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Casey Anthony's Lawyer FLIPS OUT

7/7/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony's defense lawyer had one hell of a message for reporters and spectators Tuesday ... in the form of an extended middle finger.


Attorney Cheney Mason -- who worked alongside Jose Baez -- shot the bird to a crowd outside an Orlando restaurant Tuesday while celebrating the not guilty verdict with the rest of his team.

UPDATE: The Associated Press had reported that a complaint was filed against Cheney with the Florida Bar Association over the gesture ... but the AP has now WITHDRAWN the story ... after a Bar spokesperson said the report was false.


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Baez was told repeatedly to keep his hands off his client, so says one of Casey's guards in jail. The lot of them are s***bags and should be disbarred! Jose who's website says it defends women's right, load of ****! Jose's web; PRACTICE AREAS

Sex Offenses
Internet Crimes
Drug Offense
Domestic Violence
White Collar Crimes
Drunk Driving
Federal Crimes


1166 days ago


He is just showing what he is a PIG!

1166 days ago



1166 days ago

oh holland    

Cheney Mason is a gross clump of bottom-feeder human bio-matter. I hope he suffers the rest of his ill-gotten days on earth, and his client finds herself some street justice quickly.

1166 days ago


He is telling you is IQ

1165 days ago


typical redneck hillbilly attorney

1165 days ago


And that my friends is what our country is coming to...classLESS to say the least! I hope little Caylee haunts them for the rest of their lives, because they know deep down, they are s*** of the earth ... ! That poor baby girl, God help them all.

1165 days ago


Furthermore, Cheney Mason actually thinks that he's the new swingin' **** lawyer in town, but the backlash has only just begun. Before long, no law firm in town will want anything to do with him for fear of public outrage. He also thinks they aqcuited CMA using the CONSTITUTION. No actually, they got her aqcuited using LIES. They lied to the jury and lied to the public. He's SO CORRUPT that he actually told Jean Cesares of HLN the other day, "Well, we'll never really know what happened to Caylee." Is that right *******? I thought you said she drowned in the pool!! So there's your PROOF that they all lied. Cheney Mason would just a soon see our throats slit and watch us gurgle to death on the sidewalk, so long as he could preach the Constitution. Listen up ******* ... The Constitution IS NOT GREATER THAN JUSTICE.

1163 days ago


What a fine example!! Attorneys are to act with some intigrety. Here you have defended a young woman who truly has issues.. but at the end a small beautiful child was murdered. and there You stand flipping the bird, you must not have tough skin, you wouldn't want your client to act that way. I would say to took on such a sick client who would murder her baby and you get her off and then you don't have thick skin with your childish behavior. I sure hope one of your Grandchildren don't get murdered and then the person responsible gets away with it and then their laywer stands there flipping the Bird ..You have as much class as Casey!

1163 days ago


Nice gesture! This is exactly why lawyers are no better than sleaze bags! Money, Money, Money

1162 days ago


He knew, that when he seen the camera, that when he "flips the bird", everyone in the UNITED STATES is gonna see. So what does he do?! He flips US off. that was NOT just meant for the cameraman. so he is an A** for defending her, and a Pr**k for KNOWINGLY flip off everyone in the USA.

1161 days ago


Cheney Mason is the equivalent of a steaming pile of ****. Lying, corrupt defense attorney... how does he sleep at night? Ugly fat bastard. Do the world a favor and walk straight into oncoming traffic.

1161 days ago


Cheney Mason is disgusting looking enough without showing his obscene side. His children and grandchildren must be proud of his indecency. And his voice is so annoying to listen to. No matter how great and important he might think he is, he will be remembered for helping a baby killer walk free. As despicable as Baez is, Mason is more so.

1160 days ago


He looks like your typical sleazebag defense attorney.

1160 days ago


unprofessional,We are trying to teach children not to make that choice with their fingers, but there you go modeling that behavior. What kind of parent you are? You should pay a fine.

1160 days ago
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