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Casey Anthony to Mom: Turn on Me, I'll Turn You Away

7/9/2011 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony exacted some payback against her mother Cindy yesterday ... by refusing to see her in jail ... this after Cindy testified against Casey.


Orange County Correction Department spokesman Allen Moore said Cindy tried scheduling a visit for 7:00 PM, but Casey wasn't having it. Anthony has only met with her attorneys since the acquittal.

After Cindy testified, she mouthed the words "I love you" in Casey's direction -- but Casey simply rolled her eyes.

Casey is set to be released on July 17.


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i would like to see casey struck by lightning..the bolt should hit her square at the middle of her enourmous,i mean sixhead..mabye the world will get lucky and she'll run into a ted bundy kind of guy..

1165 days ago


One of the TV commentators noted that since she's still a prisoner, her visits are still videotaped. Since she has already been offered a million bucks for a first interview, she probably doesn't want to risk having the prison conversation with her mom lessen the value of that interview. Basically, she's not saying anything that the public will hear until she's guaranteed the big bucks! She'll probably regret it, though. This is a perfect example of a mother's unconditional love, and Casey's gonna need any love she can find.

1165 days ago


EVIL Bitch

1165 days ago

Northern Lights    

Casey is the BIGGEST P O S out there and if she died in 2007, it wouldn't have been soon enough.

If my kid was missing for ONE MINUTE I would be hysterical calling the cops.... NOT entering hot body contests and partying it up!! She is a TOTAL S K A N K!!!

I hope she dies. And if I ever see her in person, I will SLAP THAT SMIRK right off that KUUU NTS FACE!!

STOOPID B III T C HH !!!!!!!!!!!

1165 days ago


Look out Cindy you're probably the next one she's planning to murder.

1165 days ago


Let her go and meet her own jurors everywhere she goes. She will never be "free" of what she did. God will determine her justice. Hopefully every dollar she earns will have to help pay for what we Floridians dished out for her defense.

1165 days ago


i'm soooo glad to see that people ARE outraged about could she possibly be cleared of child neglect (to say the very least)if she has any hope of making a future for herself...CONFESS ! she cannot be charged...CONFESS ! she owes it to caylee....i'm sure she can get jose baez again .. pro bono....sonny bono ..i for one don't care.....but CONFESS!!!!!what has she got now to lose?....

1165 days ago


Screw Casey...she got what she wanted, if she's smart she'll get out of the country asap. Yeah whatever with "not guilty"...karma's a bitch. She's the one who has to live with what she did. Let's see once she gets out how long it'll be before TMZ posts pictures of her living it up like her lawyers did.

1165 days ago


Poor family. Can't imagine going through all they've been through, including perjury, then get brushed off by this absolute whackjob of a daughter. Seems so cruel...but this gal has no heart. It's really a truly dysfunctional family in EVERY sense of the word. Yet, I can't help but feel badly for the Mother. It's got to be so difficult to just cut her loose, but for their sanity sake, that might be what occurs. Sad all around.

1165 days ago


One way or another, justice will catch up to this piece of trash. It's only a matter of time. She will always be looking over her shoulder for the rest of her miserable existence.

1165 days ago


The family needs to get in line now with everyone else that wants to pick her brain. Bring some money as a token and she may open up.

"Better to remain silent and thought the fool than to speak and remove all doubt".

1165 days ago


I'm hoping that this issue with casey is resolved by a high powered rifle on a distant vista with the sights square on her forehead, she deserves no less

1165 days ago

No comment    

I suspect the reason Casey turned her away is because all those interviews are video taped, and many videos were released to the press pre-trial. So, now Casey isn't going to the let the jail one up her and release any video taped conversation, because when she gets out she will be making lots of money on paid interviews. Why allow one to get out for free?

1165 days ago


The reason she turned her mother away is b/c all of the jail conversations are videotaped and released to the media-many of them were played during the trial- Casey refused visitors long before the trial and did not see her parents b/c she refused their visits once her prior visit videos were released to the media-I am sure this is done on the advice of counsel-cindy knows this so what is she doing-she can't wait a week please

1165 days ago


As a mother I would tell Cindy to cut the ties and let go. Casey destroyed the family.

1165 days ago
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