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Clerk Loses It While Reading Anthony Verdict

7/5/2011 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The clerk who read the verdict in the Casey Anthony murder case was rendered SPEECHLESS when she saw the words NOT GUILTY on the document ... or so it seemed.070511_casey_anthony_verdict_v4_still

Check out the video ... the clerk chokes up when the judge hands her the documents ... and has to regain her composure before delivering the news to the courtroom.


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She paused for like half a second, that wasnt even remotely anything close to 'losing it'. I sometimes wonder why I even come to this dumb site when you post useless c.r.a.p like this

There`s like a million celebs in la la land, seriously, this is a celebrity gossip site. A more appropriate video would be someone famous taking out the trash. Come now

1172 days ago


As regarding this post, I watched live myself. I also thought that the clerk did appear to be shaky and upset at the verdict. I wouldn't call it "losing it" but you could definitely hear in her voice that she was a bit rattled.

1172 days ago


Remember it what was brought to light in the court room, not for the last 3 years in the media.
The media lies to you so you will watch them.

1172 days ago


Oh, horsecrap! The clerk just stumbled... she's a professional and does this all the time. She was not "choked up" at all. Quit looking for drama!

1172 days ago


Why is anyone surprized? What direct evidence did they have connecting Casey with this crime?

1) A can of air samples from her car

2) A stain that no one can see

That's all there was, everything else is cir****atntial or not directly connected to her. That ain't enough to convict her of anything. Don't get me wrong I think she killed her daughter. But the State did a crappy job of investigating the crime. They should have waited until they had more evidence or a confession.

1172 days ago


Stupidest jury since the OJ trial. Florida jury = rednecks, hillbillies and housewives.

1172 days ago


Ans SUSAN what do you think you are with a coment like that , one word IDIOT

1172 days ago


I agree with Doug.

1172 days ago


YO TMZ! I know not ALL of you are lawyers... but Your headline suggestion seems to make it clear this was a verdict not expected.. (Or shall we say, not wanted by your bunch at TMZ?). However, there was a nano-second wherein the clerk paused (as she peeked to the bottom of the sheet (that's cheating lol)..and had to get her shock under control - Also in a nano-second. She did a processional job.. don't knock her guys. And one more thing.. a Nano-second does NOT constitute 'Loses it'

Oh.. and for you other Non-lawyers trying to talk like haven't a clue. She's FREE except for the misdemeanor lies for which she's already paid the time 3 years.
So.. no proof of murder.. no cause of death... soooo many holes available for 'beyond a doubt'... It was easy to call this one "Not Guilty". Now.. Don't get your dander up... I believe Caley was killed.. but by who .. and how... Well.. the State just couldn't come up with the proof.. because there was none. Thank you.

1172 days ago


I hope Zanaida Gonazles has a good lawyer it's time for Casey to pay up!

1172 days ago


The O.J. jury didn't like Marsha Clark's nasty manner of cross examining defense witnesses. Jeff Ashton made the same mistake in this trial. He was rude and hostile to everyone he cross-examined.

George Anthony lied on the stand about not having an affair with that other woman. He also obfuscated every answer to Baez's quaetions when called by the defense to testify making it appear like he was hiding something.

I think Casey killed her. But the prosecution blew it. They never should have charged her until they had more evidence or a confession.

1172 days ago


"Justice ran its course and in america it is still" innocent until proven guilty " --

Unless you happen to be stopped by the police for any reason, or plan on flying anywhere. Don't mistake the rare case of a impartial & intelligent good jury as representing the entire system.

Juror #8 must have been pretty persuasive during deliberations.

1172 days ago

sheyl sturgell    

Casey's lawyers are partying just like Casey did while her daughter was rotting in a a swamp

1172 days ago


"What, is it only "theoretical" anymore unless you have a clear video of the murder itself? BS! The evidence piled up so much it needs its own room.

Poetic justice just received the call. They're coming to get you casey..." --

Easy now my savage liberal psychopath. This isn't a 3rd world chithole just yet (despite a diligent effort on part of your The Chosen One), you must abide by the law. You'll just have to get your savage pleb fix at liveleak, theync, and other sites that show street justice in 3rd world socialist cesspools (burning people to death for stealing potatoes, etc)

1172 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

It's a world gone mad. There's not an institution of America that can be trusted today because the by far majority of the adults in this country are too stupid to handle freedom and the hard work, patriotism and education it REQUIRES from it's citizenry to maintain it.

This pathetic jury, (who obviously couldn't get a handle on overwhelming cir****tantial evidence having watched too MUCH CSI on TV) and a judge who couldn't even say the surname of dead Caylee and her murderer mother (repeating AnFANEE so often it made me and others I'm sure sick to listen to) are overwhelming proof of it.

To those who think she's innocent, then I hope you're the first to offer her a babysitting job watching your toddlers, although this sick country will probably make her so rich on the grave of her murdered child she won't need to work. Sleep tight America.

1172 days ago
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