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NFL Star's Dogs Kills Neighbor's Dog

7/9/2011 5:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Four dogs belonging to Arizona Cardinals linebacker Joey Porter reportedly killed a dog belonging to one of his neighbor's ... this according to a local report. 

The incident went down on July 2, says the Bakersfield Californian, and a local animal control spokesperson told the paper Porter was cited for not having the dogs on a leash.

The spokesperson said the dogs appeared to be half mastiff, half pit bull -- and that Porter appeared upset about what happened and apologized to the neighbor.

In 2006, Porter's dogs (though unclear if it's the same ones) reportedly got loose from his home in Pennsylvania and killed a miniature horse on a nearby farm.

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Sam Ronson, Rachel Ray. Those weren't ghetto, loser, thugs. I guess a black athlete just brings out the closet racist in some of us.

1172 days ago


Well all I can say is if this idiot's dogs killed my dogs I would have made sure they don't kill anything or anyone else..oh sorry Mr Football Meataxe the gun accidently went off I am very sorry. Here have a biscuit to console yourself"

1172 days ago

The Neko Nation    

@ fancypants, Obviously you can't read you silly fool. I also noted white trash. Did your parents have any children that lived?

1172 days ago


Time for a HUGE civil lawsuit for emotional/mental distress; since our beloved animals are considered only property. Hit this irresponsible dog owner where it may hurt a little. It is even worse that it may not be the same pack of wild dogs that attacked this time. What ever happened to respect for other people and personal responsibility? smdh

1172 days ago


Someone needs to be banned from posting in a BIG way. Who allows their 5 year old unsupervised time on his 'puter?

1172 days ago

The Neko Nation    

@ Obama is a socialist, You are as pathetic and fancypants. Another brain dead loser.

1172 days ago


This POS should not have animals, period. He's obviously not responsible enough to make sure that they don't get out and kill other animals. I wonder though, why does he have such vicious animals in the first place?? Were the dogs always this vicious or is it due to his failure as a pet owner? Animal attacks have seemingly been on the rise recently. It's a tragedy because they could have been avoided.

1172 days ago

you people are idiots    

wow all you pitbull haters are ignorant racists and prejudice get out of your bubbles and learn a little bit before you open your idiot mouths

1172 days ago


Twice?? Really?!?! Sounds like this man is not a responsible pet owner, and should not be allowed to own dogs. His dogs should be removed from him immediately (especially if they're the same ones that were involved in the previous incident).

1172 days ago

Bill Leslie    

thug life ya'll

1172 days ago


been attacked twice, on two separate occasions, by pit bulls. i live in a nice area, was walking my dog in the neighborhood and we were attacked out of nowhere. The animal bit my dog ( a chocolate lab) 7 times, he had emergency surgery, and i went to the emergency room to get my hand looked at and I was covered from head to toe in blood. the animal was owned by an attorney. the second time, the pit bull was given to a retired couple in their 50's by their son cuz he couldn’t take care of it. the woman just got home and let the animal out to potty, the animal walked right out the backyard and attacked us in the street. my dog escaped and ran home unharmed. now i walk with a 9mm....no one should ever be attacked by another’s carelessness with a deadly weapon! These type of people need to be held responsible….

1172 days ago

The Neko Nation    

@ you people are idiots, You are the perfect example of a pitbull owner. First to blame everyone else and have no remorse or apologies for you and your dogs actions. Again pitbull owners are nothing more than ghetto losers, white trash, and latin thugs. They think owning a pitbull makes them hard and cool. Just like the guy who gets a fancy sports car or a monster truck to make up for the lack in their pants.

1172 days ago


I am f***ing sick of dumb assed peoples dogs killing dogs and attacking people. This is bull s**t and the law is going to have to in force it better. Let's say, if your dog kills another dog or attacks a person, from now on the owner should get fined HUGELY-and serve some jail time AND community service. Pet owners are not being responsible and something has got to be done about it.
Now say you have the big beware of dog sign up and some idiot comes on your property and gets attacked, well that the intruders fault... DUH big BEWARE OF DOG SIGN... Let the dog have at em.
But this crap of dogs getting lose and killing and attacking is getting old and is happening way to much, something has got to be done.

1172 days ago


i think pitbulls should be banned. IDC if u say there nice dogs GTFOH w that ****. there dangerous dogs.

1172 days ago


This is sad.
I agree ...there should be training involved with all dogs. But what is so annoying (maynerd) is when people try to group other dogs into a situation like this unfortunate one. I have owned 2 Rotties and they are AWESOME dogs! I have 3 children and my wonderful Asia minds them all...from the 7 yr old to the 16 yr old. She has been well socialized and is full German Rottweiler. Our fist Rottie(American Rottie)-Nikita was trained and socialized as well. It is the responsibilty of the owner to properly socialize the dog with other dogs and people. I have owned a Minature Schnauzer and had more temperment issues out of him and other smaller dogs as opposed to my large breed dog. No "Napoleon complex" to deal with. My heart goes out to the family that lost their dog in such a horrible manner.

1172 days ago
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