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Judge Crushes Plea Deal

In Willie Nelson Pot Case

7/7/2011 9:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Willie Nelson once again faces a year in jail over marijuana possession charges -- this after the judge in the case REJECTED a plea deal in which the singer would have gotten off with a $500 fine.


As we previously reported, Willie struck a plea bargain last month in West Texas -- in which prosecutors agreed to reduce his pot possession charge to misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia ... if the singer agreed to plead no contest.

Willie would have only had to pay a $500 fine -- but the judge outright rejected that deal Wednesday ... claiming the singer was getting special treatment.

According to the judge, Nelson should be charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession -- which could put him in jail for a year.




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"but the judge outright rejected that deal Wednesday ... claiming the singer was getting special treatment."
Whomever this judge is, he/she is awesome! They need judges like that in California for people like lindsay.

1173 days ago


Sooo, let me make sure I've got this straight:

Casey Anthony failed to report her daughter's disappearance to the police. Then she lied to the police. Then she (more than likely) lied to her defense lawyers (who by the way, were smart enough not to put their nutty client on the witness stand)and she gets to go free 07-13-2011. She more than likely killed her daughter, but was not held accountable for her behavior.

Willie Nelson faces a year in jail for posession of pot.

That's it....the world really IS going to Hell in a handbasket.

1173 days ago

TV Gord    

The cop who called in at the end of TMZ Live today made some good points about smoking pot and driving...BUT there's no evidence that Willie did that! If I recall correctly, Nelson was on tour, and he has a driver for his tour bus. Let Willie have his weed. He's practically a Rastafarian!

1173 days ago


kromen about an hour ago
But nobody said nothing when DMX got prison time for drug charges. He was only doing for personal use too. The hypocrisy is astounding.

Oh please, different situation. Wasn't he busted with cocaine AND oxycontin w/o a script while on parole from prison? Then got busted again for drugs?

All Willie did was smoke a little weed!

1173 days ago


Wow DMX was even stupider then i thought. Who tells their probation officer that they aren't complying and are doing drugs? I mean really!? lol

(Reuters) - Troubled rapper DMX was arrested in Arizona on Tuesday for violating his probation by regularly using illegal drugs during the last nine months, authorities said.

The rapper, whose real name is Earl Simmons, told a probation officer that he used cocaine and was not complying with the terms of his treatment plan, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio told Reuters.

He faces five counts of violating probation.

Simmons was booked into a Phoenix jail late Tuesday afternoon and was isolated from other inmates, sheriff's officials said.

"We would hope that he is finally sent to prison," Arpaio said. "We've arrested him five times already. How many times do you have to violate the law?"

The rap star has faced continued legal trouble in Arizona, and was serving probation for throwing a food tray at a detention officer inside a Phoenix jail last year. Simmons spent 90 days in jail on drug, theft and animal abuse charges.

His attorney could not immediately be reached for comment.

(Reporting by David Schwartz; Editing by Dan Whitcomb)

1173 days ago


Will someone in power PLEASE make this man use a razor, a bar of soap, shampoo, deodorant, toenail clippers and a strong medication powerful enough to kill lice...Oh yeah...and a toothbrush.

1173 days ago


To the minority of mules suggesting Willie was getting special treatment need to realize that most of the time people get let go for pot possession. I have a family member that is an officer in Dallas and he just makes them throw it out. It's not worth the officers or courts time when the system is already overloaded with cases of more pressing concerns. It's a matter of triage. So in this case the special treatment is that he is being punished. The judge must be a blowhard and should be tarred and feathered for wasting any tax dollars on this. Regardless, Willie is a national treasure and deserves a lifetime pass on this. The border agents that busted him are as*****s too. He drives around Austin and the country in his Red Headed Stranger tour bus and he could get busted any time an a h ole cop took it upon himself. It's not a secret that he smokes 24/7. It's a testament to the way most feel about Willie that this never happens.

1173 days ago


@Jack...apparently, these ***hole cops as you call 'em never got the message that Willie was above the law. Gee, even cops in the great state of Tex.a.s.s make misteaks.

1173 days ago


Wow Casey gets away with murder and willie can't smoke a blunt!!!

1173 days ago


Bullchit. It is the judge that is giving Willie Nelson special treatment, to make an example of him. The U.S.A. is not a democratic country, it is a dictatorship, because cigarettes and alcohol are more harmful than marijuana, so there is no justification for prohibition. It is just a cash grab by governments, and this judge is refusing the money (this time) to give some impression that possessing marijuana for personal use is not about the fines they collect from hard-working, tax-paying adults.


Don't support politicians, who don't support prohibition !!!

1173 days ago


Uh, it's WILLIE NELSON. He should automatically be allowed to possess weed. WTF, just leave the old fart alone.

1173 days ago


kitnplayn 40 minutes ago

"It is the judge that is giving Willie Nelson special treatment, to make an example of him."

Right on man! How many times has this judge second guessed the prosecutor and rejected his plea deal? How often does that happen in his courtroom when it's not a celebrity before the bench?

1173 days ago


This has nothing to do with justice! The judge is just grandstanding to appear tough on drug crime because it's a high profile celebrity before his bench. Texas judges are elected so they are politicians first and formost and judges second.

If this was Joe Blow before the bench with a misdemeanor marijuana plea deal already worked out with the prosecution, the judge wouldn't give a rats ass about it.

1173 days ago




1173 days ago


Deb nailed it. Putting Willie in jail for pot is sorta like shooting a bald eagle. Some things are just sacred.
Around 1994, a New Mexico state trooper saw a green Mercedes pulled over in a rest area, late at night.
Investigating, he found Willie asleep on the seat. Smelling pot, he cuffed him and took him to town under
Arrest. Evidence was a tiny roach in the ashtray. The car had Texas plates with WILLIE on them. My
understanding at the time, was that the only one who really got in trouble over this was the rookie cop,
because of all the unnecessary publicity.
Every now and then, History channel or one of the other highfalutin ones that tend to educate instead of
tilliate show a do***entary concerning how our stupid MJ laws came about. I wish every politician and
all in the legal professions would be forced to see it.
My experience is that like prohibition, more lives have been destroyed by the laws than injured by the THC
in a weed that has been used by every culture for eons.

1173 days ago
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