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Clerk Loses It While Reading Anthony Verdict

7/5/2011 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The clerk who read the verdict in the Casey Anthony murder case was rendered SPEECHLESS when she saw the words NOT GUILTY on the document ... or so it seemed.070511_casey_anthony_verdict_v4_still

Check out the video ... the clerk chokes up when the judge hands her the documents ... and has to regain her composure before delivering the news to the courtroom.


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Free Madoff.

1174 days ago


Or...what most people with intelligence thought...she was overcoming her nerves and then carried on. Totally Manufactured Zone.

1174 days ago


Your tags are wrong.

This is neither relevant to "celebrity" nor "justice."

I'm boycotting all sites that continue to carry news of this OJ 2.0 after today. So I hope this is the last post you ever make re: this piece of ****.

1174 days ago


I am honestsly SICK to my stomach over the verdict of not guilty. Casey Anthony is 100 percent guilty, she knows it, her parents know it, her attorneys know it and most of all Caylee knows it. However, in our justice system common sense is not a lawful reason for convicting a person and I personally find it RIDICULOUS and I am truly hurting inside for Caylee. She deserves justice and unfortunately it will never be found. How the jury convicted Casey of 4 counts of lying to law enforcement and not of murder makes me want to scream seeing all of her lies were about what she was doing during the 31 days after SHE killed her little girl. But once again I believe that the jury knew she was guilty as well yet they didnt have any hard evidence to prove her guilty. All I can say is good luck to Casey in the wolves den, she most definitely would have been safer behind bars.

1174 days ago


God help any future children of this sociopath...

1174 days ago


so, apparently you can lose your kid, not bother to report her missing, and party like a rock star while she is missing and nothing will happen to you in the state of Florida.

1174 days ago

Carol jenkins    

Oh, Florida, land of the rednecks.... Remember the chads and how they threw the Gore/Bush election? Guess we shouldn't have expected much more from jurors.. Jurors weren't even thoughtful enough take notes during the trial.

Loved Judge Percy during the trial but think he should have taken more time and been more thoughtful in taking the time to choose more responsible jurors...without criminal records or substance abuse issues to cloud their thinking due to their life experiences.

1174 days ago


Now here comes the real fun for Casey, she can now sue the State of Florida and she will no doubt win millions and now she can go out and party all she wants but if she is any kind of human being, then I just pray that Caylee will haunt her mom every day and night for the rest of her mom's life and that Casey will never be happy. This is wrong, but again, the prosecutor really didn't have a case to present, but neither did the defense, so it was just a screwed up case from the beginning and it just happened to go in Casey's favor, but she will pay for her sins one way or another!She will receive millions, and get a book deal and movie deal among other things but she will be miserable for the rest of her stinking life!

1174 days ago

pierrette lopes    

I got physically ill when I heard the verdict today.Very sad day for all of us who followed this case from the begining.These jurors failed little Caley and we as people who are disgusted about this injustice should do our part to not allowe that monster to make a penny off this beautiful little girls death.I say, we Boycott any reality Tv show,magazines,publishing company,and any production group who are willing to give her money to tell us more of her lies.she's a celebrity now unfortunately but we have the power to stop her and her punk ass lawyers from making any $$$$$$ off that baby.

1174 days ago


I believe that the jury was so pissed off that they had to work on a Saturday, Sunday, and the 4th of July that they decided to stick it to the prosecutor.
I think they wanted to go home, and figured out that if they found her guilty, it would not be over for them. They would have to reconvene for the penalty phase of the trial, so they let her walk because they wanted out.

1174 days ago


Wow! must be nice to be caucasion in america!

1174 days ago


jurors lie always. didn't one here say he never prejudged anyone? we should screen only a total of 3 jurors.
apparently, 12 heads are worse than 3.

they clearly think a defendant's lies about her dad molesting her are unpunishable, but no guilty actions were enough, like casey suffocating the inconvenient child and celebrating her own existence by partying quickly after caylee's smell surrounded her house.
she's partying with jose, but where are the nanny and the murderer that she wants to get her claws on? .

1174 days ago

Johnny 5    

@edward: Caucasian? Have you forgotten the OJ trial already? Criminals are getting smarter, lawyers dumber it appears.

1174 days ago


CSI has really done a number on the legal system in America....if y'all don't have a fingerprint or a piece of skin connecting one dot to another it's like OMG!!!! What could have possibly happened!!!!. the phrase "BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT" does not mean that there can't be any doubt at all, it just means that that doubt has to be LOGICAL dammit. You can create any number of magical cir****tances to explain the disapearance of that child, but the ONLY logical, reasonable explanation for the death of that baby, given all the forensic and circunstantial evidence given during that trial was first degree as comitted by her mother. Her free, aquitted, mother.

1174 days ago


Justice was served. Per our laws. State of Florida couldn't proove beyond a reasonable doubt Casey Anthony killed her daughter.

Doesn't matter what she did or how she acted. Still no 'proof' of any kind linking Casey to her daughters death.

1174 days ago
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