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The Situation: I MIGHT Be Ditching 'Jersey Shore'

7/7/2011 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

First Vinny splits ... and now, The Situation?!?!?!070711_situation_inf_still

Mr. Sitch was strolling through Jersey yesterday, with a gaggle of chicks following behind him, when a photog asked, "Mike, are you splitting from the show or what bro?"

He didn't exactly deny it ... and when the photog wished him "luck" -- Mike replied, "I don't need luck ... I don't need it."

Sources tell TMZ ... The Situation has been antsy lately ... telling producers he doesn't need the show.

We're told he actually WALKED OUT of the house alone yesterday after expressing his frustration with the show ... but he's back in the house.

For now.


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The reasons why Reality TV has replaced Talent TV is this:

Reality TV requires no big investment...No A-B talent with big, up-front contracts. No agents (the first 2 seasons anyway), no crew needed except a couple D bags with cameras, a producer and a few babysitters. If the show is a hit = big profit$ to the production because they are not shelling out to a cast.

Contrast that to 2 and Half Men, or any sitcom that has a legit cast with 200-300 production people. Add the sets, catering and all of that - If it flops, hundreds of millions are gone.

The rest of the Reality TV formula only requires hordes of dull-minded dolts to tune in...and in America, that is the one guarantee you can always count on!

1149 days ago


I hope he has a Porsche to burn in
Oh, com'on... it's a joke! (wink)

1149 days ago


Maybe he has a future with Vivid Entertainment.

1149 days ago


someone should remind Mike about "The Hills". Where are they now?

1149 days ago



1149 days ago


Good lord this is ridiculous. Does he seriously think enough people care about him without Jersey Shore? Nope, not a hope in hell. I don'*****ch this show or follow any of it since I think they are all a brainwaste of time, but he is a complete idiot if he doesn't think he NEEDS this show to make money. Without them to BUILD the brand of JS, no one would know or care about him. So good luck with that loser. Go ahead and leave so this show can quickly die a painful death as Im sure the other morons will think the show needs THEM too and will leave. Good riddance to rubbish!

1149 days ago


who gives a rats ass ...............

1149 days ago


Jesus! Are they kidding me? First off who gives a **** about "Sitch" and the stupid ass show, and who the hell is that tranny looking hypnotized thing in the black doing all of the talking. Idk what this world is coming to but if it involves hanging out in seaside with a bunch of minorities following the Jersey Shore, then im good.

1149 days ago


I think people underestimate the pressure of having to conform to a particular role, because no doubt, like most people, the cast of Jersey Shore have probably grown as people since the show began and view the world in quite different ways from the 'guido' stereotypes they began as. Which, on balance, is probably a positive experience provided they don't let it go to their heads and are capable of change. I think being unable to change in public is probably quite stressful and could drive someone nuts. Gaga. Lol.

1149 days ago


Jesus! What is this world coming to? First off who gives a **** about the "Sitch" or the Jersey Shore cast. And the question i would like to know is who the hell in that tranny looking hypnotized thing in the back talking over everybody. Sorry, ill pass on going to seaside around a bunch of minorities and following the jersey shore cast..

1149 days ago


Who Cares? We Care, that's why we (the bored masses that daily occupy the offices of America) constantly keep up with this stuff.
If we had ANYTHING better to do we wouldn't know he ever existed.
It's kinda like studying a part of evolution from the comfort of our computers. That whole cast is entertaining (in a non-typical entertainment kinda way). I'll probably follow his career cause I really have..........nothing better to do.

1149 days ago


He was nothing prior to this TV show, many would argue he remains nothing while the show is running on MTV, and when he goes, he'll continue to be nothing. Just because he has a few coins in his pockets, well it's not curing cancer or feeding the hungry. Speaking of which, has anyone ever heard of any of the cast members doing anything for the betterment of society? Well, that's not court ordered?

1149 days ago

who cares    

he thinks he is hot **** with them ugky h*es following him. WHat a schmuck. I cant wait because without the show those idiots wont get work or be able to afford their changed lifestyle.

1149 days ago


Aren't any of these d-bags bound by contracts? Didn't MTV think of that in advance? I'm no lawyer, but I'm thinking a no walk-out clause is a no-brainer.

1149 days ago


Translated: The show may not be up for renewal and MTV has dug their heels in on any equitable pay demands... The crew caught them off guard twice, three times shame on them.

1149 days ago
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