, this was a well executed crime. No matter what REALLY happened, the lack of evidence worked in favor of whoever was responsible

TMZgossip TMZgossip

OJs jury strikes again

okerry okerry

Casey thought she could lie her way out of anything. Casey thought she was smarter than everyone else. The jury just proved she was right.

Sarah Sarah

Unfortunately, when you take someone to trial with small particles of evidence, it can backfire. This wasn't a miscarriage of justice, this was a well executed crime. No matter what REALLY happened, the lack of evidence worked in favor of whoever was responsible

lola_uk lola_uk

*picking up my jaw off the floor* this is unbelievable...

Bob Bob

She'll get her own reality show .... We live in hell.


This is awesome! She didn't kill that little girl but i'm sure she knows something about who did. Amazing how Judgmental american people are, wanting her to be guilty of the crime when in fact the LAW says she is not. Awesome win for Casey Anthony!

Close Calls


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I do HOPE some one puts a hit on her. I hate a sneeky slimy piece of ****. She isnt any thing BUT a skanky want to be celebrity. DO NOT LET THIS EVIL PERSON harm any one else. Sneak,PIG con liar! Shes REAL FUNNY,i cant believe how any idiot did NOT see the evidence against her. Her attorny,s and her will get it all back soon. Just as OJ,s dream team they were cursed for letting him stand up and act as if nothing happened. This bunch will pay as OJ,s dream team,look what karma came back at them all. Evil ,i feel it wont be long this girl will NOT make it out in the world very long at all. Shes not sorry for any thing she done ,no remorse at all. Why do people want to reward such evil,well then let SCOTT PETERSON out because there was hardley any evidence there and there was over whelming evidence all pointing to miss smells like a sneaky snake slime bucket! DONT REWARD THIS WORK OF ART!

1168 days ago


I just DON'T GET IT...NOT GUILTY ????? The smell of "DEATH" and MAGGOTS in the trunk of her car...a fake nannyand fake boyfriend..HOW CAN YOU LOSE A CHILD FOR 30-31 DAYS!!!!
Wow..I just can not fathom this nor can say anymore without vomiting!!!
This woman should fry for what she did to this baby....

1168 days ago



1168 days ago


Here's what's stupid about this now - She can go on TV tomorrow and say "Oh yes I did kill Caylee" - and she cannot be jailed for it - double jeopardy - she still will be a free woman - those jurors sure did a lousey job of making this wench pay for her crimes say I! She cannot be charged with the same crime again - how's that for justice????

1168 days ago


Those who continue to persecute and malign Ms. casey are the LD with arms extending, fingers pointing, mouths wide opening and evil proclivities protruding.​table/taxonomy/term/1549​ement.html​erwendallhol.html

1168 days ago

Rose Weber    

I am sorry to say I am from Pinellas County where the 12 moron jury comes from. The jury are the 12 most stupid people in the state. In Florida it is very hot, and the jury has had their common sense fried from the sun. All of us living in Florida are not this stupid. This should not have been a sequested jury, because they were tired, slept thru the trial, and just wanted to get home. They thought Caylee was an imaginary friend, and the trial lost them completely. No video tape of the killing, then let the murderer go free. The jury had no common sense to connect the dots. Another murderer goes free. Do the crime, but not the time.

1167 days ago


Where did the hanging chad state find twelve brain dead people for this jury? There was a lot of evidence agaist this woman and Anthony's attorney, Jose Baetz, wasn't all that good.

1167 days ago


I did not know where my 10 year old grand daughter was for 1.5 hours because the school bus missed her stop. I was crazy with worry even though I knew she was probably ok, but still the fear of not knowing where she was gripped my heart. I told the school transportation security officer that he had 30 minutes to tell me where the hell my grand daughter was before I called the police. He called me back in 10 minutes after radioing the bus driver. Casey Anthony went PARTYING after she killed her little girl. Casey is guilty as hell and I will pray everyday that she gets what she deserves for killing that baby. I will boycott any establishment that either pays this woman for interviews or hires her in any way. I will boycott any product or company that sells on any TV show, magazine, or any other media who pays any type of monetary compensation to this baby murderer. JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE!!!

