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Charlie Sheen

I'm Going to Be ROASTED!!!!!!

7/5/2011 7:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's official ... Charlie Sheen will be the next "roastee" at the next Comedy Central Roast in September.


Sheen released a statement saying, "You could say I've been providing kindling for this Roast for a while ... It's time to light it up.& It's going to be epic."

The Roast will be taped in Los Angeles on September 10 ... and it will air on Comedy Central on September 19 -- which is, not coincidentally, the same night the revamped "Two and a Half Men" is set to premiere.

A rep for Comedy Central says, "Charlie has assured us that nothing will be off limits in this Roast which scares even us."

Story developing ...



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I wish Charlie Sheen THE BEST!!! The following is not related to Charlie at all, but I can't find an entry about this Katie Holmes, so I will take this opportunity right here. Have you noticed that since the appearance of the popular "Kate" and wife of Prince Williams Katie Holmes has started letting her hair stay long and shiny and curled in a way reminiscent of the way "our Kate" wears it? Katie Holmes even looks narrower at the hip, almost as if hoping to have a body in any way near like "Kate's." Have you noticed? Well. I saw a picture of Holmes at the beach with her daughter, Holmes was wearing two pieces of clothing that exposed her middle. MY GOD! Her bellybutton! I don't think it is legal to expose that kind of appendage coming out of ANYBODY's middle like that! I was EMBARRASSED. Did anybody notice that?!!? I haven't liked this Holmes woman since her days at that WB channel, the program with all the young kids in it, "somebody's creek." She plays with/somebody must have mentioned to her that crooked smile, and please give me a break: Stop it already. And then her god-like, royalty-like connection with Tom Cruise at the beginning of their relationship when she would whisper to anybody who would ask about the "awsomeness" that is Tom Cruise and their perfect union. I believe she wants us to think she looks JUST LIKE Kate, the wife of William. Yeah right. Holmes could possibly produce out of body TWO replicas of the princess. There is nobody with the perfect, narrow, and feminine figure like Princess Kate anywhere that I've seen. Good luck with some other project, Katie Holmes. And to take my Prozac and wear my helmet. Thank you for the ear.

1204 days ago


This one's going to run way into overtime.

1204 days ago


Charlie Charlie Charlie....

This s*it will be funny, but you are a wreck.

Only so much alcohol, cocaine, and hookers.

1204 days ago


that's actually a really good strategy for him to take. When your WINNING turns into LOSING, it is best to make light of it all and laugh it off. Wonder if any 2.5Men people will show up. Would love to see 'Berta' or 'Evelyn'

1204 days ago


Why, why oh why is any one giving him even 1 nanosecond of air time, nanometer of print?? Why keep enabling him??? Please, please stop!!!!!!!!

1204 days ago

some guy    


This sounds familiar... this have anything to do with that Scarlett Galabekian story?

1204 days ago


What a shame; I love a good roast, but I'll be damned if I'll watch this one. It would be a riot if all the good roasters declined, but I don't see them turning this one down, unfortunately...

1204 days ago


Comedy Central roast's are great. Doesn't matter who they're roasting...I'll watch. Well, I'll watch when it's rerun later on in a time slot where I don't have to listen to that freaking "bleep".

Roasting Charlie Sheen? Excellent! Maybe they can bring on some of those lames that explore the supernatural and resurrect Greg Geraldo right there on the set. I miss Geraldo's honesty.

1204 days ago


Is really so hard to be a Movie or TV star? Why can they just live their lives without excess?

1204 days ago


Another thing of his I won'*****ch!

1204 days ago


What a waste of air time.......

1204 days ago


Considering Comedy Central will re-run it several hundred times before years end, I doubt I'll be too concerned about the time conflict with T&HM

1204 days ago


Yay!!!!! Good for you Charlie!!!!! Will most assuredly be watching!!!! You're great!!! And I wish you nothing but the very best. I know you have gone through some tough time recently but you seem to have come through it all and are doing fine. 2 and 1/2 men will suck now that you're gone. Ashton is neither the man or the actor that you are. KUDOS!

1204 days ago


This roast, when broadcast, will destroy that lame sit com. Regardless of all of his warts, someone is going to give this guy a spot on their schedule.

1204 days ago


Charlie Sheen is fearless this doesn't surprise me in the least -

Would have loved to see how CS would have played "Ron Kovic."


This is a great American actor, people.

1204 days ago
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