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TMZ Live: 'Caylee's Law' ... Political Chestpuffing?

7/8/2011 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Politicians are taking advantage of Casey Anthony's trial to push a new law that would require parents to report a missing child within 24 hours -- but Harvey and Jason agreed for the first time ever ... it's all just grandstanding BS.

And Xzibit is up in arms over "planking," claiming it's racist. Does he have a point, or is he grasping at straws?



(1:50) Jane Velez-Mitchell is on the horn to talk about Caylee's Law -- a proposed law that would force parents to call police within 24 hours if their child is missing.
(4:00) Harvey and Jane agree -- this proposed law is probably just a power move by sleazy politicians to make a name for themselves.
(6:02) Vegetarian talk with Jane -- with an appearance by Ribeye.
(9:20) Jason makes three ... he thinks the 24 hour law is ridiculous as well.
(15:45) Casey's lawyers caught heat for sippin' champagne right after the trial ... and one was busted flipping the bird ... Gary explains.
(16:45) The bird-flipper's explanation of the incident.
(24:00) We shift gears back to Casey's law.
(40:00) Xzibit rips planking as racist -- does he have a case?
(41:45) A few shots of celebs planking ... including The Biebs.
(43:00) Swastika talk! How'd we get here?
(46:45) The real problem with planking ... is that it's "stupid" ... so says Max. And to prove it ... we show a picture of Ribeye doing it.
(47:00) A caller puts everything in perspective -- that on slave ships it was called "packing" ... not "planking" ... and that it's not racist.


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People are killing me with these remarks on this new law, are they really ready to give away all of our rights? To put people in jail on a maybe?

This Ben Franklin quote fits even this argument:

'They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.'

Should some of these people even be allowed to vote, I know I am contradicting my own argument, but those that fail to understand history, which is the case for many of these people I believe, will end up repeating it - they forget what this Country gave for its Freedoms and here are people ready to give them all away without thinking, to feel good for a minute over something that will not even affect them or they will think about in two weeks.

1200 days ago


caylee's law is a ineffective law. the arguement that saving one life is worth it is dumb. The greater good is more important and saving one life at the cost of many isn't worth it even if it is a child's.

1200 days ago


The basis of Casey Anthony's defense seemed to be that she didn't kill her child, she just covered up an accidental death. Isn't there some kind of law against covering up your child's death? Could she be prosecuted for that?

1200 days ago


Has it ever crossed your minds that maybe, JUST maybe..American citizens are sick and tired of criminals walking our streets. John Gardener, Phillip Gurrido, and many others!!! Also, there are hard working honest people out there doing their best to get through life who will never make a million dollars in their lifetime, they live pay check to pay check. Yet these criminals can walk our streets, break laws and profit from the crimes they've committed!!

1200 days ago


At one time when you called the police for a missing person, they would not take a report until person was missing for 72 hours! What about that?

1200 days ago


Over 3,000 people have been killed in Florida since Caylee was found dead.

1200 days ago


With this law would it not prevent parents from covering up their childs death should it happen like Casey Anthony? Had they been able to find Caylees body sooner there is a much bigger chance that Casey would have been convicted, but because their was no law saying she had to report her child missing the body was left to decompose past the point of finding important evidence.

1200 days ago


You guys can make your point without ridiculing other people’s opinion. I’m just saying.

1200 days ago


With all of the budgets being cut, would these same people be ok with their taxes being raised for hiring extra police.

1200 days ago


Criminals should not be handcuffed because its racest ,slaves were hand cuffed so its as bad as PLANKING LOL !

1200 days ago


So Harvey, put your "I'm a Lawyer" hat on, because I have a question, hopefully you can answer. This is in regards to Jennifer Aniston & Jason Theroux. So the story is Jason Theroux & his girl friend Heidi Bivens lived together for the last 14 years. So after 7 years of living together, wouldn't they be considered to be in a common law marriage? And if so, is Heidi able to claim 50/50, spousal support/alimony, because of the common law status over the past 7 years, if she so chooses?

1200 days ago


Harvey, if it saves one slave we must stop planking!!!!!!

1200 days ago


Swastika's and Skin Heads are one in the same, but the Swastika really is a symbol that means more than the Nazi's. The symbol itself. I don't think I would, I know I wouldn't, put a Swastika on my body it has too much meaning in the USA. BUT, planking is not the same. Should we boycott Germany because at one time it was a Nazi country? Should we castigate people because their ancestors may have held slaves? When does it stop.

1200 days ago


Planking would be more interesting if everyone was also singing "My Way" while they planked.

1200 days ago


Did slave ship owners call it "planking?"

1200 days ago
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