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Cowboys' Star Scores! Ex GF Gives Back 76K Ring

7/7/2011 6:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dallas Cowboys star Roy Williams just made a $76,000 reception -- snagging the engagement ring he sued beauty queen Brooke Daniels to get  back ... TMZ has learned.


Williams recently filed the lawsuit against Brooke -- a former Miss Texas USA he dated for about a year -- but her mom tells TMZ the ring was returned to Williams' attorney yesterday near Houston.  

According to the suit, Williams MAILED the ring and a recorded marriage proposal to Brooke back in February ... just before Valentine's Day.

Brooke wasn't impressed. Williams says she shot him down, they broke up ... and she promised to return the ring. The Cowboys WR sued because he hadn't gotten it back yet.

All's well that ends.


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The Neko Nation    

Even with all of his money it still can't buy Roy intelligence. What person with a shred of common sense would send a 76k ring in the mail with a marriage proposal? This fool got a free education in college to play football and has the brain of a flea. Typical is all that you can say.

1203 days ago


Pete 3 hours ago
Wow can't believe somebody would be stupid enough to mail a $760......00 ring, let alone mail a marriage proposal. Then again he's a pro athlete so I suppose using his brain isn't his strong suit. Then again based on his NFL career apparently playing pro football isn't his strong suit either....


Why are you calling him stupid for mailing it? Even Harry Winston Jewelers mails jewelry and gems that are much more valuable then that without a second thought. Even when they donated the Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian they mailed it Registered Mail, Insured.

Granted it cost $145 to mail it back in 1958, but nobody said it's cheep to insure the valuables your mailing.

1203 days ago



1203 days ago


Oh well!
It's not like he can't get another blonde blue eyed white woman.
They are a dime a dozen. Just ask Tiger.

1203 days ago


She probably moved onto to another football player or professional athlete that makes more money. She is a trophy and can have her pick of any rich athlete.

1203 days ago


Smart Girl. She knew all he wanted was a trophy wife. He thought that by mailing the ring and not having to look at his ugly face, she'd feel compelled to say "yes". But girlfriend was way too on top of her game to fall for that. I only wished she would have initially given him the ring back. If anything it proves that she was a gold-digger and was just in for the ride but didn't want to buy the ticket [marriage]

1203 days ago


I am married to a US Marine and when he decided to proposed to me he was on the other side of the planet but he had the sense to wait til he got back and popped the question the day he came home!!! Now that is romantic.....after a 22 hr flight and 1500 Marines and all their families there to welcome them home and he made that a day I would never forget!!! SHAME ON YOU for even doing such a disgusting thing -- I would have said no as well!!

1203 days ago


she also lied twice and said she lost the ring. Her slimy dad backed her lie until he sued her.

Then all of a sudden the mom says enough, and takes care of it.

Texas is one f'd up state; rich white trash.

1203 days ago


lol; Kalvin I'm not a supremacist; I'm white and a member of the NAACP. are you? No.

I'm laughing. These white women play you because you are not man enough to handle a black woman. You use them as trophies.

African Americans 43% STD rate between 18-25; more black males in jail than college. More illegitimate kids than some third world countries? Most black males being killed by other black males due to black on black crime. lol; yea I'm real jealous.

And you wouldn't know about slavery or black rights if you tried.

There are some great black young men but many that aren't. Man up, stop making kids you don't take care of, and stop being played by white women who make you look stupid.

1203 days ago


Give the man his ring back.

1203 days ago


I can't believe in the comments in here. Can't believe at how americans are the most stupid and racist idiots in the whole world. The athlete is a ******* DOUCHE for MAILING his girlfriend the ring and the wedding proposal, but this is a minor detail for the biggots in this place who can't see nothing besides his skin color.

just die you ******* evil monsters.

1203 days ago

Kalvin Jefferson    

Hey Mel Zipskin why dont you go on stormtroppers you neo-nazi s***.What do you think you know about African-Americans that you can make such crass generalizations huh?What does that have to do with the fact that Roy Williams made a stupid mistake as far as mailing an engagement ring to this woman and what does her or his race have to do with anything?Oh i forgot that in your world of collectivism that all people of a certain racial background should have the same behavoiral traits,which is simply not true.Mel you like most racist do not respect the right of the individual to make whatever life choices that they want to make.You probably dont realize this but race is a false social construct designed by white males to control everything and dominate everyone based on a trait that has no scientific basis in fact.

1203 days ago


He's dumb, she's dumb. He's ugly, she's equally ugly. They're both dead on the inside. They both don't know what to do with money except waste it. They seem perfect for each other. Why couldn't this work?

What a fu*king moron. I'm so glad that lame a$$ attempt at a proposal blew up in his face. Maybe where he comes from a girl is swept off her feet by marriage proposals that look like..
Will You Marry Me? (check one):
Yes __
No __

Not too bright, son. If you want arm candy, understand that these whores can be bought for much less, used as c*m receptacles, and thrown out with the trash the next morning.

Return that ring, send the $76,000 to your childhood school so that they can potentially raise intelligent, useful human beings -- unlike yourself.

1203 days ago


@Michelle 30 minutes ago

Give the man his ring back.


LOL, dumb b*tch. This whole article, including the title is about him getting his ring back. Which part didn't you understand?

1203 days ago


There are so many nice black women outthere. He could have done better!
That's a lesson for him.

1203 days ago
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