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TMZ Live: Can Casey Anthony Profit Off the Trial?

7/7/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today on TMZ Live, Harvey and Charles spoke to former publisher Judith Regan -- who claims she got O.J. Simpson to confess to murder during an interview. According to Judith, Anthony can kiss a book deal goodbye ... unless she's willing to confess as well ... but Harvey begs to differ.

And Willie Nelson may be facing up to a year in jail for weed possession ... but is he getting a raw deal?



(1:30) First thing's first ... Harvey explains why he can say O.J. Simpson murdered Ron and Nicole ... it's because O.J. MURDERED THEM.
(4:05) Casey Anthony will be a free woman come next week -- and she's poised to make MILLIONS off her story. You pissed?
(5:45) Judith Regan -- a publisher with her own Sirius show -- calls in to talk about Casey's chances of landing a book deal.
(8:00) Judith doesn't think publishers will touch Casey with a ten foot poll.
(14:40) We all have the right to tell our story ... some just shouldn't.
(22:00) What do TMZ Live viewers think about Casey's possible payday?
(34:30) Willie Nelson could get a YEAR behind bars for a pot charge in Texas ... why the hell did the judge reject his plea deal?
(39:30) Someone tried to sell Charles weed the other day (damn those dreadlocks) ... Gary finds it a little too funny.
(45:30) Kathy Hilton told that Paris and Nicky ARE NOT spoiled ... you buying what she's selling?
(47:30) You may be surprised ... but Harvey AGREES with Kathy! He says Paris makes too much money to be considered spoiled.


No Avatar

Flying Blind    

what happen to:

"I brought you in this world, i can take you out."

ever said that?

1205 days ago


Hey, TMZ, do you have respect for your viewers, you feel you can start the show any time U want. Let be on time.

1205 days ago


Harvey and Charles, is it possible Casey Anthony could be brought up in a civil suit like OJ?

1205 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

Your losing viewers Every minute.. Keep talking up the Baby KILLER Casey.. & you'll be doing a webshow to each othr because NO one will be watching!
NO ONE will buy ANYTHING she's selling, & EVERYONE will BOYCOTT the hell out of ANY company who pays her a DIME!
ABC News is already on the Do NOT SUPPORT list due to Barbara WaWa Walters doing an interview w BozoBaez! (Also Disney for taking the Juror & family to DISNEY WORLD after they LET a BABY KILLER Lose!) Keep it up TMZ.. WE the People do NOT support Baby KILLERS!
ALL of the case info is PUBLIC RECORD so NO one needs to pay her ONE dime for her to LIE to them! NO ONE will believe ANYTHING she says anyhow! Nancy Grace is on the RIGHT side.. You appear to be supporting the BABY KILLER Casey - ie: NO one will watch you BUT other Sociopaths. I'd step wisely with bashing a woman who fights for others rights, while courting the idea of covering a BABY Killer!

1205 days ago


Harvey this one point of the Casey trial is really bugging me and I'd like your take on it. Early on she said the child went missing June 9th they later figured out it was the 16th. Doesn't the fact she didn't know the date the child actually died mean anything??????

1205 days ago


How great would Kristen Stewart be in the inevitable Lifetime movie about Casey Anthony? Both suck, both dull as dirt, both ruin childhoods. You're welcome, Hollywood.

1205 days ago


Casey gets 6 days for lying to the cops about a murder trial Willie get 1 year for some weed! Whats up with that?

1205 days ago


could Casey Anthony be sued for a wrongfull death suit, after she makes money on her book deal

1205 days ago

dave S    

Why would a loving grandpa not call 911? What if he is a cop that is molesting Caylee as he did Casey? A call to 911 would result in an autopsy that would discover his deeds. He needed to hide the body until it decomposed before allowing it to be found. Thats why he convinced Casey to cover things up. Think about it.

1205 days ago

Kayla Buchanan    

Casey is set to be released on Wednesday....Do you think she can leave a good and productive life?!

1205 days ago


Willie Nelson was convicted in Texas! If Caseys trial would have been in Texas, Casey would be on her way to death row. IMO
? It seems alot of civil suits maybe filed against her, could the fines & judgements stop her for making money from any book, movie or ect. deals she may have on the table?

1205 days ago

Kayla Buchanan    

Casey is set to be released on Wednesday....Do you think she can lead a good and productive life?!

1205 days ago


Would Casey Anthony got off for murder if she was black, I doubt it, when black women in this country are being prosecuted for sending thier children to a better school district than they live in.?

1205 days ago


I guess I can't blame her for cashing in she is after all a selfish murdering lying B----... but anyone who pays her money for this story should be ashamed of themselves...

1205 days ago


Harvey -

Casey Anthony lied to authorities that resulted in the state expending funds to conduct searches, investigations, etc. You might find that if there is a book deal there probably will be a suit filed by the state to recover the expense entailed by the lies.

1205 days ago
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