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Guy Fieri

Dragged Into NASTY Custody Dispute

7/7/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Famous chef Guy Fieri -- the host of NBC's "Minute to Win It" -- is embroiled in a very bitter custody war ... all because he tried to do the right thing for his nephew after his sister passed away.


The whole ordeal started when Guy's sister Morgan died of cancer back in February -- landing her 11-year old son, Jules, square in the middle of a custody battle between Morgan's parents and the boy's father.

According to a petition for guardianship -- filed by Jules' grandparents -- they claimed the father, Dain Pape, should not get custody because he is "living out of his motor home," and has no income.

But last week , a Marin County judge sided with Pape ... ruling he should have custody -- and the grandparents should hand over Jules.

But since then Pape tells us ... Jules has been vacationing with his uncle Guy on a remote lake in Northern California -- with NO phone service -- and as a result he's been unable to take custody.

Pape says he hasn't driven to the lake because he wants to avoid a confrontation with the family. He simply wants the grandparents to comply with the court order.

We reached out to Guy's reps, but so far ... no response.



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RJ Hunt 6 hours ago
Of course the judge is going to side with the father...Dain and Morgan were still together when she died. You can't just take away a kid from his father because his mother died...Now if the dad is unstable and not mentally fit to raise the kid that's a different story. As far as living in a motor home and having no income...that's more than a lot of parents/families in the state of CA have since the economy took a crap...and in no way does it mean that he is not fit to raise his own child...


Exactly. There are homeless unemployed families on public assistance down at the local homeless shelter her in FL too, and nobody is using it as an excuse to take their kids away from them.

Being unemployed doesn't make you an unfit parent, and a motor home is still a home. Plenty of families are living in their cars or homeless shelters right now.

I really want to know why the kids relatives want to take the kid away from his father? Because simply being better able to provide for him financially doesn't even begin to justify it.

1168 days ago


He's on vacation. Guy didn't say he wouldn't give the kid back so I don't really see the issue. Even the father said he is waiting for the kid to get back from vacation because he doesn't want to have an altercation with the family. It seems unless they come back and don't hand over the child, we don't really have an issue, do we?

1168 days ago


All the more reason to have a living will and living trust to designate EVERYTHING !! Child care, this while you are healthy and there would be no story like this to have to oput a young child through.

1168 days ago


What people are failing to realize is...regardless of the father's "living situation", he is the one with the rights to the boy. Grandparent's have no rights, Aunts/Uncles have no rights and the court recognized and upheld that. The only person with any legal rights in this situation was awarded custody.

I know nothing about the boys father personally, and I like Guy but Guy and his family are not above the law and they are currently breaking it. If they aren't careful they will find themselves charged with kidnapping.

There are better ways for them to deal with this situation.

1168 days ago


I did not realize that his sister had passed away. My sincere condolences. I was truly shocked. I hope things work out for Jules sake.
Please take heed everyone. Put your thoughts in writing ~ what if you were to leave this world tomorrow. let your loved ones know how you want to see things go upon your passing.
Rest in Peace Morgan.

1168 days ago


@justmyopinion, a living will does not override parental rights. Fact is when she died...custody transferred to the other parent, end of story, unless that parent had given up parental rights and it doesn't appear he had done that.

1168 days ago


So what? when Guy comes back from vacation with his nephew, his dad can start ruining the kids life then.....non-story.

1168 days ago


This kind of sounds like you guys are blowing something small into something big. He probably already had the plans with the kid for their summer vacation and the ruling came in the middle of it. We don't know the whole story and we don't know how the father and son get along. But to drag Guy's name into this in this way is just not cool guys. And there sure are a lot of judgemental jerks jumping on the bandwagon when you don't know everything either. Maybe the father planned the exchange to ruin the trip, who knows? NONE of us do though so don't judge lest you be judged yourself.

1168 days ago


And what is up with all these people wanting Guy to take care of the father? Just because he's on TV? Really? His parents I can understand, and his sister's medical expenses and whatnot, yes. But this man is NOT related to him. yes, he has his son, but let's be real here folks. Its the FATHERS responsibility to provide adequate food, shelter and living conditions for his son. Not Guy's. And just because Guy has worked hard to get where he is at and can afford to help, doesn't mean he HAS to. Wow, there are some truly selfish and unrealistic people in here! If I win the lottery it's not my place or JOB to support my entire family outside of my immediate family. Get real people!

1168 days ago


According to Morgan's obituary she is survived by a partner Annie, her son, Guy and his wife and kids, and her parents. There is no mention of her son's father at all.
So why is this man all of a sudden trying to get into his son's life?
Guy's parents should be applauded for trying to make their grandson's life better. Why was no provision made for this custody arrangement when Morgan knew she had cancer?

1168 days ago


Guy goes up to Ruth Lake every Fourth of July week, regardless of what else is going on. His family has a lake house up there. And yes, it's in the middle of Trinity County with no phone service. This is a legit claim.

1168 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

dude. you can't just go and take someone's kid away from them (as a civilian, none the less..) just because the parent lives in a motor home and has no income. those are plainly the facts of life for that kid. something like that is just going to cause emotional trauma in an 11 year old, by refusing to hand him over to his own father. that's just ignorant and self centered behavior.

1168 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

btw, it's more likely some semi stranger/situated relative who is gonna go molesting an 11 year old boy, than his own father who already lives in a motorhome. i'm just sayin, a guy with a golden rolex and 'celebrity', even the slightest, is far more likely to try and 'impress' a vulnerable little boy to exploit him, and not his court inquiring father.

1168 days ago


I personally know Dain Pape. He is a real low life. The so-called moter home is a pile of junk that has duct tape holding together windows. He sells weed to get by. He drives a clunker of a car and yet he tells everyone that he is a millionaire. He doesn't take showers for weeks on end and smells to hi hell. The boy should NEVER be with him till he totally cleans up his act.IF the gparents want someone to testify for them just let me know.

1167 days ago


I didn't realize Guy's sister had passed away. She was on his show a few times and he clearly adored her, but I don't see where he did anything wrong. It sounds like all he did was take his nephew camping so he could spend time with his cousins and their parents. It isn't like he's running across state lines.

1167 days ago
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