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Charlie Sheen

I'm A Hardcore JUGGALO

7/7/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Insane Clown Posse never thought they'd be able to get a star as big as Charlie Sheen to M.C. at their upcoming Gathering of the Juggalos festival ... until Sheen himself ASKED for the job.


ICP member Violent J tells TMZ ... the group received a call from Charlie's rep back in April ... telling them how Sheen was a HUGE fan of the Gathering and he would LOVE to work with the group.

Of course, ICP was STOKED -- but figured Sheen was WAYYYYY out of their price range. But, Violent J says Charlie was "so into the message of the festival" ... they were able to agree on a "reasonable amount."

The deal was finalized last week and Sheen will serve as an M.C. at the event in August.

Dude better be careful though ... TWO celebrity guests -- Tila Tequila and Method Man -- were bloodied up on stage at last year's Gathering ... when the fans pelted them with rocks and beer cans.



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Juggalo 6 3 hours ago
bunny 18 minutes ago
Charlie has never been known for having brains. There is no such thing as a Juggalo fan with any intelligence.

I have two college degrees..... How about you?


You know, equating intelligence with having a college degree, that's the first sign you might not be as intelligent as you think you are. Well that and the fact you're arguing about intelligence in the comment section of a ****-for-brains hollywood gossip tabloid like TMZ. lol

1202 days ago


Quinn 6 minutes ago
I can no longer defend Sheen. ICP is the lowest form of music. Can I even call it music? It's like listening to a baby sh*t it's diaper.

My first thought as well, what the hell is he thinking? He isn't one of these Juggalo freaks, is he? This will be bad for his reputation. lol

1202 days ago


Picture of Method Man looks like Busta Rhymes.

1202 days ago


A quote from ICP's opus:

"I've seen miracles all around me, stop and look around its all astounding, water, fire air and dirt, ****ing magnets, how do they work?"

Lol. I suspect he won't get into many challenging conversations unless he chats with the roadies and sound people.

1202 days ago


Actually not much of a surprise for anyone who already believes that Charley is sleazy, deceptive, psychopathological, and/or down right evil.

But, here's a thought.....

ICP is a Detroit based group. What is Charlie's off stated opinion of Detroit?

Well, the ICP and Juggalos aren't noted for their excellent recall of past events nor for their hesitancy to stoop to very low depths and/or out right lies just for the sake of attention/publicity. They have their own idiosyncratic sense of so-called morality and general disregard for society aka losers and trolls. So, maybe he will fit in just fine regardless.

1202 days ago


That would be "oft stated"...

But really, IMO, to associate himself with the ICP is among other things just one more attempt on Charlie's part to present himself as a victim of society aka outcast heroic figure giving the finger to the entertainment industry blah blah blah. Its also evidently Charlie's idea of "cool" - like hanging out with Snoop Dogg and Dirt Nasty, etc.

Its my idea of a bad joke and just more evidence of his arrested development - aka the perennial rebellious adolescent.

1202 days ago


When Charlie finds out that this gathering is in the middle of nowhere (I respectfully say that since I grew up in the area), he might not feel so good about being there. The residents of the area do not like the event being there, it is far from city life, he won't have 'his caliber' of restaurants/bars to go to, he will have outhouses at his disposal, and he will be traveling on country gravel roads at some point. Each year has had its share of violence and mayhem. He can't fly in nearby unless he takes a helicopter, not sure how convenient a celebrity bus will be with no electricity, better have a generator Charlie. Better have numerous bodyguards too. Just sayin....

1202 days ago



It just so happens that I am personally acquainted with a Juggalo who had already some time ago expressed to me his opinion of Charlie Sheen. He thinks Sheen's a joke - a wannabe - a "***** punk" - a spoiled rich Hollywood brat who is playing both sides of the street. Playing powerful Hollywood A-Lister when it suits him and also playing a 'social outcast' and industry victim when it suits him.

My view is that the above is an example of "it takes one to know one" - and this particular Juggalo is keenly aware of the playing both sides of the street that goes on with the ICP, the Juggalos, and the Gathering.

He may now think that Charlie is in on the joke, or he may just as easily think that Charlie is playing them, too. If the later becomes the prevalent opinion amongst the Juggalos, Charlie may indeed be in some serious trouble at the Gathering.

See the "ICP- Eminem grudge" history if you think that there won't be any serious resentment if Charlie is viewed as playing the ICP & Juggalos for his personal gain. The ICP may love to di***** out- but they really can't take it.

1202 days ago


That Tila video is hilarious. Wow she is bad... I mean, REALLY BAD. I can't blame the fans. I would have done anything to get her off stage too. p.s. Why is Sheen doing this? It's even weirder than his sudden stand up comedy tour.

1202 days ago


That's crazy! Sheen to mc at the "gathering"? Can't wait to see the video.

1202 days ago


Please make him go away.

1202 days ago


His new "Violent Torpedo of Beer Cans" show!

1202 days ago


I love Ice Cube and Method Man. What are they thinking showing up to this event? ICP and Vanilla Ice are so beneath them they should never share the same stage, ever. This coming from a white guy. ICP fans are....where to even begin?

1202 days ago


F*cking cocaine, how does that work?

No. I kid, considering I'm a juggalette. This is just a disgrace to the Hatchet Family. Seriously.

1202 days ago


Hey I think this is great just another member of our family coming out to celebrate each other!! Whoop Whoop!! MCL This shows how great Charlie Sheen really is!!! He's a JUGGALOS no other bettter breed then that!!!!!

1202 days ago
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