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Maria Shriver Buys $10 Million Home

7/7/2011 11:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver isn't waiting for her divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger to become final before moving on -- sources tell TMZ ... she's buying a $10 million home in an exclusive area of L.A.


Sources connected with the deal tell us ... the home is in Brentwood -- not too far from where O.J. Simpson lived at the time he killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

Maria had been actively looking at homes for 6 months on the west side of L.A., but has now settled on a home near the one she shared with Arnold.

We're told the couple is determined to keep their divorce amicable, with both Arnold and Maria getting joint custody of their two minor children.  The proximity of the two homes will make shared custody easier.

From what we can tell, the deal is still in escrow, but we're told it's solid and will close soon.



No Avatar


I think OJ Simpson will be coming into some money soon.

1206 days ago


Gee, what's going on with her eyes???? She looks like Marty Feldman....

1206 days ago


She looks like the Predator! Kill it with Fire Arnold!

1206 days ago


I wish she would spend that amount of money to redo her face.

1206 days ago

Poster/not always viewer    


The woman needs to live somewhere and that price is not unusual for the area. She did not hold a presser to announce it. Now THAT would be vulgar and disgusting.

Look at it this way, she doesn't do anything in the house, so she will need to hire a whole mess of people to staff up and care for the home. So she is actually doing her part to stimulate the economy.

Why is this news? Does anyone even care?

1206 days ago

Poster/not always viewer    

I'm not impressed with Maria as a person. But I feel sorry for her that Arnold cheated in the marital bed. That has to hurt big time.

But why all the snarky comments about her looks? It is not like she was stunning woman before and this divorce changed her.

There are a lot uglier people than Maria running around without her money.

I would not be surprised if they didn't end up back together at some point. It will be very sad if she has to pay people to fill up the house.

1206 days ago

Poster/not always viewer    


Maria is a Shriver as she has told the world for 50 some odd years. She is not responsible for the sins of her uncles or long passed relatives.

I do agree with you however, something other than overdose happened to Marilyn, altho I wasn't there to tell you what that something is. Obviously she was going to talk, and 'someone' found it necessary to make sure that doesn't happen. The internet and social media sites would have probably saved her had they been around then. Or at least the truth would be known.

1206 days ago


You need to correct your story and use the word "allegedly." As the other posters said, your asking for trouble if you don't use accurate and fair journalism skills.

1206 days ago


Still think you should put "allegedly" killed....TMZ is always saying how they report the should post it truthfully then. According to the law anyways! ;)

1206 days ago


OJ didn't kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. He was acquitted idiots.

1206 days ago


How did I manage to miss the second trial, that found Simpson guilty.

1206 days ago


Its funny, black people still think OJ is innocent & white people think he's guilty. We ALL know OJ is guilty.

1206 days ago

Pete Beau    

Poor thing, she'll end up a saggy, wrinkling raisin like her mother because these Kennedy woman can 't stay out of the sun...
Anybody seen "baby-machine" Ethel lately......oy.

1206 days ago


cut some of that hair, move to east coast get a boy toy (young man) she still looks like a witch..add a few pounds..

1206 days ago


I know TMZ isn't known for its journalistic endeavors but I do know OJ was never convicted in a court of law for killing Nicole Brown or Ron Goldman

1205 days ago
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