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Kobayashi -- My Weiner Beef Ain't With Chestnut!!

7/6/2011 12:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Professional sausage swallower Takeru Kobayashi believes his 69-hot dog performance should count as a WORLD RECORD ... even though he wasn't entered in an official tournament at the time.

Kobayashi put on the eating exhibition on July 4 ... just miles from the OFFICIAL Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Championship on Coney Island ... which was won by TK's rival Joey Chestnut, who ate 62 dogs in just 10 minutes.

Kobayashi, through a translator, tells TMZ ... "Congratulations to Joey. I agree, he is the champion of that contest."

But TK -- who was banned from the competition because he wouldn't sign an exclusive contract with the event organizers -- adds, "I wasn't fighting against [Joey]. I was fighting against an organization and a hot dog company."

070511_kobayashi_video"I'm also happy about becoming a world record holder for hot dogs [that day] ... with my fans and supporters cheering me on. "

Should Kobayashi's record count?


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ok first of all that company what ever it's called didn't invent hot dog eating contest. but now they're trying to. not gonna happen. just because he didn't compete in their contest does not mean those 69 dogs don't count. as long as it was timed and judged accordingly it counts. hell, call the Guinness World Records people and have them witness it. the Guinness World Records is way more legit than that companies title.

hey Kobayashi call the Guinness World Records people and get that title! way more legit.

1202 days ago


haha this is funny to me because Joey, if needed to would have ate more Hot Dogs but there was no need to. I love how TMX tries and start drama so they can get raitings. Harvey is a a ring leader for a bunch of pathetic star stuck douchebags. PS I heal people for a living so **** off.

1202 days ago


Go back to whatever third world country you came from loser!

1202 days ago


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1202 days ago


Definitely! His record should count. Good for Kobayashi! Don't make yourself a slave to the man! Well done. For more enlightenment, check out Barry's Conpiracy World at

1202 days ago


Anyone can go for a world record; it doesn’t have to be that competition that went down in Coney Island. I live in California and I can go for that hot dog eating world record. If he ate 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes and followed the rules of Guinness and it’s all do***ented. Then it should count. If he didn’t follow Guinness rules then no. I guess Guinness has the final say.

1202 days ago

Taylor Dadson    

I can't believe this stupid "contest" gets so much press each July. Like it's some kind of "sport" or something. It's a joke folks.. who cares about record setting?

1202 days ago

curtis black    

he should just do the competition with guiness book of world records... then it would count, all you have to do is contact them. they would send someone out. there is something fishy about the whole thing..

1202 days ago


And if the hot dogs he's eating are smaller than the ones used in the official competition? Sorry. It needs to be under very specific conditions to qualify as a record. Since he refused to abide by those conditions, it's not a record.

1202 days ago


It should count if the hotdogs and buns were identical in every way to the ones in the contest. If the hot dogs were slightly smaller then he could appear to eat more without actually doing so.

1202 days ago


Kobayashi didn't win squat - certainly no world record holder - if he doesn't sign on the dotted line he can eat what ever he wants where ever he wants and he's still not the winner of a contest hosted by MLE. Dude needs to learn how to speak English, maybe he'll understand.

1202 days ago


Hell yeah!

1202 days ago


Heck yeah it should count!
Why should people be forced to sign their rights away??

1202 days ago

tiny johnson    

Why not, as long as world record officials witness it?

1202 days ago

eggshells los gogo    

His tass has2B leaking maybe fill it in with some concrete? and when all that breaks lose he will die a very sinkie painful death and break some tolets on his road to eat himself to death.But I bet harvey just loves him

1202 days ago
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