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TMZ Live: Can Casey Anthony Profit Off the Trial?

7/7/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today on TMZ Live, Harvey and Charles spoke to former publisher Judith Regan -- who claims she got O.J. Simpson to confess to murder during an interview. According to Judith, Anthony can kiss a book deal goodbye ... unless she's willing to confess as well ... but Harvey begs to differ.

And Willie Nelson may be facing up to a year in jail for weed possession ... but is he getting a raw deal?



(1:30) First thing's first ... Harvey explains why he can say O.J. Simpson murdered Ron and Nicole ... it's because O.J. MURDERED THEM.
(4:05) Casey Anthony will be a free woman come next week -- and she's poised to make MILLIONS off her story. You pissed?
(5:45) Judith Regan -- a publisher with her own Sirius show -- calls in to talk about Casey's chances of landing a book deal.
(8:00) Judith doesn't think publishers will touch Casey with a ten foot poll.
(14:40) We all have the right to tell our story ... some just shouldn't.
(22:00) What do TMZ Live viewers think about Casey's possible payday?
(34:30) Willie Nelson could get a YEAR behind bars for a pot charge in Texas ... why the hell did the judge reject his plea deal?
(39:30) Someone tried to sell Charles weed the other day (damn those dreadlocks) ... Gary finds it a little too funny.
(45:30) Kathy Hilton told that Paris and Nicky ARE NOT spoiled ... you buying what she's selling?
(47:30) You may be surprised ... but Harvey AGREES with Kathy! He says Paris makes too much money to be considered spoiled.


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RE: Casy Profiting from all this
It sickens me to think Casey could profit from the death of her own child. That being said, I believe human beings are curious by nature, and I'm betting most people would read it or watch interviews. Those of you doubting it, take a look at the huge list of books written about, and by serial killers. The books sell well because we have a need to know what is going on in the mind of someone that would do something that horrific.

1171 days ago

Mary Bailey    

If anyone believes Judith Regan wouldn't go after Casey Anthony for a book deal if Ms. Regan was still in a position to do so, I have some oceanfront property in Illinois I want to sell you.

1171 days ago


Harvey what's up with that Megan Fox comment you made about Nancy Grace?? Not cool man... Steven Spielberg might get you fired. :D

1171 days ago

What Willis was Talkin' About    

Hey Guys,
Did you hear that lightning struck a tree right next to the Memorial for Caylee Anthony just hours after the verdict??? Karma? What are your thoughts?

Here is the link:,0,4949678.story

1171 days ago


Anytime you live in a country that does not care about taking the life of a child the entire country is in trouble. Morals will go down hill and people who commit crimes will continue to do them at an astronomical rate because they know they will get away with it. Casey should not be free, but the jurors were looking for a "smoking gun". Thy obviously watch too much television . . . America is going down hill if they don't fix this problem. There was more than enough evidence to convict Casey and the prosecution just made up some crap about a drowning which was obviously a lie - if it came from Casey. She is incapable of telling the truth. How dumb can you be and still breath?

1171 days ago


Of course Casey can profit off this... there's no "Son of Sam" law in Florida.

1170 days ago


Screw her and her dreams of writing about about love and God. She would just tell more lies and piss off more ppl. She makes me want to vomit. Lock her up and throw away the key!

1170 days ago


Everyone who pays to see Casey or buys a book written by her should have to let her be their "nannie" or a month. If they don't have children or grandchildren they should be forced to let her live with them for a month.

1169 days ago


Nancy grace did not murder her child

1169 days ago


I stopped listening when Harvey compared Nancy Grace to Hitler. Really? That is ridiculous.

1168 days ago

Stephanie Anderson    

Now Casey Anthony can keep her lies straight if she gets confused all she has to say is hold up and then look in her book.

1165 days ago

Say It All    

I very seriously doubt that Zenaida Gonzolez will win the civil suit because this is not the person Casey described. Although I am against Casey and I wish any and everyone could sue her for any movie, book, interview, etc. she should recieve from the death of her child. Beside that the name Casey said was Zenaida Fernandez Gonzolez which is not the name of the other Zenaida so she should have never answered to the claim when she knew that was not her. Then when Casey was describing the nanny clearly she gave a lady of a different description altogether. This civil case will not be won and this lady should have never jumped to answer the claim of Zanny the nanny!

1160 days ago


lets tlk bout jen nd mark bein ova is better fo jen beacuse it is eva 1knws she better off wit out dat foo taggin along bortherin her jus to bad she had kids wit him UGLY

1160 days ago
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