1167 days ago


I wish i could smack her smirky **** eating grin right off of her evil face! I mean it! One huge smack across the mouth would make me feel better. LIAR! She smirks at all of those who seek justice and i bet she is laughing at the jury ,thats how stupid they all were. They let some evil con who is is just getting started with her criminal career ,they,ll be sorry KARMA! Like OJ,s deam team one by one will evil visit all of them for letting this devil full of lies out.

1167 days ago

Rick Penny    

Look ! i don't like people that hurt woman & children but , there were 12 people that heard the whole story , we only get to hear what the news tells us , so i have to believe the 12 people that said she is not Guilty , so people move on and leave this girl alone , the only person your hurting is yourself ,

Rick Penny - Houston , Texas

1167 days ago

Jose Baez a Screwup    

I, Jose Screwup BIAS...ahem i mean hereby publically admit that I will be charged with PERJURY in Connection with my defense of the now convicted MURDERER CASEY ANTHONY. Even though i am not sorry for LYING, SLANDERING and PERJURY, i feel impressed that I should confess for all the wrong I've done to the American People and Orlando County Government. First let me say that my Client CASEY ANTHONY confessed to me in a private conference that she inadvertantly KILLED Caylee Anthony her daughter, but it was "not intentional" she said. I am sure that she KILLED her daughter, I do not believe that it was "accidental" as Casey claims because her being a LIAR its impossible to know the truth about anything she says except that which is demonstratable forensically speaking! Here's what happened. Casey a bisexual party animal was getting ready to get drunk and then get laid with a threesome the night Caylee died. CAYSEE was angry at her parents George and Cindy because she Could no longer steal money out of their checking account. Casey drank two beers, then got in the car to go to the BAR. She put CAYLEE in the back seat. Upon arriving at the tavern, she told Caylee that she could sleep better in the trunk of the car. She put a rag with Chloroform over CAYLEEs mouth to help her sleep better. It was not a normal good night sleep she intended for CAYLEE, but the sleep of death. AS she was closing the trunk, Caylee's last WORDS were "...Mommy please don't close that trunk on my face I can't breathe" CASEY had no problem with imposing the DEATH PENALTY upon a helpless little beautiful girl, but was sobbing and crying in the courtroom, after she was falsely declared "acquited" of the murder that she is so very guilty of. I would like at this time to Apologize to George and Cindy Anthony escpecially to GEORGE at my own PERJURY in the Courtroom about him. Even though CASEY ANTHONY IS A MURDERER AND LIAR she did not really have it in her to fabricate the LIE that I, Joser i mean Jose BAEZ did. The idea to LIE and accuse George Anthony of molesting CASEY, as a supposed "defense to murder" was all my own idea. That is what my clients pay me the big bucks for to GET THEM OFF in the murder charge or any other serious crimes. I want to boldly state the Casey Anthony is a fine example of how to get away with COLD HEARTED BLOODY MURDER because you have a "good paid attorney". I also want to say that I was LYING (committing perjury) when in my interview with Barbara Walters i stated that "I am just glad that I could save a life" regarding CASEY ANTHONY. I realize that I Jose BAEZ did not save her life, i really made it only the more certain by "getting her off in the courtroom" that somebody on the street would give her the death sentence by way of vigilante justice. If i really loved or cared about Casey Anthony i would have pled guilty of murder on her behalf, then gotten mercy from a Judge to give her a suspended sentence of Life in Prison without parole, but to have the sentence waived and Casey spend 20 years in a Psychiatric facility in protective custody so that nobody could hurt her. Also it was my idea, Jose Baez to pay off the prosecutor's office to declare from the outset that they would be seeking the DEATH PENALTY! I knew that this would play on the sympathy of the jurors and it did. Finally, the JURORS themselves had all the evidence they could ever possibly need to convict CASEY ANTHONY of first degree murder. If you compare this case to the Dr Yazeed Essa in Ohio State of vs Essa, you remember the Dr. Essa was charged with murder, and convicted of it, by virtue of merely CIR****TANTIAL EVIDENCE alone. The physical evidence showing Rosemarie Depuccio wa poisoned was really but forensically speaking there wasn't much if any evidence to PROVE a connection between the cyanide laced calcium tablets Yazeed Essa had given to his wife, and him actually being the one to do it. There wasn't much proof of that. What was overwhelming though, was Dr. Essa's fleeing the country only a day or two after her death and then abandoning his two