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TMZ Live: Harvey Attacks Nancy, Joan Attacks Harvey

7/6/2011 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today on "TMZ Live," Joan Rivers and Harvey battled it out over the Casey Anthony verdict ... after Nancy Grace had the audacity to say she "KNOWS" Casey is guilty.

And Harvey and Charles take on child advocate Susan Moss -- a Nancy Grace screamer -- who claims at an extremely high decibel level the jury botched it.



(0:00) IT'S ON ... Harvey starts off by RIPPING Nancy Grace for attacking the jury in the Casey Anthony trial.
(4:45) Watch out Nancy, Harvey's just warming up...
(7:40) Joan Rivers is on the phone! It's about to get NUCLEAR!
(10:30) The gloves are OFF! Harvey and Joan are knee deep in a shouting match. Special thanks to our delay button. 
(14:50) Finally, Joan cracks some jokes about Nancy and Casey ... and everyone is friends again.
(17:50) Harvey compares O.J. and Casey's respective jury.
(20:10) Family attorney Susan Moss -- who blasted off while on Nancy's show last night -- is on the phone. Get ready for round two!
(24:00) Harvey rips Nancy and Susan for creating a "lynch mob" mentality ... discouraging people from wanting to be on a jury.
(27:04) Harvey and Susan are going toe-to-toe ... which involves FAR LESS curse words than were in the Joan bit.
(34:00) Casey's attorney pops champagne after the trial -- bad move?
(37:00) Why isn't the prosecution taking more heat?


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Those teeth look like the talking mouth on Conan.

1174 days ago


Nancy Grace is ALWAYS running her mouth too much. That's why her viewers and her network love her. Nancy's presumption about the defendant in a child abuse case or wife abuse case is "guilty until proven innocent." it must be rooted in her years of experience as a prosecutor and never a defense attorney. Her philosophy of justice seems more British than American, but her US audience sure loves her!

1174 days ago


Harvey, RE Casey A, I believe the problem is the fact that the jury was sequestered. I think that jurors should NOT be on lock down as they are not the defendant.

1174 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Harvey is such an idiot. If he thinks he is such a bigshot lawyer why isn't he one now... instead of a paparazzo. Get real, Harvey. There are more opinions than yours in this world.

Get over yourself.

1174 days ago


Harvey, listen to yourself. No one spews self-righteousness like you do.

1174 days ago

Jen L.    

I think that Casey Anthony did kill her daughter, however if I was a juror with what the prosecution provided as their case...I would have voted the same way they did. The prosecution didn't find justice for Caylee...not the jury.

I have been on a 2 month murder trial where a body was never recovered. I understand fully what the prosecution must provide for the jury to find the defendant guilty.

The only thing the prosecution proved was that Casey Anthony lied. Had Caylee's body been found sooner...perhaps a different outcome as forensic evidence may have assisted the prosecution.

1174 days ago


thank you harvey..talking headsspewing at jurors... will only get stealth jurors, something in it for the jurors themselves who will be willing to serve...
why serve if people will attack your verdicts unless you intend to make money all along.
and if you are going for the money, you are walking in looking for a conviction because otherwise people wont be interested in buying it

1174 days ago


Harvey how do you have the guts to stand up to such crazy women??

ps I'm a woman, that is sometimes crazy, and I just got intimidated by Joan and Ms. Moss.

1174 days ago


It's unenviable that tmz stalks celebrities everyday and that makes people not want to become famous;)so stfu

1174 days ago


Proof? My feeling is they did prove there was a murder weapon...chloroform, duct tape across face, wrapped in bags (learned from family), tossed in a pet cemetery (Caylee's hang out)...kept quiet for 31 days.
No probable. No reasonable doubt.
She should be sued by the state and Equusearch to recover expenses for the searches.
In regards to whether Grace is fueling the fires, if they do not agree with Harvey's opinion, it is wrong. Harvey spouts his opinion everyday and has a tendency to fan the flames in order to better serve TMZ on any issue he feels is OK to comment on.
In regards to people not trusting lawyers because of the Nancy talk is crap. If it is OK for any lawyer to get up and lie through their teeth solely because they can is why people do not trust lawyers.
Harvey, methinks you doth protest too much. So now Susan disagrees with you, you are upset and are starting to get mad? She's not being honest. Harvey, you're an idiot!

1174 days ago


Breavo Harvey! Bravo......finally sone said to this women and Nancy Grace what I have been thinking all along.......

1174 days ago


Hey Harvey,during the verdict reading Caseys Dad looked pist and her Mom smiled So do you think the Mother knew more and the Father was clueless

1174 days ago


The devil was dancing, I saw her through the windows of the place where the party was. It was that blond lawyer that was jumping up and down celebrating, the one that's married to a serial killer, she got one murderer off and now she's off to handle her murdering husbands appeal.

1174 days ago


@Harvey Do you believe that their should be a profession of being a juror? I cant be a juror because i am a full time sudent but my mom thinks that people should get degree of being a juror. being taught how to look at evidence and understand everything to do with trials? I dont think so because it goes against the bill of rights.

1174 days ago

Northern Lights    

Hi Harvey, I am a BIG FAN of TMZ-- thanks for all the great stories/topics along the way!! You are my first stop, no matter what!!

I don't mean to be rude, but Harvey, that tan is OUT OF CONTROL!! OMG!! (Seriously!!)

1174 days ago
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