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Weston: My Wife Is PREGGO and I Want a DIVORCE!!

7/6/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Weston Cage made two MAJOR announcements this morning -- 1) he claims his wife Nikki Williams is pregnant with his child ... and 2) he's filing for divorce.


Cage -- who has only been married since April -- went to his Facebook page to break the news ... saying, "Made my choice. getting divorced."

As for the whole pregnancy thing, Weston believes the news only SUPPORTS his claim that he never laid a hand on Nikki before the two were both arrested for domestic violence this weekend.

Cage wrote, "Never hit my wife. why would i start abusing after she was positive after taking a pregnant-c test."

Weston added a bizarre, cryptic message -- "Have fun killing my child Breyan Prescott."



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Why do people even care if people want to put their lives out on the internet? It's their lives! Let them live their lives the way they want to, no matter how stupid you think it is. It's their lives and if you don't want to hear about it ignore it. You're just as stupid for posting about not wanting to hear it and calling on them to change how their lives. Why don't you? Obviously you need help caring what people put out there.

Some people just don't put their facebook to private. Some people don't use phones and just use facebook to communicate to all the friends and family they know. If you don't care, THEN DON'T COMMENT.

1213 days ago


He should just play the fun-for-all-ages "Home Abortion Game." It's simple, you just punch her in the uterus as hard as you can repeatedly until she says, "I think we've got it!"

The second way of winning if she doesn't say the winning phrase is to see if she starts bleeding out. You kids should try it. Soooo fun!

1213 days ago


So the guy is not only a total DOUCHE BAG, he's badly educated too. What the **** is a pregnant-c test? Seriously.

1213 days ago


Wow, I think the comments here are way harsh! I for one think that Weston and Nikki were a cute couple, and I think its too bad things didnt work out. After looking at the pictures they have taken together, I really believe they were very much in love! I think if they had marriage counseling, and people in their lives who would help teach them how to handle their frustrations instead of acting them out, I really believe they could have made it. Weston Cage is a good man who may have married too young, but he is not a loser! Oh yeah, and he is WAY handsome too! Keep it going TMZ!!!!! Dont pay attention to the negative comments!

1213 days ago


Ugh. Some people just make you want to slap them.

1213 days ago


To Weston/Nikki Pregnant-c nd derugs/alcahall don't micks!

For everyone else on this board what a shame that these two are having a child. After reading that they were both in rehab I'm afraid of the problems their child will suffer due to their drug/alcohol issues. Both are abusive to boot, this child doesn't stand a chance! Pregnancy and drugs/alcohol don't mix!!!

1213 days ago


this is like some trailer trash reality show lol drunk, prego and abusive@!! WTF?!!??!?!? way too many questions and with not enough answers! some one cut her off and seperate them before it shows up on COPS!!

1213 days ago

M looks like he's deleted his facebook. Can't access it now. I'm gonna miss reading his crazy ramblings :/

1213 days ago


Handsome? He's handsome? Maybe if he weren't trying to look like a tranny version of Elvira....or Cousin It with leather legs

1212 days ago


What a man, married just a few months gets her pregnant and now he wants to leave her? He must have mentioned this the other night when the blow out happened. I was going to slam him for walking out on his kid, but now that I thought about it, it's much better for the child this way. Who would want that thing for a father? He can't even manage his own affairs with the help of assistants! What are the odds he would do a good job raising a baby? What a creep!

1212 days ago
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