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'Bridesmaids' Star Facing IMMINENT Foreclosure

7/9/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A member 90s pop trio Wilson Phillips -- who recently appeared in "Bridesmaids" this year -- is DAYS away from losing her L.A. home, TMZ has learned.

According to foreclosure docs, filed recently in the L.A. County Recorder's Office, singer Carnie Wilson has defaulted on her mortgage -- and still owes over $1.6 million on her house.

According to the docs, Carnie has until July 21st to pull off a miracle and pay the bills -- because that's when her house is scheduled to go on auction. A rep for Carnie had no comment.

"Hold on for one more day."


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Really, TMZ? You call her the "star" of Bridesmaids?

1204 days ago


Obviously, this is a typical sound bite from TMZ and I'd like to know all the facts surrounding this situation.

1204 days ago


well if parents are going to name a kid "Carnie" chances are they'll live in a motorhome

1204 days ago


Don't feel sorry for people who make a lot of money and blow it!!

1204 days ago


Sandra, they all do just that. Make the big bucks get a hefty line of credit and then lose everything they have a couple of years later.

She should be in a 1400 sq ft house in Reseda.

1204 days ago


In response to Pete...Being racial obviously is a result of your small mind.Carney is white and she is losing her home. Foreclosure does not discriminate, but unfortunately the rules regarding buying homes were structured so that white people benefit more than others. Thank God there are programs out there to help the many many people who were taken advantage of from these major white corporations (Countrywide) was so grievous in there approach to homeowners, thats why you and I are paying for their failure. The stock market which we all know is run by whites allowed Countrywide, Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo to continue their blatant aggressive lies to homeowners. So do go blaming black people for nothing, they don't make the rules, but the rules are made for them. And now everyone is paying for the whites who take advantage of others misfortune. idiot!!!

1204 days ago


Aww, that's sad...I've always like Carnie. I hope things work out for her.

1204 days ago

Loving Monterey    

Live beyond your means and this is the result.

Live beyond your means and try to live off your Dads name......evern worse.

I don't blame Brian for not helping his daughter.
Maybe he did for years and got tired of it?

This is her fault. No one elses.

1204 days ago

Mark Santeramo    

If you can't afford the house, move the hell out! Honestly, we are talking about her owing $1.6 MILLION in taxes. Why the hell did you let it get that bad? You couldn't suffer living in a less expensive house? Stop buying things you cannot afford!

1204 days ago


I heard the house in question was made of gingerbread and Carnie ate it.

1204 days ago


um......that much under paid and NOW foreclosing? I deal with foreclosures every day and some are only a few grand behind.

Everyone needs to file something with the Actors Guild to claim they are a celebrity because they'll be able to get away with so much more for a longer period.

1204 days ago


does the bank know she's related to Brian Wilson.... THE Brian Wilson? Beach Boys Brian Wilson?

1203 days ago


She never had millions to begin with, her "band" never made millions, not even close. She might have been a millionaire at one point in her career but that was a long time ago. She hasn't had the income to support her lifestyle. She had a few "gigs" on tv here and there but that's about it. Time for a reunion tour and the talk show circuit to drum up a few bucks.

1203 days ago


Well, Black-Democrat-Pete, is that what you did in your foreclosure?

1203 days ago


Fatso has no one to blame for her woes except herself. She was so bad on the Newlywed Game that she was fired. That gig could have saved her home. Tubby is a talentless has-been that for years has been living way above her means. She's just getting a well needed reality check.

1202 days ago
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