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Casey Anthony -- Jagged Little Pill

7/7/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Here's Casey Anthony letting her hair down at her sentencing for providing false information to a police officer in Florida today (left) -- and pop singer Alanis Morissette back in 1995 (right).

Isn't it ironic?

We're just sayin'.


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Trevis Miho    

IT'S ABOUT TIME SOMEONE ELSE MENTIONED THIS, they look like sisters. Alanis could start an acting career off of this story...dont'cha think?

1204 days ago


Anthony looks like a killer.(jmo, Anthony is a killer) Alanis Morissette should sue TMZ for defamation of character

1204 days ago

NFL LadyFan    

Stop putting this woman on a Celeb Gossip site! She isn't famous for acting, or singing or any talent. She is a liar and possibly getting away with murder! Stop glorifying the bit*h!

1204 days ago


What are you just sayin'? That you're blind?

1204 days ago


Please don't give this trash any more coverage than you have that is necessary. These types of posts are supposed to be in fun and play and instead, you just made me sick and angry. I don't want to compare this murdering beyotch to any famous celebrity at all. I don't want to see her picture anymore. I don't want to watch you follow her around. Harvey - I will say that the comment you made on Live the other day about you would film her BECAUSE she is a "supposed celeb" well then you will lose me as a reader. She is NOT famous, she is NOT worthy of being filmed, followed or questioned about anything. If YOU sir continue to try and promote her bigger than what she really is, well then you are making the assumption that your reades are stupid and will watch whatever you want us to. I beg to differ. I don'*****ch, read or comment on anyone that doesn't interest me and if you pimp this beyotch out, I will make sure I never read your site again. Is Casey Anthony worth losing your viewers? Just sayin.

1204 days ago


Isn't WHAT ironic? What does Alanis Morrisette have to do with that Anthony woman? I don't get it.

1204 days ago


toasty is right... duct tape.
Alanis looks nothing like her... no one wants to look at this murderer's face anymore unless it's a morgue photo. My stomach turns every time I hear about her and this is the one place I shouldn't have to see her face... ahe's not in the thirty mile zone and she's not a celebrity... I'd rather look at "2 girls and a cup" than this piece of trash... it's not as disgusting.

1204 days ago


TMZ is making this monster into a celeb that's disgusting,willie nelson faces a year for pot and this murderer is walking free hope she gets run out of every town and city where ever she is ,stop promoting this monster for money TMZ it's blood money and it's not worth your it.

1204 days ago


Casey looks like a face horse she is ugly inside, and of course outside .She will be back to the party scene and rich too! her daughter made her rich "how sad!she forgot about Caylee already that is why she won the whole court drama became a circus and they forgot why they were there ,they forgot about Caylee!

1204 days ago


No. Alanis Morisette doesn't have the Anthony wing-nut ears or horsey face.

1204 days ago


TMZ you are grasping at straws with these comparison pics. There is no resemblance here. Who would want to be compared to a baby killer?

1204 days ago


someone commented this idea in the last post!!

1204 days ago


Casey has signed with an agent and wants her own reality show.

She will be the next Kim K or Pari******on. Despite everyone hating her she will become very rich and her face will be everywhere.

1204 days ago


She look like Mortisha, without having her hair combed.

She has the cold, mean stare of Kate Gosselin. Put those 2 together!

1204 days ago


TMZ that's horrible! If I were Alannis, I'd be pissed as **** you put my face up next to hers! Casey is a disgrace to humanity and what a "mother" is and suppose to be.

1204 days ago
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