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Kim K Stunned by Casey Anthony Jury - Oh The Irony

7/5/2011 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian -- whose father Robert Kardashian was one of O.J. Simpson's lawyers -- is FLABBERGASTED by the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial.

Casey Anthony Jury

Kim tweeted, "WHAT!!!!???!!!! CASEY ANTHONY FOUND NOT GUILTY!!!! I am speechless!!!"

Funny ... people had a similar reaction in 1995.

More celebrity reactions from Twitter...

@mindykaling @mindykaling

Maybe the jury didn't know infanticide was homicide? Help! Help!

@MrsSOsbourne @MrsSOsbourne

Casey Anthony not guilty??’s a disgrace. She’ll probably get her own reality show now.

@kevin_nealon @kevin_nealon

Casey Anthony. You go girl! You have three years of partying to make up for!

@mindykaling @mindykaling

Maybe the jury didn't know infanticide was homicide? Help! Help!

@MrsSOsbourne @MrsSOsbourne

Casey Anthony not guilty??’s a disgrace. She’ll probably get her own reality show now.

@kevin_nealon @kevin_nealon

Casey Anthony. You go girl! You have three years of partying to make up for!

@JoyVBehar @JoyVBehar

I am shocked by the #caseyanthonyverdict. Though I can't say this is the first time Florida screwed up on an important vote.

@rainnwilson @rainnwilson

Dear Florida, THANK YOU for freeing Casey! She's now available for partying and babysitting!

@1NatalieMaines @1NatalieMaines

The jury did the right thing in the Casey Anthony trial. It's not American to allow murder convictions be based on theory and not evidence.


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Sarah Jane    

Don't listen to them, we all care deeply about KK's opinion, thoughts, feelings and desires! MORE KK! MORRRREEE KK! (Or at least more pictures of her ass)

1116 days ago

Brett D.     

Does the world Actually care what the kardashian have to say.... especially kim (the person has a sex tape with Ray J) Casey anthony has suffered enough serving 3 years in jail and losing her daughter and Thank god she is not guilty and we care what u have to say...... isnt it sad that kim only way to stardom is to have a sex tape with Ray J common go plan your imaginary wedding and leave this girl alone..

1116 days ago


Could you have picked a WORSE person to quote? Knowing her daddy's history with OJ - seriously? Worse - she's irrelevant, not the "role model" you're desperately trying to make her out to be. Just another chick on reality TV wearing too much makeup.

1116 days ago


Who really cares what Kim thinks? I am stunned that she is considered a celeb because someone (Her Mom)released her x rated video years ago.

1116 days ago


The Kardashian family (all but her father) sat on the prosecution side of the O.J. trial. I doubt she thinks O.J. is innocent either ...

1116 days ago


Can't believe it! She IS and SHOULD have been found GUILTY!! She is a horrible person and Karma...will get her!!

1116 days ago


Kim K needs to stick to making pron and stop giving out her "thoughts" on real things.

1116 days ago

Queen Karma    

WOW!!! I just read therestof theposts here.
You stupid as*holes are JUST the reason why, how, a Casey Anthony,OJ, etc. getsoff.
The defense picks stupid, brainlless,jealous, people like yourselves and the defense brings in dozens of pointless smokescreens to twist your little stupid, pea brains.
WTF does kim K's goldenshowers have to do with this case por OJ's?
Yes, KIm K is a celebumess. yeah, she released herintimate moment, sold it for millions to adultvid.
A DEFENSE would love and pick pea brain people like you as jurors.
Why KIM Kkilled Nicole and CayleeAnthony.Yeah.
kim K is sknak.
Smokescreens. You guys would eat it up. Deflection from the truth of the case of OJ.
KimK was a kid. Her mother's best friend ,Nicole was murdered.

1116 days ago


Who cares what this FAT w-h-o-r-e thinks..... TMZ, please give me a break, stop kissing KK NASTY FAT A-S-S!

1116 days ago


STFU Plastic freak. I hope your POS father is rotting in hell.

1116 days ago


Shes shocked while living on the money daddy made to get that murder OJ Off. She was happy then Im sure. That whole family makes me sick. Her darn face doesnt even move with all the work done.

1116 days ago


idk why she is shocked!! OJ was guilty and her dad wrongfully proved him innocent!! and now he admits that he did kill her!! in a few casey will admit it too!!

1116 days ago


Nobody gives a **** what this dumb bitch thinks!!!!!

1116 days ago


I dont think TMZ cares wtf Kim has to say either...there are plenty other celebs voicing their opinion on this tragedy too...but given the fact that her dad defended OJ in '95...yeah, I would report this too.

"Funny ... people had a similar reaction in 1995." Peronsally, I take that as an "F U" to Kim...she has no right to talk. She has said she supported her father. Her mother was the smart one...she was so PISSED that he defended OJ and has stated that it got so bad, it lead to their divorce.

This really is the OJ trial all over again.

1116 days ago


seriously no one gives a crap what kim k thinks if that was the case then we all should be on here about what we think.

1116 days ago
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