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Sinead O'Connor -- Nothing Compares 2 Her New Look

7/6/2011 9:16 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Doing her best Susan Boyle impersonation, former shaved head singer Sinead O'Connor showed off a softer, more matronly side at a concert in England this weekend.

This could be a huge comeback for the 44-year-old.


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What happened to her look? She us to be beautiful before!! Boy, age is a monster. All you people looks will eventually deteriorate as well. The tattoos do not help either. Tattoos make a person look trashy.

1184 days ago

irish 29    

love sineads version of foggy dew and england town , great singer and she sings songs that mean ****in some thing !!! she lives about 10 mins from me ......... PLEASE sing at bray summer fest lol

1184 days ago


My guess is that most of you haters are naive wet-behind-the-ears teenage punks who know absolutely nothing about society, humanity, or dignity. Your judgmental and vulgar criticisms WILL come back to bite your foolish rear ends, just wait. I imagine you are the same fools who blindly voted for Obama.

I have a deep respect for Sinead O'Connor. I can't imagine what she thinks about us Americans though, after she reads these comments from the least intelligent sector of our society.

1184 days ago


Wow, you people are terribly thoughtless. Every one of you will get older as she has, and your body will change. You act as if it won't happen to you, which is laughable.

1184 days ago

Sensible Sense    

Sinead voice is as pure as it has always been. Ugliness is in the soul of a person, not in the body. She spoke of Catholic church sexual abuse before the report on the Irish sex scandals was published couple of years ago. Perhaps she looks a bit haggard for 44 years old...she is still more beautiful, talented, and honest, than the 44 fourth president of the U.S.A.

1184 days ago


Wow what happened. She is a year younger then me and looks 10 yrs older then I do.

1184 days ago


I'm starting to get quite upset with all the ageism, fatism and general women-bashing that gets posted on this site. So Sinead is in her 40s and doesn't look like she did twenty years ago. In your opinion, she should crawl into a hole, never to see the light of day again. I happen to think she looks beautiful in these pictures, I'm loving this look! I detest, however, your attitude towards imperfection. Is the woman in this picture really SOFT, MATRONLY, HUGE, and SUSAN BOYLE-ESQUE? How does performing on stage for her fans warrant such an attack?

1184 days ago

ee cummings    

This is God's punishment!

1184 days ago


Time gets us all.

1184 days ago


The best part is she got bashes years ago for stating her opinions, and ya know what? Her opinion is correct.

The real enemy IS religion. Christian, Muslim, whatever.
It's PATHETIC that in the year 2011 people are so ignorant and stupid they still believe in the tooth fairy who lives in the sky.

Those people will spend BILLIONS of dollars supporting it, killing people in the name of it, and repress people for not being good sheep and following it.

Wake up you little sheep. Seriously Pathetic.

1184 days ago


If Sinead wanted to she could lose a few pounds, slather on the makeup, spend a fortune on clothes, hairdo's and plastic surgery, and probably look outstanding.

My guess is that she's not overly concerned about how a bunch of thoughtless punks from America thinks she looks. I imagine she thinks beauty is in the soul.

What a concept! Except for you soul-less few.

1184 days ago

big nuts    

Madison Grace and Nowherefast....Shut your dirty whore mouths and get back in the glory hole've got a miles worth crank to eat.

1184 days ago



And to think I used to wack me willie thinking about her in the 80's.

1184 days ago

Peter Beckerman    

I agree with nowherefast. The women-bashing is rampant. Maybe I should send an email to the National Organization for Women (NOW) and let them look into it. Even they won't be able to force any apologies from Harvey and his ilk at TMZ. I think they actually hate women. They definitely have no respect for them. I'd like to see all the TMZ employees lined up so we can have a good look at them. We can then critique them, make fun of them and their clothes, and poke fun at their bodily imperfections.

1184 days ago


You haters are like Beavis and Butthead.

"Uh... yeah... Heh Heh, Heh Heh. I'm gonna go and say nasty things on message boards about people I know nothing about. Heh Heh. My mommy bought me this computer and I like to use it to be hateful... Heh Heh, Heh Heh. I'm cool. I can say mean things about people for no reason. I have no soul. Heh heh, heh heh"

Wow, America is raising some real dirt.

1184 days ago
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