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Mike Lohan Off the Hook

In Domestic Violence Case

7/5/2011 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan finally caught a break ... because he will no longer be prosecuted for allegedly roughing up his ex-girlfriend Kate Major in March ... all because she's very hard to reach these days.

The L.A. County District Attorney's Office had charged Michael with one count of misdemeanor corporal injury to a cohabitant ... after the two allegedly got into a heated argument at the apartment they used to share back in March.

But today, the D.A. announced it can no longer proceed with the case because it cannot reach Kate. And no victim means no case.

Score one for MiLo.


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Ellie G    

Rogue Weenie you really do have sh-t for brains.

1174 days ago

Ronald RayGun    

Why can't Kate Major be reached? It makes me wonder. Maybe she's been double bagged and thrown into some swamp.

1174 days ago


Kate Major is following Michael Lohan on Twitter again. Does that sound like someone who's scared of the defendant or has filed restraining orders against him? When there's a real domestic violence case, the victim usually severes all ties with the perpetrator and let their lawyers and law enforcement do the talking. They sure as hell don't follow them on Twitter. LOL Just a couple of fame wh*res.

1174 days ago


@ Jo Ann

she's not missing. she's been tweeting that last couple of days and she following the idiot on twitter. either the scammed everyone for attention again or he paid her off.

1174 days ago


Does this really surprise anyone? I didn't believe it in the first place. These two pull these little stunts so they can get their names and faces in the tabloids. Gee, where do you think Lindsay learned her bad behaviour from???

1174 days ago


She probably died from one of the fifty STDs Michael Lohan gave her.

1174 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I am a LEGEND, you ARE Road Lizards! HL Is a gay douchebag grasping at things that LOOK like long straws, I'd never let him represent me unless I was the CEO of GLAAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1174 days ago


this is how anal milo is. his twitter only has pictures of him and lindsay.

milo you have other kids.

Oh thats right they dont like you.

1174 days ago


I guess Mike dissuaded her from testifying, if you know what i mean.

1174 days ago


he will never get off the hook for been a douche

1174 days ago


How does anyone with the name Lohan get a date?

1174 days ago


So Casey Anthony gets away with murdering her child and then partying for days afterward, is rewarded for it by leavng on a vacation to Cancun with her parents while her daughter is buried, and Mike Lohan a man with a history of domestic violence gets off on another domestic violence charge...awesome day to be an American! NOT!! What the hell is wrong with our justice system anyway? How embarrassing and sick that these people get off of punishment.

1174 days ago


Worthless s***bag piece of ****.

1174 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

The Lowhands and Casey Anthony have proved that CSI, Law and Order, and all the other police/court room drama's are complete fantasy.

1174 days ago

Khate sucks    

I guess if you're famous in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM, you automatically earn a get out of jail free card.....this looser, this loosers daughter, Pearas******on and now Casey Anthony! ALL LOOSERS!

1174 days ago
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