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Maria Shriver Buys $10 Million Home

7/7/2011 11:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver isn't waiting for her divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger to become final before moving on -- sources tell TMZ ... she's buying a $10 million home in an exclusive area of L.A.


Sources connected with the deal tell us ... the home is in Brentwood -- not too far from where O.J. Simpson lived at the time he killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

Maria had been actively looking at homes for 6 months on the west side of L.A., but has now settled on a home near the one she shared with Arnold.

We're told the couple is determined to keep their divorce amicable, with both Arnold and Maria getting joint custody of their two minor children.  The proximity of the two homes will make shared custody easier.

From what we can tell, the deal is still in escrow, but we're told it's solid and will close soon.



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Man I laughed: not too far from where O.J. Simpson lived at the time he killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.
-TMZ you are my favorite news source. Hands down.

1204 days ago


This story just fills my heart with joy. I'm glad a reputable news source finally admits that OJ murdered Nicole and Ron. Nancy Grace must have submitted this one.

1204 days ago


Why is everyone so upset over the line about OJ killing Nicole and Ron? Yes, he was acquitted, but we all know there was plenty of evidence that he did it. He just got off like Casey Anthony. Don't you think she will always be known as The Mom Who Killed Her Kid and are you going to beyotch about that too? Come on. If you wanna b!tcch about something, let's make it something that is relevant to the times. OJ is not so get over it you guys. Unless you all are his attorney it shouldn't matter to you what they type about him.

1204 days ago


I think TMZ is clear from a potential libel suit. I mean libel seeks to protect one's reputation. OJ's reputation is already down the toilet. And technically TMZ's wording is correct because he was found civilly responsible for the murders. And plus it's not like TMZ staffers are journalists or anything. No one takes this stuff seriously. Otherwise sites like the Onion would be bombarded with suits.

1204 days ago


Ahhh a 10million dollar home. Why is she living here? I thought she wanted to get back her career and life.. go back to Washington. Start over.

1204 days ago


Yes, TMZ can call OJ a killer becuase he was convicted in civil court of murdering Nicole & Ron. Just becuase he didn't serve time doesn't make him any less of a killer.

Funny, how OJ never sued anyone for slander before Civil Court, hmmm maybe becuase OJ knew not to open that can of worms.

1204 days ago


wait a min..I thought he was innocent?? well G..DAMN!!

1204 days ago


Love how you slid the O.J Simpson thing in there. Hope you dont get sued.

1204 days ago


The jury said that OJ did not kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Think he had the same jury Casey Anthony had... BTW, the media crucified the entire black race after the OJ verdict, who do you demonize for the Anthony verdict... did I hear white folks

...just sayin

OJ did kill Nicole and Ron, but that got him through the backdoor, and how the world's a safer place now that he's at home in prison, not thanks to our celebrated jury system.

1204 days ago


Ouch Tmz, not good writing OJ killed his ex and her partner, you should know this!!

1204 days ago


Spend Arnold's $$$$ like there's no tomorrow Maria!

1204 days ago


Last time I checked O.J. Simpson wasfound Not Guilty. What ever journalist posted that comment, get ready for some legal action against you.

1204 days ago


I thought if the glove doesn't fit we must acquit?

1204 days ago


As much as I support her divorce, buying a house that costs that much in this day and age with so much economic suffering is just vulgar and disgusting.

1204 days ago


Harvey must have not read this post before you put it out..

"not too far from where O.J. Simpson lived at the time he killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman."

The way lawyers think...i'm pretty sure he word have worded it different

1204 days ago
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