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Clerk Loses It While Reading Anthony Verdict

7/5/2011 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The clerk who read the verdict in the Casey Anthony murder case was rendered SPEECHLESS when she saw the words NOT GUILTY on the document ... or so it seemed.070511_casey_anthony_verdict_v4_still

Check out the video ... the clerk chokes up when the judge hands her the documents ... and has to regain her composure before delivering the news to the courtroom.


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idont belive,she is inocent.nooooooooooooooo.but remember,god make justice for cayle.girl you have to live in held.

1208 days ago


Unbelievable!!!!! But then, it is Florida! I wonder what she'll get for her "book" and reality television show? We are one sick society! But ultimately this young woman is toast. Everyone will still think she murdered her child, this beautiful girl thrown away like garbage. Five to one, Casey anthony will die of a drug over dose or her evil dark heart will just stop ticking. what a POS!~

1208 days ago


Bull**** on you. You have no proof of anything you just said in this story. To make up that she was rendered speechless when she read the words, "NOT GUILTY" is a lie on your part and you know it. No one but the person reading the verdict can confirm that.

Nice reporting. Good God. The media and especially you slimey tabloids that make stuff up, ought to be ashamed, and yes, it will all catch up to you sooner or later. So spend the money you're making telling lies now.

1208 days ago


*in my Dave Chappelle voice* Casey got some nice a$$ tittayyysss!!!!

1208 days ago

calvin Broadus    

The clerk is kind of hot. Charlie Sheen should replace the ex-goddesses with this chick.

1208 days ago


Everyone who believes she had nothing to do with the death of her child should be forced to have her babysit, many times, for any young child in their family.

1208 days ago


Your assessment is purely idiotic. The only thing this reveals is your own conclusion. You felt the verdict would come in guilty, and so you assume everyone else thought so too. I see no evidence of the clerk "losing it". The slight hesitation you saw, at the beginning, could have been simply trying to find the start point to begin reading. But, once she started reading, there was absolutely no pause before the words "not guilty". I'm afraid TMZ is guilty of some projection of their own disbelief.

1208 days ago


What a sad day for America. Another child has been killed and thrown away like thrash. Evil woman will make money and live the good live. so sad

1208 days ago


And, where is the part where the clerk "loses it"? TMZ is over-exaggerating AGAIN.

1208 days ago


unbelievable!!! why did the jury run away? why not stand up and face the music if verdict is true & accountable as they said to judge about their decision!

1208 days ago


I can understand those that believe while she is most likely guilty, there is a reasonable doubt so jury did the right thing. However you need to be a piece of work to assert that she didn't kill anybody and that there's no evidence to it.

1208 days ago


Casey- I guess looking up neck breaking and chlorform is normal for mothers ughh? Not premeitated? You are an idiot just like the jurors.

1208 days ago

Politico Pablo    

When you're on trial for murder, it sure pays to have a damn good lawyer.

1208 days ago


How many died on death row and were later found innocent? This is why we have the system we do. It doesn't always work 100% the way we want it to. But better to find someone innocent than guilty if there is any doubt.

The prosecution in this case just simply based their case on cir****tantial evidence, and assumption, but could not provide one shred of actual physical evidence that conclusively proved their case. The jury could have done what other juries have done in the South, and found her guilty based on their emotional opinions, and prejudices. And although it sucks, you all had better be glad we have the system we do. It was 12 person jury of her peers who judged her, and found her not guilty of the prosecutions claims and case.

1208 days ago


I guess the clubs will be jumping this weekend Caseys back! Lying and hiding bodies can u get off scott free...WOW!

1208 days ago
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