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Casey Anthony's Lawyer: We TOASTED Because ...

7/8/2011 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony's defense lawyer tells TMZ ... his team popped bubbly and raised their glasses after the not-guilty verdict because "We have a long-standing tradition; we toast to the Constitution."


TMZ spoke with Cheney Mason -- the guy with the beard -- who tells us his team decided to hit the Terrace 360 restaurant across the street from the courthouse Tuesday because, "We were celebrating saving Casey Anthony's life."

Mason also defended his use of his now infamous middle finger salute that day -- telling us it was directed at a "guy from a radio station who has been stalking my team for months."


Cheney says, "He was yelling at the ladies on my team, 'Are you on your period?' and he was also calling them 'baby killers.'"

"This guy was outside and pounding on the glass and I flipped the son-of-a-bitch off, and I'll do it again!"

Cheney states --  "It was an expression of my first amendment right."


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The man has no class or conscience....and he needs a shave.

1202 days ago

RJ Hunt    

I'm still trying to figure out her defense (Caylee drowned in the family pool and it was a cover up) is not a crime onto it self...To me that is clear cut obstruction of justice or at least a human/civil rights violation...And how can they make that claim and not put her on the stand to back it up. but instead let her sit in her chair and point fingers...complete BS!!!

1202 days ago

Don Pedro    

I actually felt sorry for Cheney at the trial...boring at all times, mumbling at best....classless at the end. Bozo, at least, came out with a fitting explanation of his feelings...and then this jerk had to show that even when you are classless you can still reach lower.

1202 days ago



1202 days ago

howard hughes iv real    

There is nothing dirty about your fingers UNLESS your mind is dirty and whats the word? the bird the bird the bird is the word.I use to fip off cops and most would`nt even look but some would stop and ask why and I would say I was checking to see if you were doing your job and than after that they would flip me off as a sign just as the POW`s did in nam it`s all in your head as there is nothing wrong with your fingers and there is nothing you can do with them that is illegal that is to say if you look at me wrong than it`s a crime.GET the facts ALL the facts before you`all run to judge something you know nothing about and we all know nothing about this case other than what the press has said which isn`t the truth or the whole truth at all.

1202 days ago


There was a computer guy that said he saw Casey leaving Walmart on the 16th and that Caylee was with her. He saw them after George Anthony had already gone to work which contradicts the defenses time line.

He told this to the police back in 2008. Why didn't the prosecutors call him to the stand?

Also Casey's long time friend explained how she and Casey would bury their pets and place stickers on them. She told this to the police back in 2008. Why wasn't she called to the stand?

1202 days ago

pat m    

Riiigghtt.....sure I get it fine bunch of aholes
toast the good ole Constitution. Life is sweet for all of you fine citizens I bet. Anyone on your team willing to hire the innocent Casey.....whooa...hold on... got a few kids amoungst you she can babysit....that would work out. She's got what you could call a .....history with kids.

1202 days ago

She's baaaack    


1202 days ago


wow Cheney sounds like a 10 year old. seriously old man? i wonder what it feels like to get someone off when they purposely or unintentionally cause the death of their 2 year old. and yes the jury has spoken and i respect that but doesnt change the fact that casey is a slime and even the jurors believe that she had something to do with her daughters death. take a page from Jeff Ashton's book Cheney and try to have a little class.

1202 days ago


Casey needs a home and a job. Jose Baez has a 2 year old. Why doesn't he take her in and let her be the live in nanny?

1202 days ago


all i have to say is "where's dexter morgan when you need him"

1202 days ago


maybe she really was innocent,I was watching a show the other night called outer limits and a space man came and took this kid at night to the planet esplanon and the mother was arrested for the death of the kid..and then she lost her sight and moved away to the big city

1202 days ago


There is also a video of Cheney walking down the street yesterday. A reporter asked if he was going to give them the bird and Cheney told him to F' off.

He's such a classy guy.

1202 days ago


mo money mo money

1202 days ago


As a non-American, I can't understand why you guys are not more angrier with the prosecution, than the defense?

I read through the court case report, and it seems to me that she walked free more because of what the prosecution didn't do that anything the defense did. In fact the defense did very little - probably deliberately. But the prosecution did even less, presenting no real evidence, other than showing her to be a bad mother.

1202 days ago
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