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TMZ Live: Harvey Attacks Nancy, Joan Attacks Harvey

7/6/2011 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today on "TMZ Live," Joan Rivers and Harvey battled it out over the Casey Anthony verdict ... after Nancy Grace had the audacity to say she "KNOWS" Casey is guilty.

And Harvey and Charles take on child advocate Susan Moss -- a Nancy Grace screamer -- who claims at an extremely high decibel level the jury botched it.



(0:00) IT'S ON ... Harvey starts off by RIPPING Nancy Grace for attacking the jury in the Casey Anthony trial.
(4:45) Watch out Nancy, Harvey's just warming up...
(7:40) Joan Rivers is on the phone! It's about to get NUCLEAR!
(10:30) The gloves are OFF! Harvey and Joan are knee deep in a shouting match. Special thanks to our delay button. 
(14:50) Finally, Joan cracks some jokes about Nancy and Casey ... and everyone is friends again.
(17:50) Harvey compares O.J. and Casey's respective jury.
(20:10) Family attorney Susan Moss -- who blasted off while on Nancy's show last night -- is on the phone. Get ready for round two!
(24:00) Harvey rips Nancy and Susan for creating a "lynch mob" mentality ... discouraging people from wanting to be on a jury.
(27:04) Harvey and Susan are going toe-to-toe ... which involves FAR LESS curse words than were in the Joan bit.
(34:00) Casey's attorney pops champagne after the trial -- bad move?
(37:00) Why isn't the prosecution taking more heat?


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Simon Wagstaff    

How come you can never get a still photo of Joan with her mouth closed.

1203 days ago


The videos of that Anthony family are just that, videos. Like Casey was going to show her true self then? Casey could even have been psychotically annoyed, jealous, and God knows what else against her own daughter and wanted her gone. You don't have to outwardly be obviously evil not to be stealthily, secretively, quietly evil.

1203 days ago

The Guidance Counselor    

Annechantal is 100% correct, the people (this time way too many people) are much too willing to dispense punishment before a crime has been proven. Yet you cry out when you hear that people are being stoned for their "supposed sins" in another culture, what do you think you are doing?

1203 days ago


joan Rivers needs to shut up.

1203 days ago


Finally!! A voice of reason! All your comments regarding Nancy Grace and the verdict are spot on and I've been trying to explain these same reasonings to many people around me. As much as I believe that Casey Anthony probably committed the crime, this trial proved that our justice system DOES work. Harvey, I think I just fell in love with you... Muah!!
P.S. Joan Rivers is as big an idiot as Nancy Grace.

1203 days ago


Will someone please hang up on JOAN... She is getting upset her face might tear apart... have another drink!

1203 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Finally. Someone who isn't taking Harvey's loud talking BS.
He thinks he can talk loud and drown out people to force his opinion.

Way to go, Joan.

1203 days ago


Joan Rivers?? My God! She should stand on some market and sell her stuff.

1203 days ago


This jury was much better than Scott Peterson's jury. I commend them for taking their task seriously. Nancy and Joan are nuts to think that the jury could convict with the evidence presented. To bad they were not sequestered so that they did not have such a huge media influence.

1203 days ago




Harvey Levin continued to put words into Joan's mouth.


1203 days ago


Anyone that compares the Anthony case to the OJ case is ignorant. The OJ case had ALL KINDS of PHYSICAL EVIDENCE. Dna, Blood, Witnesses, and the prosecution could tell you what happened step by step. It was clear as day what happened. The Anthony case had little REAL evidence. The only problem I have there is that the Casey did never report that her child was missing. If that isn't neglect and/or abuse, then I don't know what is.

1203 days ago


Joan Rivers is another big mother that should retire. Where is your voice of reason, logic. No MO? No Cause of death? No conviction with a reasonable doubt... the DEATH penatly is for Osama Bin Laden, Charles Mansion and serial killers. Death for a 25 year old girl, who's daughter's death could have been an accident? What if your daughter had an accident with her baby and was on trial for 1st degree murder. What would you do then? You and Nancy, need to retire together...please. Your voice of reason is why Americans have so much hate and anger.

1203 days ago


Harvey, you are WAY off! Tot mom should have been found guilty on the abuse charge at the very least. She was responsible for the child, she didn't call 911 for 31 days.

Baez is a lowlife and he conned the stupid jury into buying into his crap. Geragos was on cable news bitching about the case, because he was pissed off he guided Scott Peterson to death row.

1203 days ago

Ellie G    

Jay, I think shes guilty as hell but I wasnt on that jury and the prosecution did Not prove their case. If they had that jury would have found her guilty. This is America and thats how it works.

1203 days ago


All the restaurants in Orlando and Baez has to drink champagne across the street from the courthouse where all the reporters are camped out? I would have preferred a more discrete celebration...

1203 days ago
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