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TMZ Live: Harvey Attacks Nancy, Joan Attacks Harvey

7/6/2011 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today on "TMZ Live," Joan Rivers and Harvey battled it out over the Casey Anthony verdict ... after Nancy Grace had the audacity to say she "KNOWS" Casey is guilty.

And Harvey and Charles take on child advocate Susan Moss -- a Nancy Grace screamer -- who claims at an extremely high decibel level the jury botched it.



(0:00) IT'S ON ... Harvey starts off by RIPPING Nancy Grace for attacking the jury in the Casey Anthony trial.
(4:45) Watch out Nancy, Harvey's just warming up...
(7:40) Joan Rivers is on the phone! It's about to get NUCLEAR!
(10:30) The gloves are OFF! Harvey and Joan are knee deep in a shouting match. Special thanks to our delay button. 
(14:50) Finally, Joan cracks some jokes about Nancy and Casey ... and everyone is friends again.
(17:50) Harvey compares O.J. and Casey's respective jury.
(20:10) Family attorney Susan Moss -- who blasted off while on Nancy's show last night -- is on the phone. Get ready for round two!
(24:00) Harvey rips Nancy and Susan for creating a "lynch mob" mentality ... discouraging people from wanting to be on a jury.
(27:04) Harvey and Susan are going toe-to-toe ... which involves FAR LESS curse words than were in the Joan bit.
(34:00) Casey's attorney pops champagne after the trial -- bad move?
(37:00) Why isn't the prosecution taking more heat?


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omg, Harv, you are darker than Charles, (I have been gone)
please use sunscreen

1203 days ago


Joan once again proves what a babbling ignorant idiot she truly is.

She's pissed that a woman who was found not guilty isn't going to die. So we should all follow her and nancy dis-grace into the lynch mob parade? Both Joan and Nancy should serve on a jury and see what it's like.

1203 days ago


You call Nancy Grace a joke and then you cover all of Gloria Allred's antics and never call her out? Double standard TMZ. Gloria is the disgrace to the legal system but I guess parading a bunch of bimbos around trying to extort money from people that they have had sex with is ok but having an opinion about Casey Anthony is not.

1203 days ago


Amazing.. Jury Nullification with O.J. WOW... simple Black Man accused of Killing white woman...

1203 days ago

Kayla Buchanan    

I think the jury made the right choice....I have seen plenty of pictures and videos and I feel that Casey was a good mom....You can go out and have a good time and still be a good mom....Even Cindy said she watched Caylee when Casey wanted to go out....I feel that the people that think Casey is guilty came into the trial believing that she was and never gave her the benefit of the doubt like the Jury and I did....The police pinned everything on her from the beginning and never bothered to investigate other suspects and that was not right......Just because she has lied a lot does not make her a murderer!!!!!!!!!

1203 days ago


Ms. Moss as well? Harvey can't you get any thinking adults who don't shriek like meth'd out banshees on your show? yeeesh. Two nutbuckets in a row. Come on Harvey please get someone with half a brain to discuss this from a LEGAL point of view.


1203 days ago


Harvey, why are you being such a douche bag. you always get heated up when people don't agree with you.

1203 days ago


Will we Finally get to the real reason why the cause of death wasn't discovered? The police. Had the police followed up on the Two Earlier TIPS, they would have found enough evidence to establish a cause of death. But they didn't. Lets not forget that.

1203 days ago


Impressive guns there, Harv! Working out is really paying off!

1203 days ago


The reality is if you're on the jury and you want more money for an interview, it would be better to let her off.

1203 days ago


Doesn't matter if you want to serve or not, should you not have a viable "out" and WON'T serve then isn't it jail time for you? So you're on a jury, the American justice way - trial of your "peers" - and you can't control what other people feel and think. And no one's going to physically attack these jurors. Gee, too bad their feelings might be hurt.

1203 days ago


Harvey, why are you tearing down Nancy Grace? You of all people should not be throwing stones!

1203 days ago

dee dee    

It doesn't matter what anyone thinks, the crazy woman was not found quilty of killing her daughter. Isn't the jury system just fabulous, maybe this crazy mother can party with OJ.... It's truly sad that people who kill are set free!

1203 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

WOW, I totally agree with Harvey here and his associated passion on the subject.

Nancy Disgrace needs to STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!! FACTOID form the FACTOIDIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1203 days ago


I can't get past how ugly she is enough to listen.
she makes my ears and eyes hurt

1203 days ago
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