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Clerk Loses It While Reading Anthony Verdict

7/5/2011 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The clerk who read the verdict in the Casey Anthony murder case was rendered SPEECHLESS when she saw the words NOT GUILTY on the document ... or so it seemed.070511_casey_anthony_verdict_v4_still

Check out the video ... the clerk chokes up when the judge hands her the documents ... and has to regain her composure before delivering the news to the courtroom.


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somebody needs to commit a crime or something so we can all move on to the next deal. This one is getting slam out of hand man!!!

I think they are going to try the jury next, for real:)

1208 days ago


33 days of testimony

over 400 exhibits

11 hours of deliberation

Watching Nancy Grace's head explode-priceless

1208 days ago


idiots should've been psychologically tested and sterilized before they 'accidentally raise children'.

1208 days ago

disgusted in ohio    

miss anthony should get together with o.j., then now have quite a bit in common!

1208 days ago


The local DA represents the State of Florida, and no she cannot be tried again due to this little thing called The Constitution of the United States.
In fact, she could go on the morning news shows tomorrow and proclaim, that she did kill her daughter and there is not one thing the law could do to her.

1208 days ago


people are seriously mad over them saying shes not guilty. One no evidence. They cant even tell how the kid died. get a life people. NO EVIDENCE.

1208 days ago


Maybe it's just me but where exactly did she seem "speechless?" Harvy are you that board hunni that you can't find a better story to report on?

1207 days ago


Poor clerk. I'm sure she wanted to vomit after reading the verdict. Casey got away with murder and so did the jury. To think of all these pigs making money on that poor toddlers murder is just gross. Hope they all rot in hell together (especially that Jennifer Ford BITCH!

1207 days ago


The verdict angers me because the jury didn't understand that there was no way to proove exactly what Casey did to kill that baby but there was plenty of evidense to proove that she killed her and disposed of her body. If there had been an accident she would have called 911 and tried to save her. I hope and pray that NO MEDIA, book publisher, or movie producers give Casey, her lawyers OR that stupid jury ANY kind of deals for stories. These people should NOT make a single dime from the death of Caylee. If anyone is stupid enough to do so, the public should boycott. That includes TMZ.

1207 days ago


Seriously? This is your definition of "losing it?" She was incredibly professional, clear of voice and I can guarantee you.....she was fully in control. Pick on the people who ask for it....not professionals who are doing their job and don't chase after your ridiculous 15 minutes of fame.

1207 days ago


now if we could only get soeone to murder this stupid ass TMZ all would be fine,,,,you tmz people need to get a hobby,,or a new line of work,,,who gives a ****,,a jusry found her not guilty,,case closed

1207 days ago


This clerk is obviously one of the many who think Casey Anthony is guilty, based all on assumption. She did not want to hear, let alone personally make public, the innocence statement. She was very unprofessional in this, but TMZ really is just instigating drama.

1207 days ago


Unbelievable that Casey Anthony is going to walk free, the prosecution failed, and the jury are clearly morons. How much more do you need that a mother is not even looking for her missing child for a month, sends the police on a wild goose chase, has a stinky trunk with a decomposing hair of your child in it. A computer with Chloroform searches.. And the head of your child is found with duct tape and heart stickers on it. Somebody should ask the defense team if they would let Casey Anthony babysit their kids.......I bet they would say no. Casey Anthony is a monster.

1207 days ago


Casey Anthony will pay for what she has done one day. First she has to live with her daughters death for the rest of her life. As a mother I hope Casey suffers with this everyday but of course she apparently has no moral value so she will probably be partying the day she is released. The one who paid is that little girl. Rest in peace Caylee and you are loved even if it is not from your mother.

1207 days ago


Unfortunately there was only cir****tantial evidence against her. Only thing that the state could prove with solid evidence was the charges of perjury. That's how our justice system doesn't charge people that "act like they did it" no matter how glaring it may be. If you want that changed I highly suggest you write your state representative although it would take a landslide of america protesting to change something that ingrained into our legal system.

1206 days ago
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