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I Would NEVER Interview Casey Anthony

7/9/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry Springer says the rumors his show offered Casey Anthony $1 million for an interview are "absolutely, unequivocally not true" -- in fact, Jerry says he wouldn't do it even if HE got paid the million bucks!

Jerry was his usual jovial self yesterday when he explained he thought Casey shouldn't profit from what she did (or didn't do). Jerry said very directly, "God as my witness, I would never interview her. You could pay me the million dollars, I wouldn't do it."

And that's his final thought on that. 


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Harvey, turn the dawgs out. Sic that beyotch. If she won't tell why her baby died while in her care, follow every step she makes and keep asking her the questions.
Get her Harvey Levin.

1168 days ago

Studley Buck    

Charming Casey Anthony has too much dignity & self-respect to waste her time with a dirty old man like Springer/

1168 days ago


I call BS!

Springer -a jew- brings on Nazis and the KKK; he'd bring on Anthony in a heartbeat!
He got caught in the backlash - it's like "soft-listing" a house; a deal can be made without officially listing it!

Harvey - on TMZ Live - said he would also!

1168 days ago


No reason to watch - and why would anyone pay her anything - she doesn't tell the truth and now she never will.

1168 days ago


60+% of you are bloody liars if you say you aren't going to watch her on tv. OF COURSE you will! It will ALSO have extremely high ratings. What else are you going to do? Twiddle your thumbs!

1168 days ago


I and many other people wouldn'*****ch because we'd be so angry and frustrated that we couldn't choke the life out of her for what we know she did to that baby. America (and the world) should collectively totally ignore this POS no-life and watch her starve to death. For her to make a dime off this event is a criminal.

1168 days ago


The only time I would want to hear what that bitch has to say is if she was strapped onto a gurney and about to get a lethal injection.

1168 days ago


Rogue Warrior 3 hours ago

Hey Casey, if you ever get tired of "running" as these douchebags put it, just know you'll always have a seat on my face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take a back seat!!!

She will be sitting on Jose Baez face FIRST!!!

1168 days ago


John the Lawyer 3 hours ago
The only possible interviewer is Nancy Grace. Think of it. A pay per view event on HLN. Two media and attention whores face off.

Oh, the humanity !!!

It would be funny though because the Grand Inquisitor Grace can't let anyone else speak. I'm pretty sure even Casey Anthony could tolerate a couple of hours of the Grand Inquisitor waving her pitchfork if HLN and the Grand Inquisitor paid her some of the money they made off the dead child.

That I would watch.

1168 days ago


It would be a bunch of lies!!!!!!!!!!!!

1168 days ago


Instead of Springer, bring her on Steve Wilkos. He would rip her a new A-hole.

1168 days ago


For anyone who is serious, and not just spewing hate, I thought this was a thoughtful analysis of the science behind the 'evidence' -- published before the verdict.

Junk science and rumor are enough to convict someone?

1168 days ago


Liars!!! The 68% of you polling you would no*****ch, are liars!!
At least be honest and get out of DENIAL!!!!!You know you would watch!!!!! :)

1168 days ago


Forget about Casey Anthony, Jerry needs to focus on getting Reverend Shnorr back on the show!

1168 days ago


Good! 'Cause I don't think that Casey Anthony would lower herself to your filthy, frigin show anyway.

1168 days ago
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