children with her--to her parents. All of this was overwhelming PROOF OF GUILT, evidence of CONSCIOUSNESS OF GUILT. In the Same way Casey Anthony is guilty of murder because her LYING TO THE POLICE, the Orlando Sherrif's DEpt and LYING, LYING LYING, all that information was because Casey wanted there to be NO TRIAL and she secretly hoped no one would ever find CALYLEE either alive or dead. That was the purpose of the lying to police. THat is why CASEY IS THE MURDERER. SHE either killed Caylee herself, or she paid someone to do it. END OF STORY. Now the question of "should America give the death penalty to everyone who is convicted of 1st Degree Murder? Is a separate question! There are a lot of street gangbangers white, black, mexican, and many other races or ethnic groups who have shot somebody in the head with a gun or as OJ stabbed someone to death with a knife, and NOBODY is demanding the death penalty for them! The death that CASEY INFLICTED upon Caylee because she IS and WAS a BAD MOTHER IS REALLY nothing compared to many more violent offenders who've inflicted much more cruel deaths on their victims than Caylee received. Nevertheless my client is a MURDER and she admitted it to me in private conference. THank God for the "attorney client privelege" that like a person confessing to a priest in the CHurch of Rome--so also a criminal can confess the truth to their attorney and it may not be used against them. I know that George Anthony is and was NOT A MOLESTER, and even if there had been any evidence to prove that LIE that I Jose Baez told in the courtroom that would not have been any defense to murder for CASEY. She could have put up her daughter for adoption rather than for her to be killed. Also her waiting till the occasion of her daughter's death to mention the "molestation" is grounds for completely dismissing the accusation out of hand, since she had ample opportunity for years from 8 years old till now to say something about it and she never did. That proves the accusation to be completely BASELESS. Just another LIE among many. But as I ve said before in this confession the IDEA to accuse George Anthony of molestation was mine, Jose Baez's. Did you notice in the courtroom when i mentioned it that CASEY was shaking her head NO? Well, that was preplanned on my and Casey's part! Casey got the benefit of the sympathy that would be generated in the minds of the Jury by my lying about GEORGE but still with the option to shake her head NO so that later she could reconcile with her father and mother and simply LIE and say "That was Jose Baez's idea not mine" didn't you see me shaking my head when he stated that? Once again i am deeply sorry for all the millions of dollars that the Orange County ORLANDO FLORIDA government had to spend on this case, im sorry for the thousands of hours of volunteer time spent in looking for little CAYLEE im sorry for being a LIAR like my client Casey Anthony. Look on the bright side though! Now after having been paid $2.79 cents in Attorney's fees, and having claimed a "victory" i Jose BAEZ a loser in life who liked looking up womens binkini laden panties who got a woman pregnant out of wedlock, and then i failed to pay my child support and almost never even made it into the Florida BAR in the first place----I am now going to be WORLD FAMOUS and RICHES are waiting in my future, and who better to get CASEY ANTHONY pregnant with her next child than me? She would let me do anything to her! EVen doggystyle positions....hopefully she can get pregant one more time so she can kill her next baby also...this one...well she's finished Sincerely Jose Screwup BAEZ Perjurer who justifies Murder in the 1st Degree and of course you know i didnt write this about myself

1167 days ago


I now doubt our system of justice. It needs revamping. maybe someone should be in there with the -jurors to explain that strong cir****tantial evidence is quite acceptable in deciding the verdict. CSI shows have ruined some of our populace; maybe those who are less sure of themselves. this verdict blew me away and make me furious!

1166 days ago

renee jackson    

Does anyone know if at any time, the FBI followed any leads in another state (i.e. New York) regarding Caylee Anthony's disappearance and Zanny the Nanny connection? Was there an Amber Alert? If so, now that we know Casey Anthony has alleged Caylee drowned in the Anthony's pool, can the federal government pursue Casey Anthony for obstruction of justice?

1165 days ago

peto phil    

when can we see casey do porn? i bet she has big meat curtains!

1163 days ago

Tony Guy    

The prosecution messed up. She should never have been charged with "First Degree" murder. Culpable Homicide was the correct charge based on only cir****tantial evidence. The prosecution were grandstanding and the net result was that the baby killing mother walked. I hope she does not have a pleasant life.

1160 days ago
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