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Dog Chapman -- Botched Bar Raid Turns Bloody

7/9/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dog the Bounty Hunter was at the center of violent bar brawl Thursday night in Colorado -- and according to sources on the scene, Dog's security guard sent a guy to the hospital ... where he got 15 stitches.

TMZ spoke to the owner of La Montana Linda Restaurant in Breckenridge, Colorado -- and he tells us, Dog and his crew raided the place looking for the owner's father ... who allegedly jumped bail on breaking and entering charges.

According to the owner -- named Luke -- Dog barged in out of nowhere and confronted Luke's mom about the target ... and was extremely disrespectful.

Luke stepped in to calm things down -- but several customers had already taken offense at Dog's behavior and got in Dog's face ... at which point the bounty hunter's hired muscle jumped into action.

We're told one of the customers sprayed the security guard in the face with cleaning fluid -- and the big man lashed back with haymaker to the customer's face ... leaving a gash that required 15 stitches.

We're told the fight got so nuts -- it resembled a "saloon brawl" from a Wild West movie ... someone even threw a potted plant.

Cops showed up soon after -- but no arrests were made. According to law enforcement, the situation is still under investigation.

So far, no official word from Dog's people.


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I'm sorry for my previous commet you make the town look bad you don't.... Just think before you do a raid

1199 days ago


Dog and his crew remind me of my hunting dogs. I have an old hound who can barely see and a young hound that has too much energy. When we go hunting, the young hound does all the work and trees the raccoons; then the old hound comes trouncing in does a lot of barking and pretends like she did all the work.

Dog and his crew are like my hunting dogs. Leeland and Duane lee do all the brute work and beat downs, then in comes Dog and tits McGee to take all the glory and do all the **** talking. Dog is a joke.

1199 days ago


There goes the show, wished they fired BETH! She doesn't belong on the show. Leland and Duane Lee do all the work, Dog well I think he does something, never was sure what. BUT YOU ALWAYS HEAR DOG YELL! GET HIM LELAND! not beth, not I GOT HIM@ it's always been Leland or Tim his brother that Beth FIRED@

1199 days ago


I love his show! This shows that a lot of people are disrespectful and makes you wonder if they are criminals themselves who attack Dog and his people. Carter Swenson shut up and put a sock in your mouth while youre at it. At least someone like Dog is doing his job to bust people for jumping bail n etc. Maybe youre one of them that they could be hunting you down soon? hmm?

1199 days ago

wilby 1    

"Dog" is just that..a mutt.
A low life trailer trashing racist who should NEVER have been on TV in the first place.
To watch him and his hillbillies partners praying prior to their "raids" really galls me,because of every other words spoken out of their mouths is foul at best.Complete hypocritical misfits,that ham it up for the cameras,and that "Jesus loves all of you"!
(Here comes dinner...) :)

1199 days ago


Go get 'em, Dog!

1199 days ago


People and/or family members who help or harbor their criminal family members should face the same punishment that the person they are help(ed).

1198 days ago


dog is great he keeps s*** off the street and well so he went storming into a bar simple on bond DONT JUMP!!So those who drag him down must have been caught go dog.


1198 days ago


I am appalled by how much ire is being tossed around about Dog and his team, and amongst posters. Are we adults or twelve years old? Dog and his team did the criminal justice system a favor when they captured Andrew Luster, when no other police agency in the world could find the man. The Mexican authorities were wrong in charging them for kidnapping and other offenses. They should have been awarded medals for that feat alone. Don't we follow the news? Didn't we pay attention to how dangerous Andrew Luster was?

Also, before everyone takes the high road against Dog and the team, shouldn't we have all the facts first, and all the ACCURATE facts? Dog and the team have probably made mistakes before, as we all have. However, I respect them and every other bail bond/bounty hunting agency out there for what they do, what they risk, and attempting to keep our streets safe since we do not have nearly enough police agencies walking the streets.

Some media outlets pride themselves on the information they send out. However, the same ones tend to get their facts quite blurry between writing and reporting them. Some often do not bother taking the advice of people who know the facts. When they do take in this information, they often do not correct it. Get all information possible before passing judgment on any one story or on any one subject.

Attack away, but I won't be wasting any of my time arguing with folks who refuse to listen, to argue without utilizing the lowest common denominator: personal attacks.

