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Lisa Lampanelli:

Sorry Charlie, I'm BUSY

7/6/2011 6:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen could get off REALLY easy at the upcoming Comedy Central "Roast" ... because TMZ has learned Lisa Lampanelli -- the QUEEN OF MEAN -- is booked that night and might not show!!!


Lisa tells us, "I am personally thrilled to death that they chose Charlie and I'm glad he's desperate enough to have accepted the challenge. I mean, come on -- the guy was replaced by Ashton Kutcher. I guess he now knows how Bruce Willis felt!"

But she adds, "Sadly, I'm actually booked to do a show that night already, but if there's any way I can get out of it, all I can say is, "Charlie, here I come!'"

The show is scheduled to tape September 10 in L.A.

Lisa ... make it happen.


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As long as Jeff Ross is there, I'll be watching. RIP Greg

1174 days ago

Yep I said that    

Lampanelli, is funny fro two minutes then she is boring and not funny in fact she thinks saying means and nasty ****t is humor

1174 days ago


My only regret is that Charlie Sheen will not LITERALLY be roasted. An honor he richly deserves.

1174 days ago


I am a big follower of many comedians. I know a few nationally known comedians personally. Who is this Lisa Lampanelli woman?
I've never seen, heard or read anything funny by this supposed comedienne. In fact the only time I've ever even heard her name has been on TMZ. TMZ seems to be on a guided course to be the National Enquirer pushing the Gay Agenda. Harvey, you need to ask yourself before you publish every story...Is this just an interesting story to me and my other gay friends or is this a story that is interesting to most of the population. Considering 90% of Americans have no idea who Lisa Lampanelli is should give you your answer.

1174 days ago


Notice how TMZ will not post any stories, GOOD or BAD, on Chelsea Handler. Is Harvey Levin afraid of Chelsea or does he really believe that she supports the Gay and Lesbian community? If she really supported the GLBT community would she have spent 6 months dating 50c who publicly states that all gays should be killed? (Google 50c Playboy interview)

1174 days ago

some guy    

Guys... I have a confession to make... Lisa's my role model.

I too am into black d00dz.

1174 days ago


Hope you can work it out Lisa! Would love to see ya there!

1174 days ago


Who is this Lisa person? S/he looks like a transvestite. Is s/he?

1174 days ago


Lisa was scorned in school, now she gets off by making fun of others at their expense. Your a fat pig who shouldn't throw stones, princess (not) my dear!!! Get over it.. It's people like you that create bullys in high school and teach our children bad things.

1174 days ago


No roast will work without her. Unless somebody begs Kathy Griffin to do it but even better if Lisa and Kathy did it. Lisa has to do this roast. Who else is going to make fun of him for being dumped by a porn star and a pot addict?

1174 days ago


Where is she booked? A chinese buffet?

1174 days ago


fgsd 4 hours ago

Lisa is hilarious. Clearly some of you are randomly judging her and have not even seen her act. She isn't 'mean sprirted' she's very talented and has original material.

She is also a wonderful fund raiser and a giving person.

To say she isn't funny is not factual at all....unless you are in a coma.

Oh, and Rhonda, very easy to call people a pig when we can't see you huh? I'd love to see what you look like, with a name like Rhonda my first guess is you're maybe you just don't get her humor, perhaps Bill Cosby is your speed....and just maybe you are a pig? No?


Thumbs up for the part about Rhonda. LMAO!

1174 days ago


Lisa HAS to be there! With Greg Giraldo's passing, her and Jeff Ross are the only two I think are capable of carrying that show on their shoulders properly. If I'm stuck watching another roast where they hired unfunny fillers like that stupid Situation, or if they give too much airtime to Gilbert Gottfried, I'm cutting my wrists.

1174 days ago


This broad sux! Complete garbage!

1174 days ago


She better do it, this is a gift from God.

1174 days ago
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