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Casey Anthony -- Jagged Little Pill

7/7/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Here's Casey Anthony letting her hair down at her sentencing for providing false information to a police officer in Florida today (left) -- and pop singer Alanis Morissette back in 1995 (right).

Isn't it ironic?

We're just sayin'.


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take this picture down, how dare you compare alanis to that thing

1203 days ago


I agree with janja wholeheartedly.

1203 days ago


She looks like a sociopathic child killing whore.......

1203 days ago

Michelle Cesario    

TMZ if you continue to make a celebrity out of this monster I will no longer follow you!!

1203 days ago


don't insult Alaniss M. by comparing the two...I'm just saying

1203 days ago


Horrible, horrible taste, TMZ.

I am off to Radar. Hope this website continues the massive downward spiral it has begun!

1202 days ago


Ugh, I'm with the others. Please don't give this woman anymore face-time. She's a vile disgusting excuse for a human being. I don't care that the jury acquitted her. She still lied throughout the whole investigation. Even if she didn't murder her baby girl, she definitely knows something. And I'm still convinced she did do it. I think we should all boycott anything associated with Casey Anthony. Interviews, books, etc. It's bad enough this woman got away with what she did, but now she's going to make money off of the whole thing. Gotta love how the world works sometimes. There is no karma. What happens is random, as evident by this whole fiasco. And no....she doesn't look a thing like Alanis.

1202 days ago


This is an insult to Alanis!!

1202 days ago


Why don't you do the right thing and take down that damn pic and apologize to the readers and more importantly to Alaniss. I hope SOMEONE notifies her about this awful thing that has been done to her, she would probably be pretty pissed!!! Comparing to 2 - so wrong!! That bitch is gonna make tons of money off book deals, interviews,TV movies etc.... She will be set for life. She will be happy cuz all Casey thinks cares or thinks about is herself. That's great, you are giving her MORE media attention - just what that "thing" wants!! The case is done, the prosecutor retired,defense attorneys are happy - but what about little Kaylee?? Again, please take it down... it's the RIGHT THING TO DO. Do you really feel good about yourself?? Gonna sleep good tonight?? Come on Harvey - I hope your better than that.

1202 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

This girl is already getting ready to party it up. Look at her, she was trying to get all dolled up for her sentencing.

The question? Who will hit it? For all the guys out there - Would you hit it?

She sounds like a very dirty slut - I'd probably stay away from it - looks like she has had a lot of kock in her life - too loose.

1202 days ago


Congrats TMZ, you can now add glorifying child murderers to your resume. I understand the coverage on her botched trial, but if you guys start following her every move with cameras I will NEVER in my life visit this website again.

1202 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

Tasteless, TMZ. Leave Alanis alone. Casey looks like the worthless nobody pos that she is.

1202 days ago


How could you do that to Alanis? In your eyes, she is celebrity-enough to follow now? Please ignore the bitch, don't give her what she wants.

1202 days ago


i'd hit!

1202 days ago

Will E    

Hey douche bags!!! She looks like Alanis Morissette that's all they're saying!! I've been say it for years. Don't be as stupid as the jury!!!!!

1202 days ago
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