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NeNe Leakes' Son

Popped for Shoplifting

7/8/2011 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The son of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star NeNe Leakes was arrested in Georgia last night ... after cops say he tried to give himself the ol' 5-finger discount during a shopping trip.


According to officials in Gwinnett County, Bryson Bryant was charged with shoplifting and a probation violation around 9 PM local time last night.

It's not his first brush with the law ... Bryson -- who has appeared on the reality show with his mother in the past -- was arrested last year for marijuana possession.

So far, no comment from NeNe.

UPDATE: Law enforcement sources tell us Bryant is accused of jacking two Mach 3 razors from a Walmart .. and was busted by the Walmart security team.

We're told the 2 razors are priced at $14 a piece. 


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Loving Monterey    

Wal-Mart? How low class.

If I were to ever decide to shoplift, and I'm not saying that I would, but if I

I'd shoplift at a higher class store like Gucci, Bloomingales, Saks or Neiman Marcus.

1165 days ago


What happen to his allowence ? Get a JOB LAZY Ass

1163 days ago



1162 days ago


Funny how she was just claiming how rich she is.

1035 days ago

Solomon Ablordeppey    

This is so strange....the rich are still not satisfied or content.......

1033 days ago


LOL!!! NeNe is running around screaming about how "RICH" she is. Why on earth would her son have to steal a razor from Walmart if she's as rich as she claims she is. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that rich to her is being able to pay her light bill each month.

1029 days ago


When it come to NeNe she hate to she others acheive no matter who it is, she got negative things to say... She remind me of a huge whale. She thinks hole all the cards. She is loud and ignorant whe Gregg was teachn his son math she holler "Tutor " if anything Gregg can count.. when Bryce got lock up for weed last year, just like his mother he blame it on some one put it in his car...its never them thats wrong .. And Cynitha is a damm fool she put a man above her sister..Gee whiz tacky... Everybody can see straight through him except her dumb ass..Now dont get me wrong, she should stand by her man... Just listen to her family.Mar love her sis, and dont want her to be hurt by this jackass who is a pimp. He too lazy to work, if he is to damm old work, he should be getting his social security check?? where is the money??? Kandi need to dress more appropiate and remember her mother is not her homegirl.. Im with Mother, when the dude came out the box, I would of told mother she might wanna leave. As for Phar she knew Kani was gonna be there, that was not cool. Phar should of had a private room for just the thre of them .. everyone is not into that.... Then there is Sheree all she does is spend lots of money on clothing handbage etc.. Now she bitchin about "child support from her sorry ass husband.Ina way I dont blame him, not once did I see her buy for her kids, it always all about her!!.. Hell no not one dime.Last not least All of ya'll is two faced wit one another...

1014 days ago


Well NeNe son is just like his sorry mother full of it last year Byrce claim some one put the weed in the car wasnt his, and she brought it..

1014 days ago


As for Cynitha she headin for a fall from her tired huband an NeNe'.... Since NeNe work wit Trump, she think she grand no one really like her Azz .. The love what she good at talking about people, Gossip.. I hope Kim never b friends wit NeNe again ..when NeNe is cool she forget about Kim situation when she not ..She throw it up in her face ... Kim u got a good man b happy.. Most of all take the extra step wit you oldest daughter she beging to feel left out.. Keep ur eye on her take time to for just u and her ..the little one is cool she dont care one way or the other she good.. Have three time a week if not more just u and her go bowling etc...

1008 days ago


Just seen some ofthe HWOA... Phare how ever u spell her name ..really shouldnt of gotten mix up wit Sherres how ever u spell it. She told Ms S lets send him to jail OOOOh no no, Ms S concern about what the people will say thnk, Ms S have mix emotion ..South bell should of recommed some other then her self ..Plus doing it for FREE.. Along come Ms Kandi gettin in to the situation on Ms S side when she Kandi should of stay clear.. Now Ms S gonna confront Ms P talking trash.. I wanted to come thru the T.V and tell u dont do it MsP.. Ms S is ungrateful.. Dont want her beloved ex in Jail Now she complain.. LIsten to me MsP people ur friend wit never try to help them(AS they Lawyer) if it dont go there way ur the Bad Guy.... She was to stupid to listen. Move on

1008 days ago


Dont mis-understand folks Sheree husband need to pay child support .. Have ya'll wonder why she dont want a big pow wow in the newspapaer ..This chICK have a lot to hide she buildin her huge house , she just brought a Porche she want to fall in court with her designer clothing on she is soo full of CRAp its not strange... all those years her husband provided for her, now she need to provide for him since he dont have it like that.. Teach her sorry azz a lesson.. Showin off, she plain greedy ..Why she wait four years. She a sneaky bitch and I hope she fall flat on her face ..Where is the children clothing ?? Its all about her.. UGHHH

1003 days ago


Sherre is hiding something .. I hope she dont get on dime she is a greedy bitch.. Pray the judge make her pay him
Bull **** tears new car, designer clothing PLEASE

1003 days ago


I don't care what they say NeNe I love you gurl!

894 days ago


You or Greg nee to kick some serious butt

644 days ago
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