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Charlie Sheen's New TV Show

'Anger Management'

7/6/2011 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's new TV show will be based on the movie "Anger Management"and Charlie will be playing the Jack Nicholson character ... TMZ has learned.


Sources directly involved in the project say the man who is making it all happen is uber-producer Joe Roth, who produced and owns the screenplay to the 2003 movie, "Anger Management."

We're told Charlie's character will stray a bit from the movie role.  The plan as of now -- Charlie's character will be an ex-jock who got his master's degree in social work during the offseason.  He becomes a counselor to defendants in the criminal justice system with anger management problems.  But, of course, Charlie's character will have anger issues of his own.

We're told the deal with Lionsgate is not done, but is in the final stages of negotiations.  And we're told, there is no deal with a network to air the show -- at least not yet.

Roth has worked with Charlie on 5 projects, including "Major League," "Young Guns" and "Three Musketeers."


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roth isn't listed on anger management's imdb page.

1169 days ago

Roxanne Stones    

lilirose_7415 hours ago

Charlie is 45, not 47. He just looks like a regular middle aged man, & is still handsome, & a talented actor. I can't wait to see his new show when it comes out. I think the ones who say "won't be watching", will be the first ones to watch for the curiosity factor! lol!
I stand corrected. Charlie is 45 (not 47 as I posted) who looks like a broken down 60 year old man.
He has GOLDEN teeth. How does that equal having BAD teeth? And I am not the kind of person who thinks that people looking 60 are not attractive.
Never said 60 year old men aren't attractive, as long as they're not 45. It's not only the "golden" teeth that looks horrible,(when he smiles it looks like a gap) but his bottom teeth are all crooked and gross.

1169 days ago

Melissa S    

So, what this amounts to is an idea cooked up by Charlie with no showrunner, no financial backing, no writer, no network, no one other than Charlie claiming the project even exists. He tosses around names like Joe Ross, TBS and Lions Gate to validate his statements, but no one is claiming the project except Charlie.

Sounds like HBO, the book deal, 2 1/2 men talks, charity work, etc all over again. All talk. I will believe it when I see someone other than Charlie taking ownership of the project.

Good luck with the Roast, and the Juggalos. Wow, winning. NOT.

1169 days ago

Tv Framing    

Good this post was so good it distracted me, I need to make some more wow gold now! Amazing post anyway.

1168 days ago


nobody cares about this clown and yet TMZ keeps pushing stories and stories about him .. who knows why

1167 days ago


Charlie will be back on top of list of highest-paid TV actors in no time. This sounds like just the right vehicle for his ongoing success.

1164 days ago

Mary Gallegoes    

Watch u guys every night. I've dug Charlie in movies n on 1 1/2 Men. I think when u work on a sitcom w the scripts n grueling hrs., u escape...not that I ok his drug escape. Bottom line, I like Kutcher, too, but Charlie boy has a certain charisma, bad boy n all and I'll watch him on Anger Management. Thanks for your show...better than picking up a mag @ store. Keep it up.

1156 days ago


Hey, wasn't Sheen's problem with Lorre because the scripts had him making fun of himself??? I know I read that somewhere. So ALL this chaos over the Lorre scripts and he wants to do another show which will basically have Sheen making fun of himself.... AGAIN! Makes no sense. I understand why a producer would try to do this, though you would think they would use 2 1/2 as a warning sign that Sheen isn't to be trusted and no longer has the fan base to back up such a show! Not a sitcom fan and definitely not the Sheen fan I used to be. Sorry Charlie, time to move on!

1139 days ago


I don't look for Charlie to fix my life or save the world.I look for him to make me laugh. Kelso wasn't funny on That 70's Show, he was stupid.look for 2&1/2 Men to fail.good thing Charlie doesn't have an ol lady Kelso could steal,his only talent. look,Charlie's an ass we know he's an ass,but he's funny and every one will watch his new show. why do you think people watched 2&1/2 Men,for the sissy brother? get real

1137 days ago


Charlie will be great for this new show,he's overcome his problems and will be at his very best,Bob

1099 days ago


Bring on the new sitcom with Charlie Sheen. I think it sounds like a great project for him. I can't believe he won't be on 2 1/2 Men any more. Ashton is okay, but I can't see him even making this show half as good as Charlie did.

1094 days ago


Can't wait to see Charlie's new show. Having watched his
2 1/2 Men convinced me of the natural talent this man has, and unknown to him...we've become good friends (sigh...i.e., virtual friends). Best of luck Charlie, hope the show airs soon. A loyal fan: Bebop

1092 days ago


Why doesn't Charlie Sheen hire his old family from Two and A Half Men To act in his new sitcom?

1090 days ago


I would love to see Charlie's new TV Show...I always loved him in 2 1/2 men..btw that show is not the same w/out Charlie bring him back!!!! I really don't care for it anymore it just makes Alan look like a complete idiot... :)

1001 days ago


I'll be glad to see to see it. I miss seeing Charlie on TV so Yes, I'll be glad to see him back!! I think Two and Half Men has went downhill without him and do not care if I ever see it again. Everyone makes mistakes and I don't feel that everyone should judge him for things he's done in the past. Did God give you a book to do that? I think NOT.

926 days ago
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