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TMZ Live: Harvey Attacks Nancy, Joan Attacks Harvey

7/6/2011 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today on "TMZ Live," Joan Rivers and Harvey battled it out over the Casey Anthony verdict ... after Nancy Grace had the audacity to say she "KNOWS" Casey is guilty.

And Harvey and Charles take on child advocate Susan Moss -- a Nancy Grace screamer -- who claims at an extremely high decibel level the jury botched it.



(0:00) IT'S ON ... Harvey starts off by RIPPING Nancy Grace for attacking the jury in the Casey Anthony trial.
(4:45) Watch out Nancy, Harvey's just warming up...
(7:40) Joan Rivers is on the phone! It's about to get NUCLEAR!
(10:30) The gloves are OFF! Harvey and Joan are knee deep in a shouting match. Special thanks to our delay button. 
(14:50) Finally, Joan cracks some jokes about Nancy and Casey ... and everyone is friends again.
(17:50) Harvey compares O.J. and Casey's respective jury.
(20:10) Family attorney Susan Moss -- who blasted off while on Nancy's show last night -- is on the phone. Get ready for round two!
(24:00) Harvey rips Nancy and Susan for creating a "lynch mob" mentality ... discouraging people from wanting to be on a jury.
(27:04) Harvey and Susan are going toe-to-toe ... which involves FAR LESS curse words than were in the Joan bit.
(34:00) Casey's attorney pops champagne after the trial -- bad move?
(37:00) Why isn't the prosecution taking more heat?


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Frank Staley    

I like the way Nancy Grace sits in judgement of everybody. Did she ever apologize to the Duke Soccer team?

1159 days ago


I think Joan Rivers kicked your ass Harvey!!! LOL! literally. you're an idiot!

1157 days ago

CJ Peterson    

Thank you Harvey. It's about time someone defended the jury in this case. The prosecuters did not present a good case and the jury could not return a guilty verdict. Plain and simple. The jury was right as far as what I saw. Thanks again Harvey for setting the record right.

1157 days ago


I think nancy grace has done an excellent job with her show . She may have stayed on this bitch because she threw little caylee in a swamp woody area off the road bagged but it got our attention especially because media was on this as each factor developed in florida on all the findings. Which was great because you had how many people looking and spending money to find a little child and she was on the most wanted in the beginning. Baez knew harvey, casey told him in jail but know one can say anything at orange county because person that over heard or anyone could loose a job over confidential stuff like that between lawyer and clients. But anthony told baez and trusted him on what she did with that babys body and yet Baez let this keep going. He was hoping it went as long as it did till December before found baez was hoping that remains would never be found thats why when anthony got upset in jail when caylee's remains were found first thing after getting sick she wanted to see baez right away. (I bet she did) Thats why I always said he sold his soul to the devil in the beginning with her and thats why anthony and baez are so close one of there reasons. She can tell him anythying, (look at his past record, Baez and others on that defense team they all got past legal problems, foreclosed, check/money problems, child support, could not practice law in florida for a long time , then one guy in california could not practice because bad checks, misrepresented funds of clients I believe but now can practice law in florida, etc., etc.,) Harvey I love TMZ but I really thought you of all people would understand this bitch deserves to burn in hell. I have watched this since day one, I also worked in the court system in alabama eight years in court each day. It was crazy. These Jurors on the case I think were a little bit not quite right especially how they talk in circles on TV its boring to watch. I hope they are not getting paid much, they giv the same reasoning over and over the ones we have seen come on TV and they say things clearly to confuse america. They do want a pay day, also.
I wonder if that tape of casey on her freedom night on the plane you have gotten to see some can be released now, who is buying it? Do we know? That will be interesting. I think these photos are stages for sure for her quick cash, and her defense lawyers., that you got first pictures up of her in Ohio.

1135 days ago
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