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Clerk Loses It While Reading Anthony Verdict

7/5/2011 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The clerk who read the verdict in the Casey Anthony murder case was rendered SPEECHLESS when she saw the words NOT GUILTY on the document ... or so it seemed.070511_casey_anthony_verdict_v4_still

Check out the video ... the clerk chokes up when the judge hands her the documents ... and has to regain her composure before delivering the news to the courtroom.


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Damn the evil are lucky

1208 days ago


Now that she's been fond not guilty, who would do her?

1208 days ago


This is what happens when you get your information from the television talking heads. Though many are attorneys, they are purposely not giving their viewers good information.

They will not be happy until someone either this defendant, defense attorneys, jurors, or judge is harmed.

The State has the burden of proof. The defendant does not have to prove a thing. They are to consider the State's evidence in making a decision. That's it. Good jurors, and I am sure that these were, do as they have been instructed.

The Judge gives the law. He doesn not determine innocence or guilt in a jury trial. He levies the sentence that the jury wants, given some exceptions. If the guilty charges are misdemeanors, he'll sentence.

Also, please note the defense did not pick the jury. Each side gets a number of strikes to get rid of troublesome juries. THey both chose this jury. If the State didn't like the jury (most judges will ask if the jury is good for both sides), they had an opportunity to raise the issue.

Don't be silly. She did not have to take the stand. She may be a terrible person or terrible mom, although from the looks of it, she tried.

Better one guilty person go free than one innocent person EVER go to jail.

Those people who should know better have purposely given false information about this process. Also, there is usually a jury instruction that tells the jurors that what the attorneys say in opening and closing is not evidence. Beyond a reasonable doubt, would you rely on the information/testimony/evidence put forth in the course of your business transactions of life (bad paraphrase). If you wouldn't it is not beyond a reasonable doubt.

These tv talking heads are banking (literally) on ignorance and somebody will suffer. Like it or not the justice system of "this" world worked. Casey has to answer to God, and no I can't put her in hell, as many want to. There is nothing to bad for God/Jesus to reconcile us to him.

More bad news for those of you foaming at the mouth.

1208 days ago


I thought I was the only one that noticed that!

1208 days ago

Palm Beach, FL    

These jurors now have targets on their backs and some nut case out there will try and try to find out where they live and where their relatives live.

Casey Anthony is laughing now but wait when she has to face public opinion. This woman wasted too many hours of my life now I will put this to rest and never speak of this slut again.

1208 days ago


I just did some research on this and from some of the stuff in the timeline of this case, how the hell did they find her not guilty? The whole family sounds effed in the head. Just goes to show you how some people should be spayed/neutured. Next time someone bitches about prolife, ask them if this is a better alternative. This poor little baby really would have been better off not ever having been born rather than end up like this. Oh well Casey can go live in Montreal, they welcomed Carla Holmaco (sp) (Paul Bernardo's wife) with open arms and she is living happily ever after.

1208 days ago


ANYONE who tries to make a buck off this bumblef. of a verdict -
we should protest. Being a book deal, any station that has her sorry ass on, etc.

It's time we show the media that it works both ways!

1208 days ago


People are wicked. If this bitch were ugly or a man, then the verdict would have been guilty! And some of you bitches, like Natalie Maines, probably see this as making a stand for abortion. Evil won for today. Just goes to show that Italy has a better crop of people than the USA does.

1208 days ago


Casey may be free but she IS NOT in protective custody now!!!

1208 days ago


It's good that Casey Anthony was declared NOT GUILTY. Now she can rest. She's been going through hell all this time. Not sure why she was even brought to trial with NO EVIDENCE whatsoever that she murdered his young daughter. She won't to such a thing! But at least now Casey has the fame to make money on a book deal or whatever you want. You go girl!

1208 days ago

Casey Krueger

1208 days ago


This the second time in florida white women got off with killing kids in tampa fl white woman runs 4 kids over then leaves the scene killing 2 of them mom and dad helps her fix and hide her car she got off with probation now this woman kills her daughter mom dad and brother helps her to cover it up she walks scott free what kind of message are you sending to me who you caught with a weed seed in my car and you sentence me to 10 days got to love that american system

1208 days ago


Get a better lawyer

1208 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

What, is it only "theoretical" anymore unless you have a clear video of the murder itself? BS! The evidence piled up so much it needs its own room.

Poetic justice just received the call. They're coming to get you casey...

1208 days ago


Why is everyone blaming Florida for this verdict. Everyone knows she is guilty in this state except the 12 jurors. Stop lumping us in that travesty. Blame the jurors,there the idiots.

1208 days ago
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