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Clerk Loses It While Reading Anthony Verdict

7/5/2011 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The clerk who read the verdict in the Casey Anthony murder case was rendered SPEECHLESS when she saw the words NOT GUILTY on the document ... or so it seemed.070511_casey_anthony_verdict_v4_still

Check out the video ... the clerk chokes up when the judge hands her the documents ... and has to regain her composure before delivering the news to the courtroom.


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the valuable, heroic good-doers needed to be home with their families. they love what they did and love everybody, just like casey loves caylee. i'm sure the jurors will sell pools for toddlers.

1185 days ago


People, what did you expect? How could any juror vote Casey Anthony worthy of the death penalty, when if she had paid the local surgeon his fee to kill her unborn baby, there wouldn't even have been a discussion, let alone charges for a case against her? Never mind what you think about abortion. By law she had the right to kill her child, albeit unborn. So, she waits two years after giving birth, and kills her child because it's in the way of her whorish lifestyle. Personally, I see a moral equivalent between what she obviously did in lieu of committing abortion. But come on, tell me nobody saw this coming. I could not see the jury sending her to death row. Given a "woman's right to choose", such a verdict would have been moral, social, and political hypocrisy. To render such a verdict in good faith, you would have to outlaw a "woman's right to choose."

1185 days ago

Shady's Lady    

I'm surprised she didn't pass out. I know I nearly did. It's official folks, we have all landed into an alternate universe. SCOTTIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

1185 days ago


I find it hard to believe that Caylee would have wanted her mother convicted of murder. A majority of people here wanted her convicted but they can't speak for Caylee.

If your mother murdered you would want her put to death? Or to be incarcerated for the rest of her life?

1185 days ago


Hopefully there will be people who will take justice into their own hands. Kill the bitch! She doesn't deserve to live after what she has done to her own daughter. Her actions speak so much louder than all the lies her mother/father and ofcourse herself told the court to protect her ass. This is insane and I'm so angry about the verdict(as a mother of a 6-year old girl). Can't even comprehend what that little beautiful girl had to go through when her "mother" choked her to death.

1184 days ago


Hey Jeff I'm guessing you're a man so what makes you think you get to tell women whether or not they have a right to choose. I'd like to tell certain men they should be castrated but I don't have that right.

1184 days ago


The jury is a disgrace. Too stupid to know what cir****tantial evidence is. This has been a lesson. Murder, Lie and accuse someone of sexual abuse and you can get away with anything in Florida. I hope Caylee's Paternal Grandmother, the mother of the man who died from Boston, files a civil suit against Casey. I would never let that pig in my home again if I was her parents after what she did to Caylee and accusing her father and brother of abuse.

1184 days ago


A murderer is now going to be set free. The jurors were ignorant and were too cowardly to answer questions after the verdict. Casey's mother lied and perjured herself and ended up protecting this murderer. And some of you here posting assinine comments can also take heart in knowing that you too have spit upon little Caylee's memory.

1184 days ago


Not sure why anybody is surprised. They really didn't have the kind of solid case that would let a jury declare her guilty without reasonable doubt, and in a murder case - the jury is going to be especially cautious in a state with the death penalty. It's pretty clear that she's a very messed up person, quite unlikeable, a horrible mother, possibly a sociopath - but not quite as clear that she deliberately murdered the child. She definitely went to extremes to cover it up, so go after her for that. But the death could easily have been an accident and the real crime is the coverup. Was it just an accident or caused by neglect or abusive actions? Don't think we'll ever know. And that was the jury's problem, they just couldn't honestly say they were certain she caused the death.

1184 days ago

annie stu    

hey yall,besides the jury,judge perry could have changed the ruling,how about that,he sees it as not guilty,any commemts

1184 days ago

annie stu    

hey kids,what about this,i think caylee died in the company of someone in the anthony,s family,the put the body in the woods to cover it up,when it was found then it was a kidnap story,they all worked together,putting up this act of hating each other,the reason lee did not attend the sentencing was he was at his parents house making lunch,the parents left the court house very fast after verdict,they ar all in this together,they are counting all the money that will be coming in now,the father knew how to work the system and how to get mr. baez to hate him so much,casey worked this law team,she will be back at the dinner table,with her family listening to her mom giving the orders on the best deal for them,and toasting the court system and judge perry no guilty

1184 days ago


Now that most have had some time to think.
Think about this.
We needed 12 jurors, we actualy had trouble getting them when they were needed, 100 people were asked and not excepted for many reasons but we all know most think its a pain in the ass to do there duty, how many try to get out of jury duty. You talk about justice how many said they could not be a juror. Because belive me they had no time. We had 12 + that agreed to be on the jury We belived in them then, and now we hate them because they stood up for the justice system. They put 3 years behind themselfs and listened in court for 35 days. They heard all the evidence they decided she was not guilty from what was heard in the court room. Please live with it they were right the proscuter blew it, so blame them not the jury, not Casey, not her defence team everyone did ther job but the proscuter fell short, way short. This is our system live with it till we accept something other don't be a low life like all those people on all them tv shows saying she was guilty from the start what do they know apparently not much because they were all wrong. The system says you are inasent untill proven guilty well she had her day she was found not guilty, live with it.
People have a life im sure that Casy is not even close to you enough to change your life unless you let it. NOT GUILTY live with it get on with your life.

1184 days ago


I hope she gets cancer and dies slowly for what she did to that girl.

1184 days ago


Obama's declaring illegal wars and killing Libyan children, Israel's selling sex slaves, African children are killing each other in 'wars', Asian children are being prostituted.... why aren't all these people who are complaining about them finding Casey Anthony not guilty of murder doing something to change the lives of children who are suffering RIGHT NOW...or those who will suffer tomorrow... and next month... and next year?

1184 days ago

leslie macphail    

I sent a comment 1/2 hr. ago and it did not got through. I accepted the facebook message. Will try one more time.
"The law is a ass". Charles ****ens etc. If she was ugly, fat or pink, the verdict would have been the same. Again, a tubal ligation w/out anesthetic is due. Was there a funeral at all? Do not understand American law. Kinda know it but don't understsand it. Sad all around and they have to live w/themselves.

1184 days ago
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