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Cowboys' Star Scores! Ex GF Gives Back 76K Ring

7/7/2011 6:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dallas Cowboys star Roy Williams just made a $76,000 reception -- snagging the engagement ring he sued beauty queen Brooke Daniels to get  back ... TMZ has learned.


Williams recently filed the lawsuit against Brooke -- a former Miss Texas USA he dated for about a year -- but her mom tells TMZ the ring was returned to Williams' attorney yesterday near Houston.  

According to the suit, Williams MAILED the ring and a recorded marriage proposal to Brooke back in February ... just before Valentine's Day.

Brooke wasn't impressed. Williams says she shot him down, they broke up ... and she promised to return the ring. The Cowboys WR sued because he hadn't gotten it back yet.

All's well that ends.


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If she was smart like the other trophy girls, she would have agreed to marry him, drained his bank accounts and then quickly divorced him.

1201 days ago

Kalvin Jefferson    

JPM4444 Maybe you and i see life and human beings very differently.I believe in the individual and their soverign right to make decisions based on their own needs and wants and obviously you dont.This is an individual case of a man ,in this case a professional athlete who made a very stupid move to send a marriage proposal through the mail along with an engagement ring.This woman showed the whole world that her morals are that of an ally cat.Roy showed that he needs to learn how to properly court a woman.Nothing hear is about race,but you losers are all have an obssession with it shows that you do not value the individual but the so called social and false construct of race which has no biological basis intruth.

1201 days ago

Kalvin Jefferson    

JPM4444 You say you are not a racist well your post betray you my man.See you believe in collectivism and i dont and that,s the big difference.Why waste time and energy on hatred and racism,sexism and homophobia cause they will make your life more unpleasant and your heart angry.Brother stop quoating the negative Black statistics at me cause to be honest i cant solve them,just dont contribute to them.

1201 days ago

Kalvin Jefferson    

Coldly,How do you know so much about how Black men approach women? Are you a woman ,and if not you have no idea then so stfu.Personnaly i dont like the hip hop vernacular or slang because it is too sterotypically Black and i try not to fit into Anyone,s definition of whatever they think a Black man is supposed to be.Coldly and the rest of you racist troglydites you really need to get to know all of humanity on a more personnal level before making any blanket conclusions about their morals,ethics and character.

1201 days ago


Dude plays football like he proposes


1201 days ago


The whole thing sounds stupid but she should have promptly returned the ring!!Dare i suggest lack of class on both sides!!

1201 days ago


This is Amerika folks.

1201 days ago


She MUST return the "ring". She rejected his proposal and the "ring" is part of that proposal, period. If she doesn't, she'll still be beautiful on the outside but ugly on the inside!

1201 days ago


she returns the ring if she isnt going to accept the engagement.. obviously !! but if she had accepted and he ended the relationship.. the ring is hers.... lol

1201 days ago


It doesn't matter if he mailed it, gave it 2 to her in person = the engagement is off. The right thing 2 do is give it back. She gives good women a BAD name.

1201 days ago


Roy, what were ya thinking? Dees bitches just want ur money anyway. Just keep making amazing receptions because your proposals are pathetic.

1201 days ago


Sad people keep making this be about race. Grow up people...incase you haven't noticed, there are f-ups in every race just as there are good people in every race also. It's time to stop putting everyone of everyrace in the same box with eachother.

1201 days ago




His receptions (or lack thereof) are pathetic. As I stated above, he proposes like he plays....MAILS IT IN !!!!

1200 days ago


Shellian, he obviously doesn't make enough money for this gold digger. That's what they say

1200 days ago

Anatoly smith    

Oh very great man .he is become the best score and find the ex-girl Friend give the Ring 76k ring.
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1198 days ago
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