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Judge Crushes Plea Deal

In Willie Nelson Pot Case

7/7/2011 9:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Willie Nelson once again faces a year in jail over marijuana possession charges -- this after the judge in the case REJECTED a plea deal in which the singer would have gotten off with a $500 fine.


As we previously reported, Willie struck a plea bargain last month in West Texas -- in which prosecutors agreed to reduce his pot possession charge to misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia ... if the singer agreed to plead no contest.

Willie would have only had to pay a $500 fine -- but the judge outright rejected that deal Wednesday ... claiming the singer was getting special treatment.

According to the judge, Nelson should be charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession -- which could put him in jail for a year.




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A year in jail at tax payers expense over a misdemeanor, none violent, pot possession?? I guess I shouldn't be surprised.. it is Texas where the real criminals become president.

1172 days ago


What the hell!? What's wrong with smoking a little pot? He's not hurting anyone, he wasn't driving stoned either, was he?!

1172 days ago


Oh come on America get real. Two bad judgments in less than a week....hmmm maybe they should put the death penalty up for pot possession.....your court system makes me sick glad I am not American. How embarrassing.

1172 days ago


Cops sooooo love busting people for weed so its no surprise that some A-Hole Judge shot the plea down.
Remember's cool to kill your kid and dump them in a swamp but God forbid the Cops bust you for weed?
Kiss your butt goodbye!

1172 days ago


Willie is a kind, gentle soul who wouldn't hurt anyone. Why on earth do they keep harassing him.

1172 days ago


ridiculous unjustified laws! Leave him alone. In ALL THE YEARS THIS MAN HAS SMOKED POT... he has NEVER hurt ANYONE! Say that to the regular weekly drunks... FREE WILLY!

1172 days ago

Texas Gal    

name of judge in Willie big ol' pot charge: Becky-Dean-Walter, of Hudspeth County, tx. ; Ya'll welcome ;o)

1172 days ago

Texas Gal    

Rick Perry likes little boys, did you guys here about THAT one?

1172 days ago


So, you smoke pot...get sent to jail...kill an innocent baby, and walk free. Some system !

1172 days ago

Will to Self Motivate    

But a **** bag like Pari******on can walk away from possession of cocaine.

This is ridiculous.

1172 days ago


The US has bullied the world and caused Draconian cruel and unusable punishment for Cannabis. How ever Willy Nelson should not be treated any different than a person of color with out any resource. I am sorry but All men are created equal and endowed with inalienably Rights among those rights are Life liberty and the persut of Happiness. Willy has done more than his share much like Marc Emery

1172 days ago


Me about an hour ago
Puckett 20 minutes ago
Newflash buddy. The vast majority of marijuana possession charges end in a plea bargain, not "taking your chances at trial like everyone else". Why the judge refused to accept this one is beyond me. Most courts and prosecutors DO NOT want to waste time and state resource on marijuana trials. They have bigger fish to fry, well unless it's Willie Nelson.


News flash to you buddy. This is his 4th time being arrested for possession. Try being arrested 4 times for the same crime and see if you get a slap on the wrist. Willie obviously is laughing at the court system and he met a judge that has finally said you're not special.


Whatever. Any way you slice it this a misdemeanor marijuana possession case. Petty stuff. I totally don't see why this judge is jamming the Prosecutor up like this when he's already reached a plea deal with the defendant. What a waste of time and resources. Further prosecuting Willie Nelson for misdemeanor marijuana possession isn't going to change or accomplish anything. It's a colossal waste of time.

1172 days ago


Nothing is going to keep Willie from dope. He's as addicted to pot as Snoop Dog is. And get real people, Willie is not going to jail for a year.

1172 days ago


Just let Willie be Willie! For God's sake, leave him alone.

1172 days ago


We needed that judge in FL for the Casey Anthony case. Willie might get a year in jail when Casey Anthony got nothing for killing her daughter? Wow!

1172 days ago
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