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TMZ Live: Did Casey Walk Because She's a Celebrity?

7/5/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony beat the murder rap -- and CNN's Jane Velez-Mitchell says one reason for the shocking verdict could be Casey's sudden fame, or is that infamy? Plus, why we think Vinny from "Jersey Shore" just kissed all his fame goodbye ... he'll be sorrrrrry!

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live.


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0:00) First up -- the Casey Anthony trial. We have Jane Velez-Mitchell on the phone to break down the SHOCKING "not guilty" verdict.
(2:50) Jane explains why jurors often surprise the public with not guilty verdicts ... when the media was busy painting a guilty picture.
(7:00) Harvey breaks down everything that's wrong with the Anthony case.
(13:00) Even if Casey confesses ... she still can't be tried again.
(18:50) The Weston Cage saga -- how it went from good to bad in 9 hours flat.
(20:30) Weston leaves jail covered in blood -- and has a COMPLETELY different take on marriage than he did the night before.
(26:00) The Schwarzenegger divorce -- why Harvey says it WON'T be a dramatic event.
(27:00) No prenup for the Schwarzeneggers ... we're told they'll be slitting a TON of money ... you know, like $400 MILLION!
(36:00) Vinny BAILS on "Jersey Shore" -- he won't be missed by the cast and crew ... and Harvey knows why.
(39:00) Octomom is on the phone! She explains how she was able to make $28k in a month -- see if you can keep up with her.
(47:00) How much does it take to keep Octo & kids afloat for a year?


No Avatar


No matter what the verdic Casey Anthony still has to live with the things she HAS done......and the knowlege about the passing of her daughter

1104 days ago


Why would TMZ cover something like the Casey Anthony case? It's not celebrity news?

1104 days ago

Gloria Unread    

R - How do you think Casey Anthony will support herself when she's freed?

Because she wasn't found guilty of any crime related to the murder, the 'Son of Sam' rules don't apply.

She can make all the book and movie deals that she wants - and she'll be offered plenty!

1104 days ago


I notice one day Weston has no hair but 2 days later he has hair down to his shoulders... I mean, does this guy actually wear wigs!?! very weird.

1104 days ago


would you let Casey Anthony baby sit your kids?

will her family take her back in, Even though she accused brother and father of sexual assault?

1104 days ago


Casey Anthony has to be the most hated woman in America. How can she ever expect to lead a normal life?

1104 days ago

who cares    

Harvey do you think Vivid will offer Casey a job? I bet she accepts.

1104 days ago

Gloria Unread    

John - No matter what the verdic Casey Anthony still has to live with the things she HAS done......and the knowlege about the passing of her daughter

She doesn't feel any guilt about this! She wanted Caylee out of her life, so she could live the 'Bella Vida'. She got her wish, and 12 gullible jurors gave it to her.

1104 days ago


OCTOMOM - now that you proudly proclaim 13 of your 14 kids are in PRIVATE school that you pay for, WHY are you not looking for a real job. ((Claiming to be a fitness instructor to you kids friends moms is not a long term financial solution))

OCTOMOM - You have not held a full time job In over 12 years. Do you plan to ever search for a real full time job or are you going to cling onto the bottom rung of your 15 minutes of fame forever? How are your kids going to learn any sort of work ethic seeing their mom continually lie and not work?

1104 days ago


I wonder if the ho will even visit her daughter's gravesite now that she's sprung from the clink? She's garbage wrapped in skin.

1104 days ago


Maybe we can save a lot of money by just having TMZ host notorious trials. Harvey Levin can be the judge. Kim K, Lindsay Lohan, Pari******on, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie can be permanent members of the jury. Now THAT'S JUSTICE AMERICAN STYLE!

1104 days ago

frank h    

how about failure to nofify proper authorities of a death, or improper disposal of a dead body?

how can a child be dumped in a field and no one answers for that

1104 days ago

some guy    

I think if it wasn't murder, she should be tried for negligent homicide

1104 days ago


Look we can't be mad at the jury the prosecution did not do their job, check out this video explaining why

1104 days ago


Do we convict people on cir****tantial evidence, personal opinions and prejudices, or do we convict based on facts and physical evidence?

1104 days ago
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