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Octomom on 'TODAY' -- Down Goes a Kid!

7/8/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman and her octuplets made their "TODAY" show debut this morning -- and one of the little rugrats got so excited, he fell headfirst into the backdrop ... and it was Ann Curry who came to the rescue! 

Octomom was talking about her controversial doctor when one of her sons (good luck ID'ing which one it is) tripped over the back of the set and took a header into the ground. Ann was quick to jump up and grab the kid, who seemed completely unfazed by the ordeal.

Just another day with Octomom.


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Just ignore her. If we all ignore her, she might just do us a favor and go away!

1205 days ago


TeamN. If you read any of my other posts about Jonah's lip, then you know this should have been fixed long ago. It does not place him in any physical danger, unless there is a cleft palate to go with it, and there are eating and speech problems. But that is not really the issue, is it?

Nadya has claimed she has insurance on the children, and this surgery would be covered under that policy, as it is a "birth defect". Physical needs aren't the only needs that children have. And by putting this off, she is neglecting his emotional needs, maybe not just right now, but certainly in the future.

Frankly, I was sitting here thinking that maybe the next interviewer should pose the question about that issue. I'm sorry TeamN, but I believe nadya is dropping the ball here, if she's even thought about it at all, and the usual time for repairing these defects has long since passed.

1205 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    


1205 days ago


i love her ann phrases that comment and octomom's response at the end of the clip

ann= it must be hard, OBVIOUSLY, to keep an eye on all the kids to make sure they're safe and get the attention they need

octomom= oh I DO I DO


1205 days ago


The behavioral differences of these children and the children of the Duggars ( even at age 2 ) is miles apart. I think the Duggars have a built in system with the older children to maintain a sense of order in their family while Nadya does not. It's the older kids in both families that get stuck with a lot of the parenting......I feel for those kids. Plus, the Duggar's have a two parent home who seem to have a peaceful disposition, while Nadya is a parent who lacks in any form of decent parenting and bounces off the walls with crazy mood swings up the kazooo.

1205 days ago


Further to my posts about Jonah and his cleft lip. I watched the Today video just a little bit ago. Jonah does indeed have a partial cleft palate. It doesn't seem particularly severe, but it is obvious from the position of his teeth.

Better get working on it Nadya.

1205 days ago


A little tumble head first is surely nothing in that household.

1205 days ago


For anyone interested in forming your own opinion on what type of Mom Nadya is...

Here is the 911 call that Nadya made when she "lost" one of her kids:

Or watch this german program that spent a day with her. You can watch how she doesn't acknowlege one of the babies as she throws their bottles into their "cages" (hitting one of them), not saying a word to them as they reach up to her for attention:
(it takes a while to download, but well worth the wait!)

And here is a transcript, since it's in German:

1205 days ago


silentstarling1 13 hours ago
I hope she had the boys circmcised


Why in hell would this be anyone's business but hers?!?! What is wrong with you that you even think about this?? Good grief!!

1205 days ago


Take her kids away, what for? Fact is; I didn't see a mark on any of those babies, not one sore, scratch, rash or bump. Suleman octuplets looked like pleasantly HAPPY babies! Running around playing, laughing and smiling and generally just being the curious, terrible 2 yrs old that they are suppose to be.

People there is more then enough Duggars to hold on to all their toddlers and feed them CANDY during interviews to prevent them from running about and crying. We all saw how Kate TRIED to stop her kids from moving around, playing and getting up out of their seat during interview by digging her nails into one child skin and depriving the other of water as she drink it in front of them. -- and at least the Suleman children doesn't have to go through this Dear God!

You know what I find ironic? Kate get caught spanking her child out in public for blowing a toy whistle. Nadya doesn't believe in spanking, but had she done that to one of hers, she would have been label a child abuser as if she isn't already. Gloria Allred blew it off when asked about Kate being caught spanking her child in public but she sure wouldn't have blown off Nadya for spanking hers. I think people have double standards when it comes to Nadya Suleman vs the Gosselin because of Nadya past. People will never forget since Kate and John Gosselin's were married but both unemployed, filed for bankruptcy, nearly lost their home and had to apply for Salvation Army assitance before the sextuplets were born. But they get a pass because they were a married couple and the Duggars get a pass because they were married couple. Just because the Duggars got themselves out of debt doesn't change the fact that they were poor too, living in a 3 bedroom one 1/2 bath home with 16 people and one on the way. Duggar claimed to have never been on food stamps but who really knows? Just because TLC pulled the Gosselin and Duggars out of the hole they were in this makes them a perfect better family then Suleman, I think NOT?

Kill the Double standards! Duggars no more could afford 2 kids yet alone 20 and Gosselins couldn't afford 2 yet alone 8.

1204 days ago


Some of the comments on here are just downright disgusting and inhumane. You talk about Nadya and her kids being disgusting? Sure, she had 8 kids on top of the 6 she already had. Ideal, no. No way. But to speak of her children as devil's spawn? You people are the ones who should have been aborted.
And for those of you who can't spell: (1) stay away from big words and (2) get off TMZ and grab a grammar and spelling book.

1204 days ago


"According to me nothing... I don't know what you are talking about, and neither do you. What proof have you that other 2 yrs old at school make fun of Jonah lip? 2 yrs old are not like you ilovegossip. Now quit making things up about that little boy. Shame on you!"

Wow you are as clueless as they come and should just STFU. Of course kids ridicule other kids with uncorrected birth defects, like a messed up lip and cleft palate. That's the kind of thing that's right in the face of other kids, and it's human nature to be mean about it.

I can't believe you haven't figured that simple fact of life out yet. Octofreak putting her boob job and tummy tuck ahead of correct her child's birth defect is child abuse, neglect.

1204 days ago


First of all b-itch, are you ilovegossip? I do believe I was responding to her post not yours, unless you changed your name from ilovegossip to Puckett? And 2 yrs old do not tease other 2 yrs old unless it's over toys. Only people that is clueless are nut-arse hood rats that come on here with nothing better to do then to hate, like you.

I'm right, you're wrong and that's just the way it is and going to remain. Deal with it!

1204 days ago


Give the girl a break! At least she chose life and from what I can see, is going 1000 miles/hour to take care of those kids unlike Casey Anthony who chose to run away from her responsibilities and kill her 1 child...... She makes Nadya look like an angel!

1203 days ago


Give the girl a break! At least she chose life and from what I can see, is going 1000 miles/hour to take care of those kids unlike Casey Anthony who chose to run away from her responsibilities and kill her 1 child...... She makes Nadya look like an angel!

1203 days ago
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