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Casey Anthony's Lawyer FLIPS OUT

7/7/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony's defense lawyer had one hell of a message for reporters and spectators Tuesday ... in the form of an extended middle finger.


Attorney Cheney Mason -- who worked alongside Jose Baez -- shot the bird to a crowd outside an Orlando restaurant Tuesday while celebrating the not guilty verdict with the rest of his team.

UPDATE: The Associated Press had reported that a complaint was filed against Cheney with the Florida Bar Association over the gesture ... but the AP has now WITHDRAWN the story ... after a Bar spokesperson said the report was false.


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Cheney Mason and the rest of the defense team are all nothing but liars. I am not say the death threat call to his home are right-- but flipping the bird to everyone after winning the case knowing full well that Casey Anthony killed her daughter is asking for some kind of backlash. Violence is not the answer. His folksy twang and arrogant attitude don't fool me. I signed Caylees Law to ease my anger.

1188 days ago


Classless. Might as well have been toasting getting away with murder - because that about sums it up.

1188 days ago


Keep respect for caylee...the two year old dumped out like trash.Use common sense for those that think its ok to make money for killing a baby

1187 days ago


GRANDPA Cheney is just trying to look hip & tough! He's a bigger BOZO than Baez! At least Baez doesn't look like he's just a few days away from the local nursing home! Probably wears depends! He gets on TV trying to act all tough like some big macho man.... He in rages the media & the public then gets all huffy when he starts getting hate mail & hate phone calls! Let that ALLIGATOR MOUTH OVERLOAD THAT TADPOLE BUTT DIDN'T CHA GRANDPA! BTW, what criminal attorney in their RIGHT mind has a LISTED PHONE # & ADDRESS????? OH MY GOSH, HOW FREAKIN' STUPID CAN HE BE???? Now, I'm not for VIOLENCE, but you start poking your "finger" in peoples faces especially when you've played a role in setting a MURDER free, well, "you get what cha "play" for"! Got get you some Geritol you old troll!

1185 days ago

connie Johnson    

Mr.Mason, you talk about America and respect the laws and you go and act out like this, You are a disgrace and I hope you get what is coming to you.

1185 days ago


casey stood up strong and faced her fears. i applaude her courage.
she's the type of woman i would marry and protect. and i stand by her no matter what.
i an one out of millions who would di this and if she needs someone like me you dam right i be there for her. suck off TMZ

1184 days ago


I could tell from the very beginning of the trial that this guy didn't have any class.

1184 days ago


I haven't seen someone flip the bird like that since the 80's. Who actually makes that motion anymore. Oh yeah this idiot. "I'll show them".

1183 days ago


Cheney Mason is the biggest ass I've ever seen. He said he was shocked at the verdict and thought she would get some time, but was shocked when they found her not guilty. He said there are alot of nuts in the world and they were in front of the courthouse!! Oh, but there nothing wrong with his client!! Let hime have her baby sit his grandkids!!!DUHHH NOPE! Baez is no better. She's flirting with him in court, and he hasn't made a payment on his $460...,000 house in a year. Well I guess he'll be paying as soon as she gets some money. I've never seen a lawyer stick to a client like this. Could he be tapping that?

1181 days ago


What a class act this lawyer is. If you can't handle the attention then don't take celebrity cases...

1178 days ago


Just a "Weeeeeeee" bit late, with the "bird story. But, this is TMZ, so what was expected?

1178 days ago


This dude cut a deal with the devil to protect a child murderer. He will learn that Karma is a bitch! Not as much of bitch as the one he represented but he will have a heart attack and die. Crim lawyers like this make it possible for people like Casey ****hole to do what she did. He's a facilitator. He may as well have helped her with the cleanup; probably did.

1177 days ago


Well they might of got her out of jail. But she didn't get off. I would rather let God handle this one. After all he can do more damage then the courts can

1177 days ago



1177 days ago


Wow for a defense team who talks about professionalism. This is one hell of a way to express that.

1175 days ago
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