1198 days ago


Actually it DID happen in Breck. Steamboat is 2 hrs away. Dog needs to stay out of Breck. Him and his fam tear up our town when they come, causing so much damage. We are such a laid back town, our police do just fine of a job. And do it with tact and class. There were no good ole boys, either. It was not a late-night drunken brawl. They came in the middle of dinner service at a restaurant. And this is not a hick town with good ole boys.

1197 days ago


I can't stand him. The way they get in peoples faces and yell and scream . I used to like him and his family and watch the show, but now they have started carrying all these weapons, which I guess are useless . My opinion of him changed also when he started going off to Mexico and to all these other states . The crimes for which he goes after people are so petty . Oregon don't have bail bondsmen , thank God

1197 days ago


Dog the bounty spanker is not wanted in Colorado,
total fake of a human , Commerce City trash

1196 days ago


way to go dog hope you get him and they got what they deserved you call anyone names like halfbreed and you think your not going to get pissed off he is just like everyone else you mess with his family or him he isnt going to take it .

1196 days ago

Not Dog    

He is a dirtbag, if it was my restaraunt he would have been looking down the barrel o*****un. He broke in through the back door of a private place.

1196 days ago


I am the actual do***ented witness, who is more than willing to testify, under oath to what I saw, and your pro-Dog "witness" doesn't exactly have things right.
There was nothing "calm" about their entry through the kitchen. They were yelling at the owner's mother saying she "was harboring a fugitive and going to jail for it". They also did not say who they were when they barged in through the back door, 4 thugs plus a cameraman deep and scared the woman, her daughter, and the dog to death ( the scared dog ran off and wasn't found for over an hour and was still shaking when I left). Not everyone watches TV and knows who this Douchington is.
The sanitizer bottle did NOT get sprayed until AFTER the other "bounty hunter"-dressed dude began assaulting the patrons. It was sprayed by another bar patron in an attempt to get them to stop assaulting people.
The guy that got clocked in the lip DID NOT assault ANYONE. He just happened to be the first guy within punching range of Dog's minion.
The other guy, with the black eye, got elbowed in the eye and took another elbow to the jaw. His vision was impaired immediately after the blows as he ended up getting caught in the eye with the "SANITIZER" sprayed by someone behind him, another patron, not mace from Dog's crew like he originally thought. You might squint too if you just had blue restaurant sanitizer sprayed in YOUR eyes.
AND the biggest part of all this is that the assault IS NOT the same issue as them looking for an individual alleged to be involved in crime WHO WAS NOT EVEN ON THE PROPERTY AT THE TIME OF THE INCIDENT!!!! Dog and his crew blatantly attacked patrons of an eating establishment, said they were going to get away with it, AND ARE!!! In the process of creating their next TV Drama, they blatantly and criminally assaulted 3 people (if you include the camera man), damaged private property, caused bloodshed in a family restaurant, caused 2 neighboring restaurants to lose business as patrons left because of the chaos, insulted innocent bystanders with racial comments, threatened to assault onlookers with Tazers--- oh wait! No one has released the tape of Doggette!!! You all don't know that she too crossed into hate-crime territory on the other end of the deck by yelling that we "were all going to jail for harboring a fugitive", with Tazer in hand, taunting and daring anyone of the remaining patrons on the other side of the deck from where the Dog, Luke, busted lip guy where passing words, to "come down on the sidewalk and talk to (her) that way. It's public property!" She also mentioned that we "were all a bunch of Mexicans harboring a fugitive!" Real classy there Doggette. Real classy. I'll work on getting that video to you if I can figure out how to get it off the phone. In fact, there are several more, extremely telling videos of the whole scene which really help fill in the blanks.
I don't know any of these people except the 2 friends I was with. I don't have cable and don't keep up with the white trash TV land of Dog the LameO. I have nothing to gain from this except the desire to see justice for the actual crimes that took place, but just like the "Juice", they'll probably walk. The Dog guy in white is probably right...he is a superstar in some people's minds and can get away with anything. Sad, truly sad. And gross. Pathetically gross.
This story has nothing to do with the guy that is wanted. They knew he wasn't there before they assaulted innocent restaurant patrons. PERIOD. They should have left. And gone on to find the guy they were looking for, but that wouldn't make a good enough TV show. After all, Hollywood needs their drama. Our town DOESN'T! DON'T COME BACK DOG! You and your double-mullet fluff can just stay in Hawaii! Oh wait, I just talked to my aunt in Hawaii, they don't want you either!
-the brown-haired, brown pants/trucker hat, white tank top girl who saw it all, including what your video didn't.

1195 days ago
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