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Kobayashi INHALES 69 Hot Dogs -- The VIDEO!

7/5/2011 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Takeru Kobayashi DESTROYED 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes yesterday ... smashing his own world record in an UNOFFICIAL speed eating display ... and igniting a HUGE controversy in the process!070511_kobiyashi_v3_still

TMZ obtained footage of Kobayashi's UNBELIEVABLE feat ... which he accomplished on a Manhattan rooftop ... miles from the OFFICIAL Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Championship at Coney Island. TK wasn't allowed to compete at the Coney Island eat-off because he wouldn't sign a contract with Major League Eating.

So, in protest ... Kobayashi did his own thing. Of course, Joey Chestnut won the Nathan's title with 62 dogs ... but Kobayashi put down 69!!!!!!

Chestnut later remarked, "It wasn't a competition ... It was no different than what I do at practice on my own and I'm able to break a record at my house."

So, we gotta ask ...

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If you aren't playing by the exact same rules, it's not the same thing. It seems to me that this Kobayashi guy is desperate for publicity that he isn't getting by not signing that contract.

1175 days ago


The guy "counting" is not even counting correctly, he is behind Kobayashi, with no clear sight and just guessing how many hot dogs he has eaten.

Is like me trying to be a referee in a pro basketball game

1175 days ago


Totally disgusting and would never watch this ugly display of glutony!!

1175 days ago

porky pig    

he was banned for life from the contest..... jap lost.... joey won...

1175 days ago


Another disgusting embarrassment for America. "They" don't hate us because we're free, they hate us for using our freedom to do crap like this.

1175 days ago


K needs to apply as a challenger to the Guinness World Record for hot dog eating and do it right...he shouldn't need to sign some exclusive contract to hold the record.

1175 days ago

Fatty McButterpants    

1) He didnt smash his own record. Chestnut owns the Official Record of 68, not Kobayashi.

2) Dude is on a rooftop with his buddies eating hot dogs and buns that are not the same as the ones in the Official competition.

3) Chestnut has beat him each of the last 3 times they went head to head.

This would be like me going to a park and making 100 free throws in a row and claiming the NBA record for consecutive Free throws. Doesnt work that way. People preform much differently under pressure than they do with their buddies on a rooftop. That being said, competitive eating is a disturbing practice that is quite digusting.

1175 days ago


there's a **** joke in there somewhere

1175 days ago


Wonder how big a crap he has to take later that day...

1175 days ago

john johnson    

ENOUGH!!!! its very obvious that NO ONE comes close to what these two can do in an eating contest. why even bother to have other people compete against these two! ESPN should get these two together, stop the contractual red tape stuff, and have a real showdown. chestnut is the man,Kobayashi is the man. let these two get it on for once so we can see who the real king is!

1175 days ago


That's really sad cause he won't sign an endorsement deal he can't participate. Then they are really just publicity stunts for the MLE company. It isn't a real contest. Kobayashi won. Been watching this guy for years freaks me out but he is the real deal.

1175 days ago


What an appalling display of insensitivity and stupidity. With the current recession ongoing people in our own beloved country continue to go to bed hungry, and we find one idiotic person eating enough for 69 people entertaining?

From Bread for the World:

--36.3 million people--including 13 million children--live in households that experience hunger or the risk of hunger. This represents more than one in ten households in the United States (11.2 percent). This is an increase of 1.4 million, from 34.9, million in 2002.

1175 days ago

tippy katz    

Kobayashi made a decision not to play by the rules. As such, he can't claim to be the champion. Besides, Chestnut has beat Kobayashi in head-to-head competition in the past. If Kobaya*****hinks he can win now, he needs to show up for the contest.

Julie: It seems, from the article, that Kobayashi doesn't want to sign with one company, and limit himself, not that he doesn't want to "play by the rules." Just because the chestnut guy is a whore for one company now, doesn't mean Kobayashi somehow cheated. They can't go "head to head" because chestnut is owned by some company. He's their b*tch, and he can't do anything they won't let him do. WOW, he's the "man" lol.

1175 days ago


read the headline again fatty
your reaching

1175 days ago


fatty he smashed his own, the headline states,by 7 dogs for one
2 chestnut beat him 3 years in a row by a total of 4 1/2 dogs in 3 years span, so thats confirmed
as far as the pressure, im not buying it, if chestnut goes on a rooftop and can eat 69 dogs in 10 min maybe i'll buy it...
and comparing dog sizes, dude you were there?
you were the one slaving in front of a hot grill all morning making them for him?
your obviously a chestnut fan and thats fine,but again its evident that kobay put this event on the map and he owns the record for most doggs down in 10 min

1175 days ago
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